Upcoming game Bills vs Eagles

Hey all

     This is Dan from Buffalo.  I am here to talk bills football.  I am not here to talk smack about your team, vick, or anyone like that.  I think it is in poor taste to talk about real legal stuff, but, if u want to toss in a senile owner joke, or how u feel about your coach, that is fine.

I have read a few of your posts.  I am kinda shocked at all the hate for your coach.  I thought he was good.  He did get u to a super bowl and to the playoffs a lot.  We haven't sniffed the playoffs in over 10 years, so, just getting there would be fun.  I am not saying u shouldn't hate him, but, I have been a fan since the 70's and I remember the Houston Oilers had Bum Phillips as their coach.  The oilers could never get past the Steelers of that decade (the steel curtain days) and they were in the same division back then.  So, because Houston only made the playoffs, but weren't good enough to beat the steelers, they figured it must be the coach and fired him.  They didn't sniff the playoffs for over a decade either.  I guess what I am trying to say is, Reid isn't perfect, but, u know the old saying about the Devil u know...

I hear u guys have a lot of injuries and your OL is not in good shape.  Tell me, how has Jason Peters been since the big trade?  U gave up two firsts for him, right?  Do u guys think it was worth it?  Why is your OL so bad?  Is it drafting?  Coaching?  What do u think?

I know the short offseason has hurt a lot of teams who drafted OL in the first round.  I see that is true of your first round pick too.  How has the DL been?  I know Cole is out, which hurts b/c he is your best DL.  How has Cullen been?  I also know a few years back, your LB's were some of the best in the league.  What happened?  Did they just get old, or not resigned and young guys didn't mature like Reid thought they would?  

Buffalo has some new stuff too.  I know u are all aware of our 3-1 record.  We controlled KC, beat 2 game opponents in Oakland and the Pats, and lost a close game to the Bengals.  For as bad as we played in Cinci, they still only won on the last play of the game.  We had multiple chances to take or keep control.  

I think, in a way, that loss was good for us.  We had 2 great come from behind games and I felt they knew they could just "turn it on or off" anytime they wanted and that is not the case.  In this league, teams are so close.  Intangible things like field position, turnovers, injuries, and so on can play a huge role in a season and certainly over a game.  

How are your special teams?  how is your punter and kicker?  Can your punter flip the field?

Playing in buffalo will be hard.  We seem to be gaining our Mojo back at home and the fans can be very loud.  A new OL can have issues.  

What else can I tell u about buffalo?  We are big, much much bigger then last year.  We have rush LB's that are over 300 lbs.  While we have not had much of a pass rush, we were getting better in the first half last week.  I hope we can turn a corner on that.  I guess our defense played horrific last week according to the players.  They said they missed a ton of assignments.  I suspect they will spend a lot of time this week on not missing those.  That could be good or bad for u guys b/c if we play a second sloppy game in a row, guys could lose their jobs.  One thing about Chan, he is not scared to take out any guy who doesn't play up to his standards.  He doesn't care if u are a first round pick or a free agent.  Last year, he cut our starting QB Trent Edwards after a second ineffective game.  I like that.  Players and coaches should be held accountable.  

good luck guys.  Feel free to ask any questions.

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