This Isnt Rocket Science.

Im writing this because ive had it. Enough is enough. Ive NEVER in my life seen football played, coached and taught as terrible as this. I mean, were not just losing, were not just be embarrassed, were not just doing the absolute DUMBEST things, were doing all of the above. 

Its a joke. It doesnt seem real to me that grown men(Andy, Marty, Juan) can make(or not make) the decisions that a high school football player could make. You guys dont seem to have the football knowledge of a 17 year old, so please allow me to point out some of the MANY flaws of this team this season. 

BTW Andy, i have more experience coaching defense that Juan does(4 years), let me know if your interested. 



  • Why go get Nnamdi/DRC if your going to run a mostly zone based scheme? Having Nnamdi covering the flats, in my opinion, is a waste of your best defensive player. Hes the best man-to-man corner in the last 10 years, and instead of having him just take the other teams best WR out of the game, your having him either dropping back in deep zone coverage, covering the flats, or for some STUPID reason, playing deep safety. 
  • So this wide 9 thing. Did you know what it was before you brought Washburn on board to run it or no? If you(Andy/Juan) are going to have the d-line run that, you have to have good LB's(or at least one good one) right? Look at Tennessee when Wash was there. They had Bulluck in his prime(beast), Steven Tulloch(who Detroit signed because they switched to a wide 9), David Thorton. You started players like Casey Matthews, Fokou, Jamar Chaney, Brian Rolle. Yup. 
  • Honestly i dont HATE the wide 9. I dont. But i do think you have to pick your spots when your going to run it. I wouldnt have my base defense running a wide 9 throughout the entiregame. There are these things called passing downs. Heard of them? Why not run the wide 9 in obvious or semi-obvious passing downs? 2nd and 15, 1st and 20, 3rd and 10. Dont have our DE's 8 yards from the ball on a 2nd and 3, or 3rd and 2, or 2nd and 6. This is simple stuff here. 
  • Or how about bringing the LB's(who cant shed blocks) closer to the LOS on running downs? Dont have our LB's 6-7 yards off the line on 3rd and 2, 2nd and 5. I mean you should be expecting teams to run it the majority of the time against our LB's/Safeties right? 
  • Why did it take you 9 weeks to play Jarrett? Could he have POSSIBLY done any worse than Jarrad Page? No way. Not only that, but when you do decide to play him, you make the decision to line him up and cover Fitz man-to-man on the decisive drive of the most important game of the season. Brilliant. 
  • We went from one of the, if not THE most aggressive and blitz happy defense the last 10+ years, to a bend and break defense. The last couple weeks ive seen more blitzing, but not nearly as much as there should be. With these corners we have, why not just say "you guys lock up your guys man-to-man, and well just blitz our shitty LB's and force an early throw". The only Pro our LB's have, is their speed. Plus by blitzing them, your "hiding" their weaknesses. Nope. There are Qb's that cant handle pressure, and with corners like ours, WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU NOT SENDING THE HOUSE?! How many times this year, has a defense blitzed 6 or 7 against our "O" and just had there DB's lock up our WR's one-on-one. A lot. If they can do it against our set of skill players, with there corners who arent as talented as ours. Why cant we do it? WHY?!
  • You have studs like Trent Cole, Nnamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, DRC, Jason Babin, Cullen Jenkins on your defense, and role players like Tapp, Hanson, Patterson, Juqua Parker. Youve turned what couldve been an AWESOME defense to watch, into a group of chokers, poor tacklers, and bad decision makers. Congrats, only you could turn something with so much upside, into a 3-6 team. 
  • Missed tackles. Kurt Coleman, Jarrad Page, Asante, DRC, Jamar, Moise Fokou, Casey, Rolle, Nate Allen cant tackle for shit. Thats 9 defensive players that have all started (or still starting) that cant tackle. Your not going to have a good defense when you have THAT many players who cant tackle. Specially when 3 of them are Safety's, and 4 of them are LB's. lol 




