Random Bits and Pieces About The Eagles

So now we are 3-6 and I have been beaten emotionally and spiritually. Here are some Random things that are on my mind.

1.) What if Vince Young is actually good on Sunday if he starts?

Wishful thinking I know seeing as his last two appearances resulted in an interception and the fact he did not know what play to call but hear me out. He hasn't been a bad QB when he was in Tennessee, he was just a diva *coughDeSeanJacksoncough.* I wouldn't put it past him to actually win against NY. Eagles backups somehow perform miracles when the starters are hurt (Garcia, Kolb, Vick) He could win given a week of practice and I know its not likely and hell I'll run around LFF naked if we do beat the Giants (Hyperbole) but it could happen. Every Given Sunday


2.) I like Les Miles (Nonsexually)

IF and big IF we fire Andy Reid I would like to get Les Miles to coach for the Eagles. After this Jim Harbaugh turnaround in SF I'm kinda into getting a College coach to coach for us. Weak rational I know and really out of the college coaches I really would only want Les Miles but I like how he fires his players up and wants to win every single damn day. You can tell that he would rather get sodomized by Eli Manning than to lose. We need a guy who is fired up on the sideline and pushes his players to win and to hold our players accountable to losing. Plus his nickname is the Mad Hatter thats pretty badass.


3.) Am I the only person who thinks we should Draft a QB 1st rounnd?

I only want this to happen if we don't get rid of DJax or if we do and we don't get a WR like Vincent Jackson or Dwayne Bowe. Listen Vick has maybe 4-5 years at the rate he gets injured and if he continues to play at this crappy level then we are screwed. We need to draft a Franchise QB now someone like Matt Barkley or Russell Wilson to lead this team in the future. I'm not sure about Mike Kafka I haven't seen enough playing time by him in order to judge him as the future QB but I'm not too optimistic. Also I know we NEED a LB but I rather get one in the 2nd round because I think we need  long term QB


4.) Is Steve Smith a Covert Giant Player?

After watching his abysmal performance last week I think he is a covert Giant player to take his down from the inside. Hopefully he plays well this week because right now I think he is worse than Jarrad Page in my eyes. That being said I'm happy that Chad Hall got promoted you can't help but root for him


5.) I Kind of Want us to lose now

I absolutely hate seeing the Eagles lose but I think at this point we really should just start Kafka and play through our schedule. I really want a good draft pick at this point and while we still have a chance to make it to the playoffs (3% chance I think) I rather get a Top 5-10 draft pick so we can start rebuilding from there.


6.) One Last Thing..

Have you seen this Video it cracks me up every time I see it and it makes me feel slightly better about the Eagles loss. This guy is funny


Feel free to Discuss or Call me out.

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