The Problem: The Eagles Organization and their Blue Print for Success !

For so many years, we have lost one fan favorite after another because either they were getting too old or asking for too much money or both.  Let's count them:

  1. Trot (the first time)
  2. Duce
  3. Hugh
  4. T.O. (well, he kinda bought his own ticket out of here)
  5. Dawk
  6. Westbrook
  7. And most recently Mikell
  8. With Troy Vincent, Lito, Sheldon getting honorable mentions because their play declined after they left. Did I miss anyone else ? 

But the big ones like Trot, Duce, Douglas and Dawk were just a knife through the players' heart and ours.  But we all played along, hoping for that all-elusive championship and buying the company line to not overpay for players over 30.  We thought, "Guess what, our organization is the smartest one out there, we can't go wrong with this plan."  And the plan did work to a large extent, we've always had cap room to go after players that we really covet, like Nnamdi, Asante, Peters, Jevon Kearse, etc etc.  But like all plans, there's always a shortcoming.  And the shortcoming with this plan is pretty damaging, although we're just seeing some cracks in it now. 

Over and over, as you can see by most of the names above, we've sacrificed the heart and soul of our defense for cap flexibility, and you can only do that for so long before it comes back to bite you in the ass.  And this year, it's like the perfect storm of biting us in the ass.  We look great in terms of cap space, but at what cost ???  The Eagles ownership has definitely turned this team into a lucrative business, but in order to do that, they've killed the spirit of the team.  Now I hate to see what's going to happen with the Desean Jackson contract situation.  I don't even want to think about it.  Hate to break it to you but Desean Jackson is the heart and soul of that offense, not Vick, not Shady, not Maclin, but it's Desean (at least in my eyes).  He makes this offense the high-powered offense it is, without him, we're not as scary anymore.  And to treat your best player on offense the way the Eagles are doing, is just ridiculous, so what, overpay the guy.  You keep on following that blue print and see what you do to the team.  You are actually seeing the results of that this year.  Guess what Desean said was the most important thing, even before winning, for this year ?   Any guesses ??  It's stay healthy !  He's not gonna get put himself on the line and get hurt in his contract year.  The rest of the league has already seen what Desean can do, and trust me, there will be many teams ready to overpay the guy (compared to what the Eagles are offering him), if the Birds don't decide to pay up and Franchise him next year.  But why put your best player in a position for 2 years in a row where he has to worry about his health rather then just going out and playing and doing what he does best ?  You're not getting good value for him this way.  

So what can the Eagles do ?  Pay the man already, I'm sure Desean will take something decent, he's probably pissed at the low-ball offer that the Eagles are throwing out his way still.  And if need be, overpay the man.  Just do it you fools, you salary-cap masterminds.  You can't fucking go with your head all the time, you have to listen to the heart or the soul, if you have any left that is.  Otherwise, if this is just a cut-throat business with no loyalties, then you don't deserve our loyalty either.  Why invest our heart and soul into this team, if this is all a business to you guys ??  You've made enough money, your franchise is worth more than a billion fucking dollars.  Get your head out of your ass Jeffrey Lurie, and take charge of this team, don't just sit in your vault all year long counting those dollar bills, you're like the fucking Groundhog, you only fucking come out once a year, and you don't predict shit, except for the Gold Fucking standard and multiple Super Bowls.  Fuck this shit (sorry, my anger has gotten the better of me), I mean, fuck you Jeffrey Lurie, fuck you, alrite ?  I said it, now I feel much better.  Don't act like you don't know what's going on, grow some pubes and take charge of this team, and pay attention to the fan base.  You screwed us over with Dawk, don't do it again.  Otherwise, this is over, my loyalty doesn't belong to a fucking cut-throat business.  I don't want to hear monotone Andy and his fucking excuses year after year after fucking year.  You hear me, I'm an Eagles fan, and I fucking bleed green, not the green that you bleed, but the Eagle green.  So change it up, or the fans will catch on sooner or later, and I'm thinking it's sooner rather then later.  I don't know what to say man, I'm done with you...

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