What the team really needs... Top 5


First off, let me say that EVERYONE has sucked this year, coaches, players, assistances, etc... Everyone has taken a piece of the pie at one point or another, HOWEVER, if this season can be defined by one thing it is the fact we have one of the worst defenses that I have ever seen.  Remember when we all thought that everything will be OK under Castilla because a) it couldn't get worse under McDermott and b) there was too much talent to fail? Well we were wrong on both accounts becaus Castillo is off the charts bad, and in a comical way.

Let me explain.

Most defenses are bad because they lack talent in more than a few key areas. They may lack a pass rush, a good secondary, or in our case -- line backers. They are bad no matter what because there is just not enough talent... The Eagles on the other hand HAVE enough talent to be a competent defense See: Dallas game.

The remarakble thing about our high motor amigo Juan Castillo is that we are seeing talent being used wrong -- on purose, game after game.


3rd and long? Put a rookie with his first start on the league's premier WR!!

Have the best press corner in the league? Put him in zone!!!

Have a pro bowl caliber corner? Play him out of position in the slot!

That's not all. Make sure you put a LB on Larry Fitzgerald in the red zone, perhaps one of the BIGGEST mis matches I have ever seen.

But don't worry guys "we're going to get it right."


2. Can we please get a line backer who can play at a high level in the NFL?

You know, someone who weights more than 230 lbs? Someone can run downhill, beat the blocks or plug up the holes in the middle? We haven't seen one since Stewart Bradley, who for some reason thought wasn't worth resigning here. Yes he had some freak injuries, but I don't recall the running game ever being a liability when he started here. How about Trotter? Now there's a guy who owned the middle of the field.

3. Can we get a WR with some size and play making ability?

Fantastic, Maclin and Jackson are great in between the 20's. But how many times are we going to have to run screens or little shovel passes in the red zone to get a TD? Why don't we have a WR who can run a slant, fight for the ball in traffic and win? Or how come we can't get a WR who we can run the fade route to? Can we get one who can win some jump balls? The Cowboys have Dez and Miles, the Giants have Nicks... The Redskins don't count as they have the worst offense in the league. The Eagles have two explosive WRs , but they are pretty much negated in the red zone where the field shrinks and speed isn't a factor.

And no, I have been saying it forever, the answer is not Riley Cooper. He's just not athletic enough to do those types of things I mentioned. I know he has climbed into the hearts of BGNers, but he's simply not all that special.

4. A couple players who can hit?

I know Adrian Wilson is a freak of nature, but wow, that dude can lay the wood AND do it without spearing players with his helmet. Did anyone remember that whiff on Early Doucet by Kurt Coleman? A safety should be knocking a WR directly on his ass, especially with the angle Coleman had. I like Kurt, he plays smart, but he's just not athletically gifted enough t o play the position. That's not his first whiff for a TD either see: Victor Cruz.. Can anyone remember a game or even plays where our defense has PHYSICALLY handed an offense?

5. A new head coach

Wow, I can't believe I am saying this, as I am a big of a Reid supporter as you will find around here, but I'm about ready for Andy to go.

I don't like huge changes mainly because one of Reid's strengths is keeping us contenders year after year as the GM. I fear the days getting a GM that would do something like mortgage the farm for a WR (IE Falcons), or take Tim Tebow in the first round, or trade away a bunch of picks for Mike Mamula, etc... That scares me to death!!!

Truth be told it's time we get ourselves a defensive minded coach. Back to the early 90s we go and let's get ourselves another nasty defense-- someone told me they win championships. I don't know that I know the answer to who should coach this team and how to appoint a new GM that doesn't turn this franchise into the Raiders, Dolphins or even Jerry Jones esque Cowboys..


But we should remember guys like Dawkins, and before Dawkins there was another #20 named Andre "dirty" Waters..Trotter, Williams Thomas (Willie T), Reggie White, Clyde Simmons etc...

Some of you guys won't know any of those guys from the 90s but let me tell you this. They all played with a chip on their shoulder and they would call the 2011 Eagles team a flag football team by their standards. We have built an undersized "finese" team. I don't even know why we even have a weight room at the Nova Care Complex, we are so weak.


This game brought me back....In 1998 I was grounded (I was a young teenager by then) for kicking my little box TV over (I saved all my money for it over the summer) because I watched Jake the Snake throw a game winning TD over Troy Vincent to Frank Sanders. The Cards, no matter how bad, had a knack for doing that..... Now we have a knack for 4th qtr game winning tds every game and Im so immune I wish I was mad enough to even curse at the T.V...But I'm not.

I'm laughing at the small, weak defense led by an O-line coach...How can we even get mad??

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