Happy Halloweeeenie!

I think you guys will get a kick out of my "Halloween Postgame" video :-) Would have been the best week in football if the VaGiants could have lost to the Dolphins like they were supposed to.


Eagles vs Dallas week 8 post game


Vampire's may suck blood, but Dallas just SUCKS, ah ah ah!


Yeee haww how bout them Cowboys! What did I tell ya! Eagles after the bye week is no Joke. A 34-7 win over Dallas Cowboys is just what Philly and their fans needed.


The Cowboys defense came into this game with the #1 ranked rushing defense in the NFL allowing just under 70 yards per game. Lesean Mccoy had a career high of 185 rushing yards and 2 scores in this game against this Dallas defense. Our offensive line looked really good and made those blocks to create those creases for Lesean to run. And how bout that interception by Nnamdi Asomugha, that's gotta sting a little bit for Jerry Jones! So if we can do this to the top ranked defense, we are in good shape.


The Philadelphia Eagles defense finally looked how we thought they were going to look early this season. I was really hoping for the Shutout, but hey I can't complain. EAGLES are back and with this win we are now 2nd place in the division, just under the New York Giants. If we stay on track and keep this momentum, we will be able to close the gap on New York since they have a really tough schedule ahead.


Once the game finished I was curious as to what Rob Ryan had to say about this "all hype team" now. It's great to see him eating his words, saying he never gave his guys a chance and the Eagles outplayed him on every level. If only every week could be this great!


I accepted a Dallas Cowboys bet this week from "EvilRubberDucky1" and the deal was loser has to buy the winner a hat. So looks like I'll be adding another hat to my collection! So on top of the fact a Cowboy fan will be sending me a gift, I have also been messaged by a few viewers who wanted to send me a gift as a token of their appreciation. I think that is so sweet, so I have put together a Wishlist for you guys to make it easy, you can go to my website and click on the wish list tab or just click on the direct link in the description below. I am so happy right now with my Eagles whooping Dallas and my viewers showing me so much love, and now I'm going to be getting some goodies in the mail! Love u all, and let's hope Eagles keep it consistent and tackle the Bears on Monday night!


I have a special video coming up this week, in celebration of this victory so stay tuned.  

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