Maybe, Just Maybe - Beware of Optimism


As much as I hate to crash the party with positive vibes and shit, I can’t handle reading another negative post about why Andy should be fired, beaten, and cast into hell. My psyche just can’t take it right now. The Eagles are doing a great job at filling my life with gloom and doom. I don’t need to read about how bad we did or how screwed we are to emphasize it more. And that, ladies and gentleman, is exactly why I am giving you this inspiring, uplifting post to help you hate life just a little bit less right now. Here is why I think we will have a breakout game Sunday.


Over Michael Vick’s dead body

Vick is tired of losing. You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. He is doing everything he can to step up and be a leader for this team and it showed in the way he played Sunday. After the game, Mike used the term “over my dead body” to describe his new attitude in games. Playing through injuries and making plays happen out of nothing back it up. From what I’ve seen, when Vick puts his mind to something, no one will stand in his way. The team may lack heart, but Vick has enough for everyone. So when I hear “over my dead body”, you better believe he will do everything he possibly can and more to make sure the Eagles come out with a win Sunday. That, my friends, is our biggest advantage.

Fitzpatrick will get bested by our corner

As weak as they’ve played so far, you have to admit that our corners at least have the ability to be elite. Blame it on the scheme, or lack of heart, or whatever you want, but they have been disappointing. They have been hit with big plays by small time guys and effort and tackling have been questioned as well.

Want the silver lining? I think they will start to get underestimated. Think about it. If Eli and Alex Smith can get the best of them, don’t you think Fitzpatrick thinks he has a shot at it? Of course he does, especially with his newfound confidence he found this season. He has played well, I’ll give him that. But look at who he has been throwing against: Brandon Flowers, Brandon Carr, Stanford Routt, Chris Johnson, Devin McCourty, Leigh Bodden, Leon Hall, and Nate Clements. There are a few decent corners on that list, but let’s face it, none with the ability of Samuel and Asomugha. He will test them. And he will be reminded why they are elite.

Red Zone deficiencies – No, not us

We have major issues as a team. None seem worse than our red-zone efficiency on offense. Yeah I know our defense is terrible and while I agree they are a major reason we are 1-3, I also realize that our team is built to outscore opponents. We should be able to get by with a suspect defense. We have the most firepower offensively in the NFL for a reason. And that reason is to score so many points, other teams can’t possibly keep up. To do that, we can’t leave points on the field. Fortunately for us, the Bills are one of the worst teams in the league at red zone defense. If we are going to do better inside the 20, it’s going to be this week.


I’m not saying we will become the elite team we expected this week. No, all of our issues will not magically be fixed. But I see a big game for us on the horizon. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’ll be completely wrong and we will fall to 1-4. But maybe… just maybe…. We start to show improvement and take the first steps to turning this season around.

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