Eat Crow and Shut Up.

Ive been very quiet the last week or so here on SBNation. The reason for that being that ive realized on blogs people can say pretty much whatever they want, whenever they want, and have no consequences if their wrong because "hey its the Internet and no one will continually call you out on being wrong. 

I hate that. I hate that a lot. I dont like that people can say things so absolutely stupid, get called out on it, then get proven wrong and disappear into the blog of their next opposing team. 

Heres some of these people, courtesy of BTB. 

***Editors Note*** I dont want to be like other fan bases and generalize an entire fan base because of 100+ people. Im sure there are a lot of well educated Cowboy fans who actually grew up in Dallas and have rooted for the cowboys their whole lives. This is not dedicated to them. 

Here are some comments from BTB last night. Enjoy....i did. 


No more moral victories. No more excuses

This week just win!


-Blue Eyed Devil

Remember this after the game...


this is the most nervous ive been for a game this year

hopefully im laughing and joking in a couple hours and not screaming and yelling…..



you will don't worry

The Eagles are exactly what their record says they are. They haven’t faced the opponents we have. We are battled tested.




I think some of you are familiar with thebigham and his work...? 



Die, Die, Eagles Die, Straight To Mediocrity!




Bu...Bu...But Eagles fans threw snowballls at Santa Claus! 



Cowboys score first and never look back







I think we’re gonna know real fast how this game will go. I don’t see a close one. One team pulls away early and never looks back.



How correct you are...


Game begins:


ok...not too much more of that please

-Loozeeana Cowboy

After the first 20+ yard slant to Maclin. 



Forgot how fast this offense is. Speed really does kill




Yes it does. 


Gonna be a shootout folks.


-Kevin L

No. Its not. 


Rob Ryan just got owned...





What the heck is happening to our defense?? Unbelievable!!




Reality is setting in Mary, its ok. 




If I watch anymore I’ll be so pissed I’ll never get to sleep tonight



After 2 drives(albeit dominating ones)? Come on guy...


relax fellas, they just need to stop that run!


Oh thats it!? Holy shit. So the secret to stopping the the run? 




we don't talk about that


Yeah there's no way they score six points on a night like this

-Omar Little

LMAO! Your right Omar, they'll score 7. Happy? 


I know some fans don't like to see Romo flinging it all over the place but that's what we're gonna need to outscore this team

We need him to be more than just a bus driver tonight



I for one, LOVE seeing Romo "flinging" it all over the place. In fact, if it was up to me, id want Romo to be the Cowboys QB for ever, and ever, and ever. 


we suck so bad


After the Nnamdi INT... 


Well maybe the bright side of this game will be that Bennett is cut.

…just like the bright side of 44-6 should have been that Wade Phillips was fired.


-Omar Little

This made me laugh. 


LoL this pathetic... Talked all that shit and you come out with this. I'm done.

-Victor W



I thought we had a good team

I really really thought that



You shouldve came to BGN, d-jackfan wouldve been more than happy to tell you how wrong you are. 


This could be a game if it weren't for Marty B


Uhhhhhhhhh. Yeahhhhh. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...


somehow we need a spark on offense!


A spark? There should be a 7-11 close to the linc right? Im sure they have some matches or lighters. 



No passes

thrown to Dez or Miles. 
WTH? How does this happen?



Three words. Nnamdi, Asante, DRC. 


Man, it is so tough being a bandwagon fan for this team!

As we all sit through this shellacking.


-Wayward Irish

Holy shit. This might be the first time in the HISTORY of SBNation that a band wagoner and referred to himself as a band wagoner. All they needed was a good spanking with everyone watching. 



i've never hated seeing a cowboy

on the field….but i do with brooking…




Hey Eagle fans and cowboy fans have something in common. Except we hate everyone that wears cowboy colors on the field. Brooking more though. 


For fun id like to throw in some comments from BBV and there SNF thread. See you sunday night in 3 weeks giants fans.....


Giants fans: 

well revis has an island

What about Corey’s Web?



Did i say they were cocky?

i really dont want the eagles to gain momentum with a win

Don't be scared homey

We can hang with Philly





It doesn't really matter either way.

The Giants will have to play the Cowboys and The Eagles.

They have their fate in their own hands.



Yeah. You also have to play: @ New England, @ San Fran, Philly at home, @ New Orleans, Green Bay at home, @ Jets. Plus Dallas (2) if that means anything after last night. So yeah, good luck with that "fate in your hands" thing. 


Is Dez Bryant still alive?


Ask Nnamdi. 


Assante Samuel is so overrated....

1/2 an inch saved him on that play.



Ive heard a lot of hate blasted Asantes way from a lot of different fanbases. But Giants fans have NOTHING to stand on bashing Asante. Hes been Elis 2nd favorite target his whole career, behind Steve Smith...ayoooooooooo


If Dallas were to take a cheap shot on D-Jax...

I don’t think I’d cry a single tear.



Save your tears for SNF 3 weeks from now. 


With McBriar hurt...

who sees Matt Dodge in a Cowboys uniform next week?



LMAO! Thats funny. 



Phily Trash Fans

They and their stupid team are so full of themselves funny thing is that they really have nothing to cheer about!



-Joel Filomeno

Nothing to cheer about Joel? You guys are so stoked after beating Miami at home by 3, we cant be stoked that we beat dallas at home by 30? 

Nice name by the way...



Ok guys. Im done. I gotta get to work, hope you enjoyed. I did. 

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