Give it to LeSean

The Eagles have just scored right before the end of the first half to go up 14-7. Lets take a look at Andy's brilliant playcalling.

How about first we consider what has been presented to Andy Reid.

  • One of the best and hottest running backs in the NFL in LeSean McCoy, who has already looked very good in the few amounts of runs you have given him (by my count 8 in the first half).
  • Michael Vick who has looked absolutely terrible so far. Vick has been very inaccurate. He's taken some shots from defenders and hasn't made many good throws.
  • Wide receivers who have dropped almost everything their way. You also don't have you best deep threat and Jeremy Maclin had already missed significant time in the game due to an injury. Steve Smith and Maclin have dropped everything. Celek has been the most reliable receiver the past few weeks, but if he doesn't stay to block Vick will be hit that much more.
  • A defense that can't stop anybody in the 4th quarter. Any bit of time that runs of the clock during the 2nd half will probably help you later.

So, lets see what Andy Reid chooses to do:


That is how many passes and runs, by my count, the Eagles did during the time period that they had a lead-all of the 3rd quarter and some of the 4th. 13 passes. 6 runs. With a running back who has been the Eagles' most consistent player and, when given the opportunity, is often able to put games away in the 3rd and 4th quarter when you give him the ball. But of course, Andy sends his offense out their to gun it down the field, which has already failed miserably in the first half of the game.

And what happened? Well, during the time that the Eagles had the lead, they had 4 drives, consisting of 6, 3, 6, and 4 plays each, and all resulting in punts. Remember, they had the lead here. Also remember that they threw the ball 13 out of 19 times, barely giving the ball to their best playmaker.

After this, when the game was tied or the Eagles were losing, the offense 12 times and ran 2, but that is too be expected from Reid. What isn't and shouldn't be expected is the stupidity from Reid to barely give the ball to McCoy. Even when they are winning late in the game he refuses to give the ball to him. And when he does, its usually for one play, surrounded by 4 or 5 passing plays, which will never allow McCoy to get any sort of rhythm carrying the ball.

Give a late game lead to any coach in the NFL and put McCoy and a terrible passing game on their team, and he's going to be touching the ball almost every play. I'd find it to be a crime if the pass-run ratio in this situation is be anything above 1. But unfortunatly, Andy is different from most coaches. After so many years of having one of the best running backs in the league, you'd think he'd have learned how to use a great running back. But Andy Reid happens to be one of the most stubborn coaches in the NFL. When he's given an ideal running situation, he refuses to let go of his throw-first mentality.

Had he given the ball to McCoy, maybe the Eagles are able to put together a couple good drives. Maybe they win the game, but who knows. The only think I can say for sure is the pure ridiculousness that out of 19 plays with a 3rd/4th quarter lead, one of the best players in the NFL was handed the ball a mere 6 times.

Here you go, Andy. This is a run.


I honestly am impressed that McCoy has been able to put up such good stats this year. When you're barely given the ball, it's hard to make a dent in the stat line. Yet, here we are, another week with a good amount of yards (80 is great on 14 carries) and yet another touchdown. With few opportunities, LeSean continues to prove himself to be a premier running back in the NFL. The type that could carry his team when times are bad and when they're struggling. The kind that could put a game away when it's late 3rd and 4th quarter.

If only Reid would notice.

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