Andy Reid needs a Supervisor

In the beginning,  Andy Reid called an onside kick against Dallas to start the second half of a ball game and won the hearts of Eagle fans(mine included).  He would go on to take the Eagles to four consecutive championships and a Superbowl appearance.   He is  unquestionably the most successful coach the Eagles have had in the Superbowl era.   It seems ridiculous that fans and sports writers regularly call for him to be fired.   But lately things have gotten so bad that its cruel and unusual punishment for Eagles fans to have to endure anymore blatantly obvious mistakes.   

Firing Andy Reid could leave the Eagles in a state of disarray that lasts for years, maybe even decades.  It would be like inviting a curse. 

Jeff Lurie needs to hire someone to follow Reid  from a distance and step in only when necessary to prevent poor decisions that are blatantly obvious.     Jeff could even do the job himself.  We're not talking about a position that requires a ton of knowledge or talent, just the ability to detect the obvious.  

Such a person would step in for example during the 12 sack NYG fiasco and  make an executive order requiring Reid to call at least one running play per series and on passing downs a TE would have to stay in to help Justice.  

During the painful loss to Tennessee he could have required Reid to assign Asante Samuel to cover Kenny Britt after his 2nd or 3rd game-breaking catch.  

More recently this person could have required Juan Castillo to work under an established  DC for a year or 2 before taking over, and also could have forced the Eagles to pay or trade Desean Jackson prior to the start of the season.  

I'm not talking about someone to micromanage Reid, just prevent the bone-headed jaw dropping mistakes that have plagued him over and over again.    

Everyone (except Reid) knew the DeSean Jackson situation would get ugly if neglected?    Especially with all the other spending the Eagles have done.

Everyone(except Reid) knew moving an OL coach to DC during a shortened off season was a bad idea.  

Everyone(except Reid) knew  Namdi or Asante should have been covering Fitzgerald at all times last week as well.

It may sound silly, but I'm not joking.  Andy Reid needs a supervisors help to prevent  future blatantly obvious bone-headed jaw-dropping mistakes.   Right now the only thing I want to see more than Andy Reid getting fired is to see him succeed.


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