Top 10 Most Disappointing Games in the Reid Era

[Note by JasonB, 11/12/11 12:20 AM EST ] Promoted from fanshots. Joe D takes us down a crappy memory lane.

Not counting the playoff losses, regular season only.

10. November 10th 2002 - Colts 35 - Eagles 13

We had a tremendous defense back in 2002, and even when we lost games , it wasn't by much -- except this blow out. This game didn't have any playoff implications either but it was supposed to be the big show down between the up and coming McNabb and Peyton Manning who at the time was establishing himself as one of the best QBs in the league. In a typical blowout the defense gets smoked and the offense does nothing, which was exactly what happened. With the Eagles sporting a stout 6-2 winning record coming into the game, it really took the wind out of our sails and knocked us down a few pegs. It's just one of those games that really stung and I remember the announcers or maybe it was the paper saying something to the effect of "Not yet McNabb," which was rubbing salt into the wound.


9. 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers 27- Eagles 3

This game had ZERO playoff implications what so ever, but rookie at the time, Ben Roethlisberger led the charge on offense, which completely schooled our defense. T.O. and McNabb also had their first fight which was plastered all over ESPN. Seeing it was the one "blip" on our magical regular season that year, it probably shouldn't even be on on the top 10 but that game REALLY, REALLY pissed me off. Jerome Bettis, an old bus pretty much ran all over our defense and I think the Steelers ended up with a disgusting amount of yards on the ground that game. Something like 280, the only good thing is it led to the starting of Trotter, and the benching of Mark Simeneou who was clearly not a good MLB in our defense.

8. September 4th 2003 Patriots 31 Eagles 10

As we were trying to erase the craptastic week 1 loss vs the Bucs, the Patriots delivered an even worse ass kicking. At that point, we were out scored 48 to 10 in two games. We were coming off our 2nd championship game and were expected to make another run. McNabb had a pick 6 to Bruschi or maybe it was Vrabel, but the whole game was terrible, the city was up in arms, and we were hitting the panic button. Not only were we 0-2 but we showed no signs of being a playoff team...Luckily we turned the season around but that game was probably the worst regular season game that year because it had us all expecting the worst.

7. September 9th 2007 - Packers 16 - Eagles 13

It was opening day, and I'm sure many here kind of forgot about this game, as it didn't have any playoff implications either....But we lost the game because we didn't have any kick or punt returners. Having muffed 2 punt returns that game, it was one of the frustrating games to watch. It was a poor personnel decision by Reid and the front office to go into the season without a legitimate returner, it really made this loss enormously frustrating. We actually RE SIGNED Reno Mahe within a few days. Either way that whole season was frustrating. McNabb didn't look nearly the same as he did in previous years after coming back from an ACL injury and our offense ended up being REALLY inconsistent. Granted, Kevin Curtis was our #1 WR at the time along with Reggie Brown, the whole season ended up being a mess.

6.Monday November 14th 2005 - Eagles 20 - Cowboys 21

This game hurt because after we started red hot, we got blown out by the Cowboys a few weeks before. We also went on to go 1-3 before the teams played again but this game was particularly bad because it effectively killed our season. Our defense was largely terrible the entire year with no pass rush and this is when T.O. decided to be T.O. I'm pretty sure it was Reggie Browns first start in his place, and oddly enough, Brown flashed some potential even though he dropped a huge ball late in the game. Either way the play that sealed the day was a terrible INT thrown by McNabb to Roy Williams for a pick 6 which also led McNabb to go on IR from a Cowboy block. Which was the theme of the season as 19 players total ended up on the injured reserve.

Does everyone remember our starting skill players that year? Reggie Brown, Greg Lewis, Ryan Moats, LJ Smith and Mike McMahon? Ouch.

