Drew Rosenhaus Sucks!! Stay away from my Eagles players!!!

Hey guys, I'm still recovering from another depressing moment in the Eagles season.  One of the biggest topics is the stunt Jackson pulled and surprisingly I don't hate him, I'm more upset at Drew Rosenhaus because I know he is influencing Jackson's decisions.  Let me know what you think.  

Oh, and I have a feeling some of you will get a kick out of the proposed bet someone send me last week. It was a bit crass for my tastes. I will be responding to it in my next video, but I won't be posting that response video here or on my website:

I needed a couple days to recover from that loss. Oh, gosh where do I start? Here we go again, now this one hurts even more than last weeks, it was just horrible and hard watch. I covered my eyes a few times because I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


Before the game even started I knew we were in trouble because the Philadelphia Eagles announced that Desean Jackson was suspended for this Arizona Cardinals game as a result of him missing a team meeting the day before. Hmm...Unfortunately, I have a feeling Drew Rosenhaus is behind this unnecessary antic giving Desean Jackson poor advice. Andy Reid made the right decision in suspending Desean Jackson, he had no other option. Being a former collegiate athlete, I understand that coach player dynamic very well. The coach cannot let any players get away with blatant disobedience, otherwise the other players will lose respect and the coach will lose complete control of the team.


Did Desean Jackson's absence contribute to this loss, of course, but he's not the sole reason why we lost. I touched on Desean Jackson's contract issues and my concerns about it in one of my first videos before the season even started, you can check it out in the link below. So hear me out, I understand where Jackson is coming from and have no problem with him. Obviously, I am unhappy with his decision. I still love the guy, but I have a HUGE problem with his agent Drew Rosenhaus and every Eagles fan understands why.


When Terrell Owens was an Eagle back in 2004, Rosenhaus was in his ear trying to get more money, causing TO to put himself above being a "team player" which resulted in his 4 game suspension and deactivation at the end of that season. And look at TO now, after bouncing from team to team that got sick of his antics, he's now jobless. No Organizations will not cooperate and pay players that lack discipline and respect for their teammates and that's what T.O. did. I would hate to see Jackson fall down that same path, if I was Desean Jackson I would take LeSean McCoy's lead and fire Drew Rosenhaus. Because history shows that these antics will not provide a favorable response from any organization. In fact it will make an organization hesitant to keep you or sign you.


I'm sad to hear that even though Lesean McCoy has fired Rosenhaus twice, Shady has decided to rehire him for a 2nd time. What does that tell us? Lesean McCoy doesn't like the advice he has been given in the past, but Rosenhaus is a very persistent guy and knows how to influence these young players. Think about it, these kids are coming right out of college 20-21 years old that have a lot to learn. They depend on their agents to provide them with that guidance, and if given wrong advice it can make a player look really really bad. I sure hope Desean Jackson makes some better choices moving forward, but we'll just have to wait and see.


Now on to that horrible sloppy mess the Eagles called a football game. It doesn't get any worse than that! Do I need to lose ALL faith in this team before they start turning things around? John Skelton outplayed Michael Vick are kidding me??? Right off the bat Michael Vick breaks his ribs, Jeremy Maclin injured his shoulder and hamstring, and with 3 Million dollar corner backs we can't find a way to cover Larry Fitzgerald? I hate to say it, but things aren't looking good right now and at this point we have to look at the coaches. The team is a hot mess, could someone please look alive in the 4th quarter I see Michael Vick hanging his head down on the sidelines. That doesn't look like a team leader to me, we need someone to step up and motivate these players to close out these games strong.


I am sick right now, I just want to forget about this game and move on. I also received a bet last week that I didn't get an opportunity to respond to being that I saw it late on Saturday before I headed out to watch the Pacquiao fight. So In my next video I will be responding to "thecattledogakamcnab's" bet video. I've provided the video link below as well. So stay tuned.


Link to Distraction Jackson Video I posted before the season started: 



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