Thoughts on the game and Eagles as a whole.

1-3... That's the reality of this situation. I don't like it, you don't like it (Shut up BBI) and it's going to get better.

Here are my thoughts on the game after the jumpy thing.


The Good....

Jason Peters- Dude is legit, he's clearly our best OLman and he really had a good game. Hopefully he's alright following his injury we need him.

Jackson, Maclin and Avant- They stepped up today, aside from Maclins fumble of coarse. They really got the job done especially Djax, he was 6in away from busting that long catch he had and Maclin was open all day and Avant made some clutch catches.

Clay Harbor- It's time to get this kid more involved, I knew he was athletic but I didn't realize he was that fast. I'm a huge Celek guy, but he better be watching his back because speed seems to reign supreme here in Philly.

Kelce- Kelce had another good game. There were some issues, but there will be more on that when I talk about Vick.


The Bad:

Watkins time- DeVan had a piss poor game. He got blown up on the Retard-Ronnie Romo impression and just looked terrible today. I don't know what happened, he was actually playing solid-good football up until today and he just shit the bed. I've been thinking it's time to make the switch to Watkins this whole week and after seeing DeVan play against the 49ers I'm positive this move must and will be made very soon.... I'd rather a guy go in there and play bad because he's learning than a guy who's suppose to know the system better than all the other OLmen on the team turn in a similar performance.

Ronnie Brown- Somebody needs to break it to Ronnie that when he is falling down with 3 guys on top of him that the wrong thing to do is the just decide to throw the ball away... Ronnie, you're not a fucking QB, you're not paid to throw the football, we got a guys we pay 100M to do that so that we don't have to rely on your stupid ass to do so. I'll pay his airfare to wherever he wants to go if he just hangs his cleats up tomorrow, Dion needs to be the backup and we need to dust of Buckley's uniform.

Inconsistency- We have to sustain drives. We can't keep getting false start penalties and holding penalties on 3rd and short, we can't keep having good plays called back for stupid shit. Vick also needs to start taking care of the ball better and Maclin you need to cover the damn ball when the games on the line.



The Good. 

Babin- I was wrong about him having only 5 sacks this season. I'm thinking 15 is gonna happen if he stays healthy.

Rolle- Eh, I was surprised he played that well. He wasn't great but he didn't make any dumb mistakes and he did his job. He was solid and that's all we can ask for at this point.

DRC- I like how well he's been playing. The guys saved like 3-4 TD's this season with his speed. Against the 49ers I feel like he was the best CB on the field.

Nate and Page- Good. Finally some life from our Safety's. Not great, not bad, but a good solid game from the both of them. Page made some good tackles, a few for a loss if I remember correctly and one where he hit Hunter and caused an incompletion, he also had a few good plays in coverage. Nate, his stats don't tell the full story, he had some good hits and solid tackles when we needed them and he was good in space, he needs to improve but hell it was 10x better than what we've gotten so far this season.

The bad...

Why is Nnamdi playing zone and safety? Why the best press man CB in the NFL is playing zone is just mindraping me right now. We pretty much have the CB's to match up with WR's and take them out of games so why don't we just let them do so? It makes no f'n sense!

Run Stopping- It's awful right now, it got better and looked decent for 3 quarters then we just pissed our pants.


The Team:

It's time this team finally gets something done. Changes need to be made, Vick needs to get rid of the ball quicker and play smarter. I think all in all the Eagles played better than they have the last 2 weeks and blew another late game lead, we'll tighten up and get it done.



He set records for himself today, he did get rid of the ball quicker sometimes, he ran when he needed to and he avoided unnecessary hits when he scrambled. And more importantly he was more accurate than he has been and his throws much cleaner.

The bad. I've been watching some of the plays this season where he's getting hit. He's not making the line calls he needs when the D shows blitz, that's on him. For example, Bowman walked up right between Mathis and Kelce in the A gap, when that happened he should have called for a slide change because the OLmen all went about the calls they made and did so well but when Bowman walked up one of 2 things should have happened, (1) He needed to point it out to Kelce and let him adjust the calls but instead Vick just snapped it or (2) He needed to let the RB know that Bowman was his guy instead of the RB helping out on the end man on the right. This is where Vick's messing up, because calls like that are on him.


Final Notes:

The Eagles D needs to step up. We have signs of life from our Safety's and LB's we just need to sustain that for 4 quarters and we'll be fine. Our O must keep drives alive and cut the stupid Penalties... Oh and Henery, Kickers are a dime a dozen, you better be happy we drafted you so highly or you surely would've gotten the pink slip right after the game.

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