Eagles Matchup this weekend, and tailgating



This is my first FanPost here; I've done a few FanShots, but I finally figure it is time to move here. Nothing too important, but a few points to think about.

This weekend the hated Dallas Cowboys come to town; sporting a refined 3-4 defense full of bullies, and some offensive toys that seem to be working well right now, we certainly face a test.  We face a team that is 10th in points (at almost 25 per game), and 6th in yards (nearly 416) per game. Our defense will be put to the test, as we are currently ranked 21st in total points per game (nearly 25) and 13th in yards per game (341) or so. As always, turnovers will be key; if we can stay on the plus side this game, we have a great opportunity to pull out a victory.


Our offense will move the ball- Dallas is giving up an average of 300 yards per game, but we come in averaging almost 442. Something has to give, and I think we move the ball pretty well against this team. The biggest concern I have is when we get near the 20 yard line; we seem to freeze, or try to hard (missed assignments, incorrect reads) and we come away with 3 instead of 7. It is important (as every game is) that we come away with touchdowns. Red zone offense needs to function well, and if we can hold their red zone offense to even 2 field goals instead of touchdowns, I think this will turn out to be a 10 point victory.


A few things to think about......


1. How will Asante play, after everything that happened this week? I can see him getting burned deep once, but I also think he will have a pick. He is playing for his future, and for a team to trade for a 30yr old corner (with a massive contract), they will need to see that he still has something left.

2. What will our offense do to start the game? We get Peters back, but how will the O-line look? Who starts, and where? A deep pass to DJax seems to be a great way to begin, even if it is not successful. Remember, the last time they played, Jackson went 4 for 210 yards. Think the Cowboys remember that game?

3. Will Vick stay upright? I think our line will do a decent job protecting him, but its not the sacks that scare me; its the hits as he is throwing the ball. Give him time, things will work out.

4. Finally, anyone else going to the game? I'll be in section 114, and we tailgate just outside the main steps going into the Linc- would be great to meet up with any other BGNers down there and talk some football.


I look forward to this weekend, and I honestly think we will pull out the victory. I'm going Eagles 31, Cowboys 21.

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