Why I Hate the Eagles

Being only a student at Penn State who is just beginning his second decade of "voluntary" fandom , I realize that I know nothing about Eagles misery compared to those of you who have followed the birds since long before I was born. But I have felt enough pain brought by or beloved iggles to feel like I am at least somewhat worthy of writing this.

The straw that broke the cammels back.

Sunday morning I awoke at 12:30 in Pittsburgh to the horrifying news that the birds game would not be on TV. Saying a hastly goodbye i said goodbye to my friend, got in my car, and drove as fast as I could back to state college hoping to at least catch the end of the game. Along the way i found six, (not one or two but SIX FOR CHRIST SAKE!!!), different broadcasts of the Steelers game, but not a single broadcast of the birds. Luckily I made it back to my apartment with 10 minutes left in the 4th and a 17-10 lead. I then proceeded to watch the Eagles pathetically blow two separate leads, get outgained 180 to 72 in the fourth quarter, and eliminate themselves in all plausibility from the playoffs.

I know that with all honesty and from the bottom of my heart say.

I HATE ANDY REID for never drafting linebackers or defensive backs high (of all picks in first 3 rounds 12% LBs 17% DB's) leaving us with our current issues on defense. For not understand how to manage a clock, and when he should challenge a play.

I HATE MARTY MORNHINWEG (and Reid) for not running the ball. You have the best running back in the league and your two best WRs are out for most of the game and you run the ball FOURTEEN TIMES!!!! I understood it against the SF when he was going no where but SHADY was averaging 5.8 yds per carry and you still wouldn't give him the ball. 

I HATE JUAN CASTILLO for not being fit for your job. I gave you the benefit of the doubt coming into this season, but by now it is clear your ability to coordinate a defense is about as good as Marty's ability to call the run, needless to say its not very good. Your are a great coach, but a terrible defensive coordinator. Just because Washburn is one of the best line coaches of all time doesn't mean you need to use the wide-9 every single snap. I never though i would say this but i miss Mcdermott. 

I HATE DESEAN JACKSON for not being focused on being a WR. There a three things that are most important in making a WR great. Hands, route running, and size/speed, yes you are one of the fastest kids in the league, but you are terrible at running routes, and drop way to many balls. You are in your 4th year as a WR and should be working as hard as possible on perfecting the position. Not sleeping in and missing meetings.


I HATE THE ENTIRE DEFENSE (minus the D-Line) TACKLE SOMEONE!!!  It was embarrassing by week three. now its just pathetic.  

I HATE THE FRONT OFFICE Yes you do a great job managing the cap and producing one of the most talented and Youngest teams in the NFL. But that's just what they are talent. In making the team young you have sacrificed the leadership that make as team great. the Ravens have Ed Reed and Ray Lewis (last week when torrey smith dropped the winning TD passes they we right there to pick him up and helped him reddeem him self), the steelers have Polamalu and Harrison, The Packers have Woodson. Meanwhile you let the team's heart and soul walk away and for what 5 years $17 million that's sickening and one office move i will never forgive you for. No one can say what would have happened if we kept Dawkins, but I think its safe to assume the no defense anchored by Wepon X would give up FIVE fourth quarter leads.


But most Importantly of all

I HATE THE EAGLES because I love them with all my heart. I will do everything I can to watch every single game even if when the game leaves me in tears. I will never give up hope till the clock reads zero. I will celebrate that good, and never forget the bad. Every season that ends in misery just makes me come back wanting more. and even when you lose I will cheer for you with all of my broken-heart.

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