5. Sunday Nov 16th 2008 Bengals 13, Eagles 13

At this point, I was calling for Andy Reids head. The play calling was about 90% passes and 10% runs and the offense just looked like CRAP! We actually sported a top 3 defense that  year, but wow was our offense hit or miss. The season outlook at that point was getting bleak, and after we tied the Bengals? Even bleaker. Yea this was the presser where McNabb said "I didn't even know you could tie." And to be honest, what he said didn't even make me mad. What was killing me was all the 3 and outs we were creating, and all the inconsistencies. FYI the Oakland game is interchangeable with this game, but the fact we TIED the Bengals really but an exclamation point on this terrible game.

4. Sunday November 23rd 2008 Eagles 7 - Ravens 36

Not only did our offense look even WORSE than it did against the Bengals our defense was giving up plays left and right. Although, who could really blame the D that game when the offense was on and off the field within the matter of a couple plays. This was the infamous game McNabb got benched in favor of Kolb and started the QB controversy... Not really, as Kolb led the Eagles down the field he threw a pick 6 to Ed Reed in the end zone which ended up tying the longest TD in NFL history. Oddly enough, Howard Eskin convinced me that it wasn't Reid's fault it was the players who were not executing and he did it by going down each play where either one or more players made crucial mistakes. We ended up turning it around the next week to have a fabulous run and made the playoffs by the hair on our chinny chin chins.

3. Sunday December 21st - Redskins 10 - Eagles 3

The 2008 season was the most frustrating season I have ever watched. It was the "wow eagles are awesome," one week and "how are we so bad." the very next.

All we had to do was beat the lowly Redskins and our playoff dreams were about to come true...Not so fast, we ended up laying a HUGE egg on offense yet again while the defense did their job holding the Skins to just 10. Speaking of 10, DeSean Jackson had 2 HUGE drops that were going for TDs at the end of this game, which he acknowledged. But the worst part but this game was we pretty much went on a roll after the Ravens game and stopped the Giants, who at the time were a legit powerhouse, smoked the Browns, and Cardinals. The feeling was defeat after the Ravens game, glory after the Giants game, all the way to "I should've known we were going to end up blowing this thing." Then the very next week we had the amazing 44-6 game against the Cowpokes. Still can't believe we got in the playoffs that year. Thanks Jeff Garcia!

2.  January 3rd 2010 Eagles 0 Cowboys 24

I always thought the 2009 Eagles were over rated. Offensively they were breaking franchise records, but truth be told, they didn't beat a single decent team that year. Again, we struggled offensively with inconsistencies AND first time defensive coordinator Sean McDermott had his share of struggles as well. The loss of Jamal Jackson that year hurt for sure,so did Shawn Andrews (again), but scoring a total of ZERO points against a division rival such as the Cowboys hurt. Getting beat soundly on defense by a Wade Phillips led team HURT. The bubble screens, the draws, the slants that we KNEW were coming but couldn't stop anyway -- hurt. I personally thought it was McNabb's time to go after the 2008 CG, but this game and the playoff game the week after really sealed it for me despite his pro bowl #s that year. Good defenses were just getting to him and making him uncomfortable and do things he just didn't do in years prior.

1. November 7th 2011 - Bears 30, Eagles 24

Is this the all time worst regular season game in the Reid era? Maybe, maybe not, but there's a few things here.

a) the game is fresh in our minds

b) it made our chances of going to the playoffs from "possibly," to "very, very, slim."

c) it was a microcosm of the entire season up until this point.

In all seriousness, couldn't stop the run, no pass rush, couldn't stop Cutler and the mediocre gang of WRs tearing us apart, no heart in the secondary, dumb penalties, dumb turnovers and the obligatory turnover in the red zone.

And let's be honest, we all were expecting a team who marginally lost to the SB champion the year prior, to kick some serious ass with the major FA upgrades...And  here we are, wallowing in our misery.

The funny thing is, a lot of the most disappointing games on here felt like last weeks loss.. No hope, diminished playoff chances, and a ton of frustration. Hopefully like in years past, we turn it on, get a little luck, and go make a deep playoff run.

Any other games that I missed?

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