2012 Mock Offseason


Coaching Changes:

Let me start with the big guy Andy Reid i know he had made some dumb ass decisions this year but he is  ANDY REID!!! This guy is not going anywhere he has the best win total with 121, the best winning  percentage (.604), and he has a playoff victory total of 10. So Reid is not going anywhere.

Juan Castillo is going if the Eagles do not fire him at the end of the season im pretty sure every eagles fan will be pissed off. I think we should take a look at three people who has been pretty successful with their past and present defense:

    1) Jim Mora Jr he was on the eagles radar when the defensive coordinater position was open.

    2)Eric Mangini he was in rumors of becoming the eagles defense consultant but that never happen. I know              it sucked losing to the patriots in the 2005 Super Bowl but that defense played pretty good, they had  the   pieces that we have except the Linebacker position we suck at that position.

    3) Romeo Crennel  is kinda underrated as a defensive coordinators. Last season he had the Chiefs                              defense very good and there were a couple of no names in that defense. So just Imagine at  what he can do with 5 pro bowlers on the defensive side.

Marty Mornhinweg sometimes makes me scratch my own head because the play calling is not smart but he is one of the best Offensive Coordinator so i don't think the Eagles will let him go.

Howard Mudd i have know idea if he is coming back next year cause that guy is just old. I hope he comes back because the O-Line is playing pretty good. But if the Eagles would want to do something smart  for once i think you would want to get  a younger offensive line coach and have him shadow Howard Mudd  cause when Howard retires we already got a young O-Line coach that has the mindset of one the best O-Line coaches in NFL.

I have the same idea with Jim Washburn just let some young D-Line coach shadow him and learn from the guy.


Roster Moves:

The first thing is to give Desean Jackson  a contract. If he is asking for 11 or 12 million a year then let him go cause he is not worth that much. He is at least worth 8 or 9 million year. There are guys this free agency that are pretty good the we can pick up for they can fill in for Desean Jackson. Like Robert Meachem he doesn't have the speed but he is a pretty good down field threat like Jackson.

Re-sign Evan Mathis he has been a really good this season. This whole offensive line has been good so re-sign anyone that is a free agent after this season especially King Dunlap because he is a good back up to have.

I would like the Eagles to keep Ronnie Brown but they won't because im pretty sure Ronnie Brown be making more money elsewhere and he could be starting for another team. So i don't see him coming back. I think a good replacement would be LaDainian Tomlinson who is still pretty good when he gets the ball.

Sign Linebacker Dan Connor who is not a pro bowl guy but he contributes on the field.

Trade Asante Samuel to the Lions 2nd and 7th round pick for the draft.



 As usual, the Eagles have alot of Draft Picks with 10. 

      1st Round: Vontaze Burfict from Arizona State, this guy is the best Linebacker in this draft in my opinion.

      2nd Round: A big and physical  Wide Receiver, Somebody like Greg Childs from Arkansas 

      2nd Round: A Safety either Miami Hurricanes Ray Ray Armstrong or Alabama Mark Barron both can tackle.

      3rd Round: DT Jaye Howard a big boy and a run stopper.

       4th Round: We have to start  getting young Offensive Tackle like Quinn Barham from Penn State.

       4th Round:Get another speedster Elvis Akpla from Montana State.

       5th Round: Get more Linebackers like Brandon Lindsey a pretty good Outside Linebacker.

       6th Round:  I hope every NFL Team GM forgot about how Janoris Jenkins is for the Eagles could get him.

       6th Round: Jake Farley as an Offensive Guard.

       6th Round: For the last pick i choose Quaterback  Brock Osweiler from Arizona State this guy is tall. 

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