Panic Time? It's week 4

I know a lot of us Eagles fans are flipping out. I've read the reactions over on Igglesblitz/blog and BGN. Giants and Redskins fans have a new found arrogance. IT'S DOOMSDAY! THE SKY IS FALLING!

Truth is, people seem to think we're 1-7. Not the case. It's 1-3. As in 2 weeks you can be .500. As in two weeks, you could be back in the playoff race. Let's not kid ourselves, the birds are in a hole. But this ain't the grand canyon of holes. It's more like a pothole on i-95 that pop's your tire a mile from the linc. Does it suck? Yes. Do you miss the game? No.

Why you should remain optimistic after the jump.

I have a few reasons to think this.

1. Mike Vick and Lesean Mccoy have looked pretty damn good. I know Vick looked to be off the first few weeks, but I'd say he was more running for his life. It seems that when given time, Vick is the same qb from last year. He's been threading passes accurately and making plays to win games. It's not his fault Ronnie Browns an idiot or Maclin has bacon grease on his hands. He didn't push two field goals wide or call 3 consecutive runs on the goal line. Same goes with McCoy. He more than anyone has stepped up every game. He has looked damn near unstoppable actually. The more that we give the ball to Mccoy the better off we will be. Point is, Vick and McCoy will continue to keep us in games, and if other players step up, we're still a very formidable team.

2. Doesn't this seem like the typical Andy Ried season. Anyone remember Oakland, Cincinati, Baltimore where Mcnabb got benched. Point is that Andy isn't great off the get-go. Yes this is probably the worst start for the Eagles in the last decade. But let's not act like we haven't been here before. It's a long season and I must say this again. WE ARE 1-3 NOT 1-7. You're telling me we can't beat the freaking BILLS?! I mean you actually fear the Sexy Rexy Redskins? Have we lost all faith in this team? Just as quick as this happened we can be out of this hole. 2 weeks from now we can be .500. I'm betting on it. In fact you heard it here first. Yes they are disappointing but the season is a marathon not a sprint.

3. The defense has hit rock bottom. I'm pretty sure that when Alex Smith channels his inner Joe Montana on your beloved team that it really can't get any worse. Nuff said. The LB's are trash but they are always and always have been trash. Since Trotter, who has brought the axe (no pun intended) over the middle? Bradley had one good year. Otherwise nothing. And you can tell me that these corners and safeties can't play better? They have not lived up to their potential. The entire unit minus the d-line is under-performing. Yes that sucks to say, but the packers had similar problems last year. 4 games does not make a season. People step up. Units can gel under adversity. Let's see who shows up cause this is as good a gut check as you can get in the regular season.

4. Finally, if you we're expecting this team to go undefeated, you're a homer. This team has been disappointing, no doubt. But they are far from dead, and in a way probably more dangerous than ever. You know Vick understands the circumstances. "Over my dead body," is exactly what I want to hear from my quarterback right now. This team has veterans who know what's at stake and what it takes to win. The LB's have to play better. Same goes for the secondary, the o-line, and the wr's. Those 4 groups have been particularly disappointing. 

There are blatantly obvious holes on this team, but right now you could say that about a lot of teams. Let's see how these guys react right now. If we loose the next two and go into the bye 1-5, write them off. But right now, this team can right the ship. They have all the tools in the world to do so.

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