No Heart and False Hope

Whats the difference between this team and the squads of the previous years? HEART

This Defense had Heart


This Man Had Heart


So did He


No Heart, No Chemistry, No Nothing but false hope



2011 Philadelphia Eagles has no heart, just a bunch of guys coming to work and collecting their game check. Egotistical Eagles- incredibly talented but with an oversize Ego and no HEART. Can't finish game, 5 blown fourth quarter lead, Desean oversleeping, fumbles, INTs, drops, penalties, fundamentals, Juan Castillo is in over his head, and Andy Reid- Why do you promote a mediocre O line coach to one of the most important coaching position on the team? Why? Jim Johnson saved your ass so many times now he's rolling over his grave and may he rest in peace. This team can't adjust, can't overcome adversity. How shameful! 


You know its bad when your 100 million dollar Field General has his head down in the fourth quarter. Smart teams adjust, this is not a smart team and its an understatement. Steve Smith is scared, matter of fact all the receivers are scared, and really inconsistent. The whole team is soft and it rivals Osi. All talk and nothing to show for it, this team is bad with 4th quarter letdowns that rivals Lebron.

Venting time


  • Fuck you Desean Jackson
  • Fuck you Juan Castillo, stick with man to man, your zone D sucks, you cant keep a lead even with an all-pro defense. Where is the discipline and the fundamental? Listening to your post game interview makes me sick to my stomach. Only you can can make a mediocre QB look like Manning. Only you would put our inexperience safety on top 3 receiver in the game when you have 2 all-pro corners at your disposal. I'm lost for words. Thanks for making NFL history, most 4th quarter blown lead at home, disgusting. 
  • Only in Philadelphia where home field advantages doesnt matter. 1-7 against qbs like Joe Webb, Stephan McGee, Alex Smith, Johnathon Skelton. That hurts a lot. 
  • Fuck you Andy for coming up with the Idea of hiring Juan.
  • Marty, Marty, Marty... You have a superstar running back, learn how to use him especially with your top 2 receivers out of the game. 14 attempt for Shady is unacceptable. Come On Man!
  • The way this team is playing 3 picks in the top 40 2012 draft but Howie will somehow trade it all for lower round picks. Quantity over quality, Shit don't work in the big league.
  • Fuck you Vince Young and Steve Smith for bringing bad vibe to this team. 7 million dollars worth of cap space wasted.
  •  Thank God for Booze.
  • I hate that I love this team so no matter what I'm always gonna root for 'em

Stay strong my fellow fans and Bleed Green til Infinity

Sincerely Dday

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