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As stated prior...  Everyone has their opinions on what is wrong with the Eagles and alot have expressed them on this board. I enjoy reading them because they show the passion and thought of the people here. Now the team sits at 1-3 and the tears and bad feelings are at an all time high.  I personally don't think they should be.  Why, you may ask. Well because for the past 2 years the Eagles have let people know who they are and well... THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE.

DISCLAIMER... IMO only not to be taken as fact or perceived as such. Your comments should note that.

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"The Eagles are well on their way to developing the Colts style of play. Still, without the Run/Pass auto's for Vick to check to, it limits what they offense could be."

"The Key to the Colts offense going to the next level was the effectiveness of the play-action game. Here's where the Eagles and the Colts ultimately differ offensively.


"As stated earlier, Eagles are well on there way to developing the Colts style of play. Attack rushing D-line, smallish LB's and Safeties that are overly aggressive in the run game"

"I personally don't mind the moves and the changes the Eagles have made to this point, a lot of these players grade similarly so its just about trying to find cohesion."

"is to have his LB's line up a half step backwards to take their READ STEP down with their weak side foot."

"In the secondary, sheesh!!! (I know its got to be hard on Juan) I'm not sure how the Eagles are going about this, I believe a lot of over thinking is going on here."


Well a lot was said in our last episode, but still the disappointment remains.  To address my beginning point about how the Eagles are "who they say they are" I refer to what 's been told to the public about how the teams wants to go about its business.  The Eagles (as currently assembled) want to strike early and often and put teams in a position to play catch up throughout the game.  This philosophy is the mission statement and direction the team has taken in all of its decisions IE... Personnel, Style of play, Coaching techniques.

When I make a comment like, "The Eagles are well on there way to developing the Colts style of play,"  It mirrors those sentiments due to Colts being the most recent team to successfully implement this style with this type of personnel.  But, (and a big but at that) there are some tragic flaws at work here....


The most important factor in the Eagles success or failure is how much they score.  Since their style of play is dictated on leading teams then its a priority that touchdowns are gotten often.  In the last 2 years we've seen the Eagles struggle in that department.  The tragic flaw separating the two teams here is that the Colts had a high RED ZONE TD % because most times they RAN THE BALL IN on goal and shorts.  Quite a few of the Edge TD's came from close.  Also, Dallas Clark was a big Red Zone Scorer as well.  These two facets are key because it keeps a defense close enough around the box that you can single the outside for Marvin or Reggie to work their man.

The Eagles, who are blessed with today's version of Marvin and Reggie with Jackson and Maclin, can move the ball from the 20 to the 20 with as much ease as those Colts.  They just don't share their RED ZONE success.  In the offseason/preseason the though of PLAX being an Eagle PUT THEM OVER THE EDGE TO ME.  He would have been the answer to that problem {especially with the pass routes the Eagles call [which actually differ from the Colts as well (to their detriment) and I may write that up at a later date or hope Poetx can do a comparison for me)] Plax is a large and physical (there goes that word again) enough presence to overcome LAZY (I said it) play design and diagramming coming form the offensive coaches.  

With all that said I don't have the amount of skepticism that I see most with on this board.  RED ZONE inefficiency, not personnel or philosophy or JUAN (LOL... damn Juan you taking it bad right now homie) is the major cause of the Eagles record to date.  This is a correctable thing but it has to stem from the imagination of the offensive coaches (All of them- including Mudd)  The reason I can't really harp on what they do defensively is because again "THEY ARE WHO THEY SAY THEY ARE"  Meaning, their defensive players and strategy were developed to do a certain thing... PREVENT BIG PLAYS IN THE PASSING GAME THAT LEAD TO QUICK SCORES.  Unfortunately there are teams with RB's and WR's who refuse to go down with arm tackles LOL and that has been a problem.  Ultimately, I think the defense is a by product of what happens on offense so they will go as the offense does.  

I predict good days ahead for the Birds.  I think CELEK and HARBOR will start to shine soon (hopefully) and I think the tackling will improve.  This week coming has the potential to be a high scoring game and may be the most exciting of the year so tune in (as i'm sure you will)  

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