Who is The Best WR

Ok this is my 1st article so please be nice lol.


All this talk about who is the best WR in the game so I guess I should post something. The WR position has evolved over the years. There are so many different types of WR that statics show that most teams line up in the 3 WR set to get the most production out of the skillsets of these players.  If we had to give the WR position a sub-breakdown based on skillsets it would probably go as follow; The Tall/Big WR, The possession WR, The Speed burner/explosive WR & The Complete WR who has at least 2 characteristics of the above skillsets. The typical or ideal 3 WR set contains 1 big WR, 1 WR who is a burner, and 1 who is a possession WR.

                One of the best WR cores of recent years actually belonged to the Steelers of the earlier 2000s when they lined up with Burress, Ward, & Randle-EL.  They never put up big scoring numbers like the “Greatest Show on Turf” due to the fact that they were a power running team but they ran a lot of running plays out of this set as the opposing defenses had to many things to worry about. Note this is how Ward became known as one of the best blocking WRs.  But that’s neither here or there. We are currently talking about a WR ranking system so here is my list for WR rankings based upon the characteristics I listed earlier.

1.       Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald

·         They all have very similar game even though Fitz may give up some speed to the others but all around these 3 do it all these 3 are the best complete WR in the game. You can line them up anywhere & they will be effective.

2.       Greg Jennings, Steve Smith

·         Jennings gets overshadowed a lot because he’s not that flashy, but checkout his stats this guy is equally consistent & given the rise of the Packers he will be soon be in the talks of the most elite WRs like the above 3.

·         Even though Smith is at the tail-end of his career & he is coming off of an injury, he still deserves to be this high. Let’s not forget a couple of years back when he was the Panthers entire offense

3.       DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace

·         The old saying that speed kills says a lot most teams plan their entire defense to find ways of not letting these 2 get the ball down the field or in open space because if that happens your defense might as well start walking to the sideline.  They are the two most explosive WR in the game, High Risk High Reward.

4.       AnQuan Boldin, Miles Austin, Roddy White, Vincent Jackson , Brandon Marshall               

·         These 5 are big & not quite speed burners but they are all ideal possession type WRs. The thing that kills these 5 is the inconsistency of their QBs or the defensive schemes of their opponents as there have been games when they came dressed to play but they didn’t show up.  On a personal I truly believe that Q is the most underrated WR in the game today.

5.       Wes Welker, Jason Avant

·         I don’t think anyone will argue that these 2 are probably the best 2 slot WR currently playing. They find ways to get yards and make amazing catches.

6.       Dwayne BoweHakeem Nicks, Jeremy Maclin

·         These 3 are very inconsistent but if they are having a good day they can be equally dangerous as any other WR.

7.       Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, Marques Colston

·         I have Wayne & Garcon ranked so low because of their QB. Not to take anything away from their game but I am sorry but Peyton Manning can make any WR a star.

·         The same can be said for Colston as Brees favorite WR is the open one but he does get a few more targets than the other WRs in the bunch.

8.       Stevie Johnson, A.J. Green

·         These guys are still a little new but they are proving that they both are a serious threat in the passing game.

9.       Santonio Holmes, Percy Harvin, Santana Moss  

·         Holmes  is a good WR but I think his game is equally effected by the play of Sanchez. Sanchez’s hot & cold play have hinder his numbers.

·         Harvin & Moss are good WRs but sorry to say the QB situation sucks for them.

10.   Dez Bryant, Michael Crabtree

·     There are probably a lot of players who fit this bill it just happens that these were the 1st 2 who come 2 mind. When they show up and want to play they are both great, when they don’t show up well they are just occupying space.

Feel free to comment and let me know what you guys think.

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