Time to call a spade a spade, hand em out, and start digging...

Okay folks.  Here we are... on the slippery slope travelling at the speed of light from "oh what might have been" to "oh hell, how did we get here?"

Discussions will run rampant.  We'll be analyzing this team from now until September of 2012.  We'll have plenty of time to discuss who did and did not contribute to the "mighty fall of 2011".  But the discussions are for another time... perhaps when I'm surrounded by fellow eagles fans and lots and lots (and lots) of good beer, or when I'm paying a psychologist $200/hour to share how this season has scarred me for life....   And this looks like a great time to take the lesson my father told me "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything".  Well, at this point, I can't... I have lots of respect for those of you who see the sinking ship that was once the proud eagles franchise and can point to how great the colors of the uniforms are, or can find the one or two plays in a game where we did NOT look hapless, or find some comfort in an offense that turns on after giving the ball away like gifts from santa's pack, or a defense that does step up to shut down the oppostion in the fourth quarter, only AFTER the game is out of reach.

Yeah... I like your spirit.  I'd like to believe in this time again this year... but I can't....not anymore in 2011.   But, I can scout ahead for what will be the topic of discussions soon.  What must the eagles do to be competitive in 2012?

I'll talk about that after the jump:


Okay, the eagles are 1-4 and with our schedule this year are likely headed for a 3-13 or worse season.  So we have 10 draft choices in 2012, and a team that is badly beaten with guys who are very talented.  Where do we begin?


(1)  Decide on the fate of Andy Reid. -  I won't shout for his head, but the moment the season ends, we need a definitive yay or nay for the guy

(2) Regardless of Andy's fate, Juan HAS TO GO- a defensive coordinator HAS to be found who can actually call defensive plays and scheme to support the wide 9 (which I like)

(3) Dump the guy who can't tackle.  Defense does two things - covers the pass receivers or tackles the ball carrier.  cut the guys who can't cover or tackle.  

(4) Discuss the needs of the team with the personnel office.  many times the best guy for the team is NOT the most expensive guy for the team.  

(5) Be happy with cohesion... a group of guys who think alike, play alike, and really enjoy the game.   I'd be happier with a team that tackles on defense, I really would.


and after this season is over... apologize to the fans.   we stuck behind the team through thick and thin.   this is just torture....

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