Mock offseason....

First here we all go we fire Andy Reid after finshing 6-10 and recieve 10th overall pick. Are D was alright and shoed flashes that they are talented but we need the right coach to put it all together. Are play calling was horrible so we move are OC out the door and start the offseason by bringing in Chip Kelley Orgeons head coach wants to get involved in the NFL and decides to join us. We get a good offensive minded coach that knows how to utilize speed. We take care of the head coaching position by hiring Winston Moss. Yes he is a linbackers coach but look what he did with Clay Matthews maybe he can do the same with Caey? Are final position takes awhile in the offseason and come out with Jeff Fisher. He understands the wide 9 and sees an oppertunity to coach the #1 defense and takes it. 

ReSingings/Cuts/let go

Sorry to say but we cut DT Mike Patterson- He has been horrible in the run and we need to step in and get a new DT this draft.

Vince Young- I dont even have to say anthing, first he starts with the dream team shit then throws a pick the first play he was in.

Ronnie Brown- Almost traded so i dont see him back.

Owen Schmitt- Great Blocker resigned- 3 yrs

Steve Smith- i see him back one more year to see what he can do - 1 yr

Kyle DeVan- Benched i dont see him back if he is its for depth but i say not resigned.

King Dunlap- Do i really got to say anything

Jaqua Parker- -.- i dont see him back not resigned.

Victor amarmiri who?- ya high expectations out of Notre Dame but always hurt not brought back.

Trevor Laws- good on passing downs but this team needs a true DT not brought back.

Jarrad Page- with jarrett waiting in the wings and with Page missing tackles stamps his ticket on the way out.

DeSean Jackson- Tag and Trade to Jacksonville for #1 draft pick 14th overall.

Free Agency/ Trades

Detroit Lions finally get there guy in Aasnte Samuel and they trade LB Stephen Tulloch (they did a tag and traded) We resign Tulloch to a 3yr deal.

AJ Feeley is signed as are back up to 1yr. did a decent job while Bradford was out.

Dwayne Bowe isnt wanted in KC and leaves in free agency and is sucked up by Philadelphia. Why because are QB.

with the departure of Ronnie Brown we sign Tim Hightower for 1yr.


with the 10th overall pick the Eagles will select LB Vontaze Burfict. He is the best linebacker coming out fits in are scheme and with Winston Moss he will mature into a good LB.

with the 14th overall pick Alameda Ta'amu, DT, Washington with cutting Patterson, DT became a need and with Alameda on the board we grap him.

With are 37th (2rd A) overall pick we select OT Andrew Datko he is very raw but can work in to are starting line threw the season and can be are RT for years to come.

With the 2nd round B we select S T.J McDonald USC, he has the talent to be a really good saftey and with Allen having a slow season we draft him with a good insurance.

With the 3rd A we select TE Dwayne Allen Clemson.

with the 3rd B we select LaMichael James RB Oregon, I know im going to get shit for this but it is possible and if he is there it is a great pick.

With the 4th A we select  WR/ return man Kendall Wright Baylor, Gives us a deep threat and a return man with the departure of DeSean.

With the 4th B we select Kevin Reddick ILB NC this is just for depth with Burflict and Tulloch in are depth he is stuck behind them for rotating.

With the 5th A we select CB Cameron Chism Maryland a good slot corner and will have to learn behind NA and DRC.

With the 5th B we select G Nate Potter Bosie State this is also for depth but could push Watkins for a starting spot if Watkins finishs slow.

With the 7th pick we select QB Kellen Moore Bosie State we bring him in to battle with Kafka.

Depth Chart

QB: Vick/Feeley/Kafka



WR: Bowe/Maclin/Smith/Avant/Cooper

TE: Celek/Allen/Harbor

OT: Peters/Justice/Datko/Howard

OG: Herremans/Watkins/Mathis/Potter

C: Kelce/Jackson

DE: Cole/Babin/Tapp/Graham

DT: Jenkins/Ta'uma/Dixon/Landri

MIKE: Burflict/Matthews



CB: ASO/DRC/Hanson/Marsh/Chrism

FS:Allen/ Mcdonald



P: Henry

LS: Dorenbos

KR: Wright

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