Eagles vs Cowboys.

The game was amazing, the Eagles seemed to have put it all together both on offense and defense (aside from that 1 miscue *cough Coleman cough*... Let's take a closer look at what the Eagles actually did in this game.

Our Rushing O vs their Run D:


Coming into the game the Cowboys were hailed as gods on defense because of Rob Ryans scheme. They only allowed 68.9 rushing yards a game, they were the top ranked Rushing defense at this time. 60 minutes later their rushing defense looked like shit, they couldn't stop McCoy, they couldn't stop Vick, hell I don't think they could've stopped me from picking up a 100+ yards and a TD.. I'm not going to be quick to hail us that good running the ball because of the fact that prior to this game they faced the Jets, 49ers, Redskins, Lions, Patriots and Rams.

Now you may take a look at those 6 teams and say "the Jets, 49ers and Rams are good running teams" but this isn't the case. The Jet's haven't been able to run the ball since that 1st week, Frank Gore wasn't healthy when facing Dallas, and Steven Jackson hasn't been completely healthy til this week. The Running D of the Cowboys was inflated because of this reason, not to mention the Lions and Pats don't run the ball much. I will give props to the Cowboys for the Redskins game because they can run the ball when they commit to it.

But, you also have to look at the Eagles Run game and admit that the fact we destroyed the Cowboys on the ground was a combination of Dallas just not being that good and the Eagles being very good. McCoy's been on pace for a 1,500 yard campaign, Vick's always chipping in a good 50 yards a game. So we finally see what happens when the Cowboys face a good to great running team, and it's safe to say we're one of the best.


Passing O vs Dallas Pass D.

When you look at Dallas' schedule and see who they have faced you'll see they've only gone against 2 elite passing teams, Us and the Patriots. They gave up a lot of yardage and more than a few TD's in those games. The Cowboys simply don't match up well with people in coverage which is why they live or die by sacks. The Eagles put up 280 yards through the air and spread the ball around to 6 different players without allowing the Dallas secondary to get a pick. These are very respectable numbers, and with our running game rolling how it was I'm perfectly fine with it.


Cowboys Offense:

The Eagles D manhandled the Cowboys offense from the beginning. Aside from the 70 yard TD they had we completely shut them down, took the lead and forced them to throw the ball which played into our strengths. The Cowboys only put up 203 passing yards with 1 TD and 85 yards on the ground. Now this one excites me because the Cowboys are normally a good offense and even after this game are 7th in yards per game.


Eagles Defense:

I chalk up this one up as the Eagles defense just being that good and justified I shall be. Our LB's hit the holes with authority, they tackled very well and the Defensive Line generated enough pressure with their front 4 where we could just play man to man the whole game. Oh and our secondary was amazing. I'm not ready to anoint our Defense great or even good yet, but I will argue til my fingers are blue that they're a solid unit with the potential to be spectacular. 

Don't look now but the Eagles rank 11th in total yards per game, 10th in Passing D, and 18th in Rushing D. They're 6th in sacks, 10th in INT's and have been doing work.

Also Jason Who??? Yeah that's right, Witten pretty much got shut down this game, we only allowed him to catch 4 balls for 28 yards, it's amazing what can happen when a TE doesn't burn you.


Eagles Players of the game:


  1. Brent Celek- Finally this guy comes through for us. He had 7 rec for 94 yards and a TD and caught everything thrown his way and made some very good runs after the catch. The Eagles are finally using him the right way.
  2. LeSean McCoy- 30 carries for 185 yards and 2 TD's. This man is simply magical. He's on pace for 1723.4 yards and 18 TD's on the ground with another 315.4 yards and 5 TD's receiving.
  3. Jamar Chaney- He was very stout in the Middle and made some great plays in coverage, if he plays like he did today then I'm happy.
  4. Jason Babin- 2 more sacks bring his total to 9 for the year. He's clearly helped out by Cole who draws the double team almost every play.
  5. Jason Peters- Like him or not he's the best LT in the NFL. The guys simply amazing to watch.

Please feel free to comment, argue, whatever below. Let me know what you think.


Oh and Castillo. You're the man right now.

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