  • So..... I dont really know what to make of this unit. When you look at their #'s, there not bad, actually there pretty good. Weve scored 31 @ STL, 31 @ ATL, 16 Vs. NYG, 23 Vs. Frisco, 24 @ Buffalo, 20 @ Washington, 34 Vs. Dallas, 24 Vs. Chi, and 17 Vs. Arizona. Last year, from the BYE, till the "miracle at the meadowlands 2" we scored 26, 59, 27, 26, 34, 30, 38. 
  • Another year passes, another year that Andy/Marty decide to ignore their stud RB. This is another one of those things that a 17 year old could figure out. When you have a RB playing as well as Shady has been this season, and a QB whos had better games, you obviously give the RB the ball more right? No. What if your QB has two broken ribs. Then for sure you give that RB a shitload of carries right? Nope. Its mind boggling. 
  • The O-line has really been a microcosm of the offense as a whole. They play good the majority of the time, but there seems to be WAAAAAY too many broken assignments every game. This stuff just cant happen 10 weeks into a season. Theres also way too many false starts, getting to the LOS too late, and not getting the lay off in time and having to waste a TO. 
  • We still have short yardage problems. Lmao. I mean after so many years, you cant design one fucking play that will get you 1 yard the majority of the time? How can you not improve that facet of your game in 10 years? How? 
  • Steve Smith went to Taft high school about 3 miles from my house. I shouldve went and told him back then "Hey bro, for gods sake, dont sign with the Eagles at any point in your life". For my sake, save yourself and myself the embarrassment. Youve been trash. Garbage. Dropping balls, muffing punts, having balls hit you right in the chest, not catching it and letting it bounce off for a pick. Everything you could do wrong, youve done. 
  • Red-zone problems again Andy/Marty? Same shit, different day. Honestly i think our red-zone woes have A LOT to do with the size of our skill guys. Mike Vick is 6ft at best, Desean is 5'10 at best, Maclin is 6ft, Avant is 6ft, Brent is 6'4 but has short arms and no jumping ability. Riley Cooper isnt worth mentioning. In the RZ, theres 11 defenders crammed in a 60 ft area(20 yards = 60 ft). These defenders are big dudes, with long arms, high verts, and good instincts. You need to have a mix of good play calling, good execution, and able players to do well in the RZ. Eagles have none. 
  • Speaking of size. I know this isnt talked about much, but i wonder how much Mike height compared to that of the O-lineman/d-lineman have to do with him playing poorly in the RZ. I mean everyone knows its an issue, but how much of an issue? To me its a big one, and its not one that can just be fixed over the course of a week. Hes only 6ft(at most), has a frozen rope type ball(low tight spiral). Im 1000000% sure defensive coordinators make it a point of emphasis to tell their d-lineman if your not getting pressure then anticipate the throw, and try and tip the ball. Its a VERY simple thing to do, very under rated, and very effective against us. Mike has a lot of tipped ball INT's, countless more that werent picked off but still tipped high in the air, a lot that were tipped but straight to the ground or back at him, and one even picked by a 6-6 300 pound d-lineman. Its a very signifigant problem that people overlook. 
  • We shouldve signed Plax instead of Trash#11(i wont use his name anymore). Hate the guy. 


Extra Thoughts: 


