Eagles At The Crossroads; Reid In The Crosshairs

The Eagles were expected to start this season off with a bang and head full steam to their first Super Bowl victory this season - pulling out all the stops along the way; not sparing any expense or feelings.  Needless to say, the expectations did not match the results after all the changes made this past offseason. 

As the head coach, Andy Reid sits quarely (no pun intended) in the driver's seat trying to guide this team in the right direction.  With the team's recent unexpected losses and tragic injuries, it seams as if he has lost control.  The financial manipulation to sign the uber-talented personell brought into this club during the offseason was nothing short of a work of art.  There is no doubt that Andy and General Manager, Howie Roseman, pulled off a miracle to improve last year's lackluster defense. 

However, it is not his financial genius nor his eye for talent that has now put him in the hotseat.  It is his management that he has surrounded himself with that puts his career in jeopardy.  With arguably the most talented defense on paper being ranked at the bottom of the NFL, the fans and players are frustrated, disappointed, and already calling for Andy Reid to be fired.  But is the season over yet?  I think not. 

Though it has been a rough four weeks, I think this season will be decided by the next two. 

If the Eagles lose to Buffalo this week, which after the previous performances, is a probability, and they lose to the Redskins the following week, this will put the Eagles at 1-5.  Barring a miracle, the Eagles hopes of finally winning a super bowl or even just making the playoffs will have all but evaporated.  

So if you were Andy Reid in this situation, what would you do?:

Would you keep Juan Castillo in there (like you should) and hope that this team begins to gel better, tackle better, learn faster; all with the real possibility of putting this entire season in jeopardy?  And if failure does occur, pray the fans, pundits, players, and the front office dont judge his guilt by his association?

Would you fire Juan Castillo from the DC position, and hire someone new to come in to try to save your season?  If so, is there anyone available that could possibly do that? and if so, would they want to take on that responsibility and weight with the likelyhood of failure?

Would you, knowing (and because) its your career on the line, step in and silently overrule Juan's decision making?  Would you start calling the defensive plays? Would you adjust the defensive lineup to your liking?

Would you, knowing the possibiltiy of adding more variables to an already complicated lineup, search for more talent to be brought in to improve the linebacking corps either through trade or practice squads? 


Most of us seem to think we all know whats best for this team, but if it were your tail on the line, what would you do?

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