  • This has been the absolute worst 9 weeks of football ive seen in my life. I seen teams with worse records through 10 weeks, but never in the way its happened with our Eagles. I guess with the history of the franchise i shouldve seen this coming. A team with so much potential, so much talent, so much hype that finds crazier and crazier ways to lose every week. 
  • Were 1-7 at home in our 8 games. 1-7 AT HOME! The linc seats 69,144 people. If we say the average price of a ticket is 200$(its a lot more) that means that Lurie is making 13,828,800$ of tickets alone for every home game, that comes out to 110,603,400$ million dollars for that 8 game stretch. This is not including the over priced food in the stadium, the over priced clothing, and little nick knacks that people buy. Its safe to say hes made well over 500,000,000 in this 8 game span. How much of that he keeps for himself i dont know, but the Eagles are bringing in that much money for him. So while weve een having that worst season in memory, these guys are racking in the $$$. Makes you angry doesnt it. 
  • I thought this year was going to be different. With all the signings, the coaches brought in, the easy(ish) schedule, and momentum from last season i thought wed at the least be an AWESOME team to watch. Nope. Philly fans deserve better than this. No fanbase cares more about a team than we do, and our team hasnt won a SINGLE superbowl. We fans deserve a better product then were getting, than were paying for. I know Eagl fans will be there sunday night watching the game, but i dont know if the Eagle players/coaches are going to show up. Sad...
  • As for Andy and his press conferences. Please, Jimmy/Jason if you guys could somehow get me into one of these i promise to ask all the questions that the media is terrified to ask because they wont get a sit down interview with Andy later on, or the players will hesitate to come to that paper because of what they might say. I promise to put Andy in his place once and for all.
  • Ive said this before. If i go to my work, and send files to the wrong people, get order #'s wrong, are rude to employees, etc then ill be fired within a month. Doesnt matter if ive been there X amount of years, or how much good ive done for that company. When you start fucking up in life, you should/and do get replaced by someone who fucks up less. If they dont, they get replaced. Andy has made the same mistakes for 10+ years, its time to cut your losses, say you failed and move on. 
  • Our season is on the line Sunday night, win and we have a sliver of hope. Lose against NY and get swept on SNF in front on the whole country? That would be....well...fitting, given the way this season has gone. 

Crazy Plays:
I thought itd be fun to keep a list of all the crazy stuff thats happened over the course of the season so far. Example: Steve Smith falling 1 yard short of a first, Andy/Marty trying to gain an extra 5-10 yards with 6 seconds left in the half, and letting the time tick down, etc...

  1. Steve Smith letting a PERFECT throw hit him in the chest in the home opener against the Giants. It gets picked. I was at this game, and this ONE play took the entire crowd out of the game. The place was dead. 
  2. Avant not fumbling once in 5 years, then fumbling twice @ Buffalo. The 2nd of which wasnt ruled a fumble because of how crazy it was. He catches the ball, on the way down gets ripped and ball bounces right to a Bills defender. 
  3. Juqua Parker jumping offside when the EVERYONE knew they werent going to call a play. 
  4. John Beck coming in for the benched Rex Grossman, goes 8-15 for 117 and a Rush TD with no picks in a situation where everyone knew they had to throw. Beck has one TD since then. lol 
  5. John Skelton...yeah John Skelton throws for 315 yards and 3 TD's against our "D". He throws for 160 yards in the 4th quarter alone, Mike Vick had 128 yards passing the WHOLE game. 
  6. In a X and 1 situation on the goal line, Mike hands the ball off to Ronnie Brown who runs no-where, then on his way to the ground, throws...yes throws the ball in the air. Fumble, defense recovers. 
  7. 3rd and 20. MIke drops back, finds Steve Smith 16 yards down field. Steve Smith catches it run about 2 yards and just drops to the ground. No one touches him. He just falls to the ground, one yard short of the first down. Punt. 
  8. **Someone help me out with this one, i cant remember what game this happened in. Theres about 6 seconds left in the half, were in FG range. For some reason Andy thinks the offense should stay out there for another play. Mike Drops back...looks....looks...throws it away. Clock is at :00. Halftime. 
  9. Were lined up to punt. Bears are in punt block formation and we have both our gunners out wide. Henery calls the obvious audible, the left gunner is WIDE OPEN. No one within 15 yards. He under "throws" him. My niece could make that throw. 
  10. 8:57 left in the 3rd quarter in the Cardinals game. Shady touches the ball 3 times from this point on. Our QB, who has 2 broken ribs, is having the worst game of his career, and were UP. Andy/Marty still dont run the ball. Proceed to say "they need to do better" in the post game presser. 
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