Dear Media, and Everyone Else I Hate Right Now


Dear Media,

This to pretty much addressed to every single sports show or website, as I have yet to see one that it doesn't apply to: YOU CAN STOP USING "DREAM TEAM" PHRASE. We aren't, nor were ever, the Dream Team. The only Dream Team is the one that won previous Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the only person who didn't realize this was our backup quarterback, and the media has used it against us ever since.

We, Eagles fans, have known the entire time we're not the "Dream Team." The second he said it, I cringed, knowing that we didn't deserve the title yet. I haven't heard one Eagle fan say that they like the name. You don't have to put it on every single headline regarding the Eagles like every Eagles fan has went out and declared ourselves as such.

You're not clever anymore by saying it, nor is it clever to somehow work "nightmare" into the headline after a loss. It's been 4 weeks of football and I have seen both of those used a couple thousand times.


Really F***ing clever, Dan Graziano. You said "Dream Team" and used word play that involved a dream, nightmare or waking up. I've never heard that one before.

Yes, it's true that a member of the Eagles team said that we're a dream team. However, in what seems to be your mission to make it seem like every Eagle fan and player on the planet called us the Dream Team, you might want to mention that the only person who said it was our backup quarterback. You could also throw in that countless players, such as Jeremy Maclin and Cullen Jenkins have denied the Dream Team label. Pretty much everyone besides Vince Young who commented on the name said it does not belong to the Eagles.

I can't count how many times someone has brought up "dream team" in person; people act like it was me who went out and declared ourself the dream team before even playing a game. Although, this is to be expected, as ESPN and other media have used the phrase so much that I can't blame people for thinking every single Eagle fan spends their afternoons parading around streets on a "dream team" float.

I've never seen 2 words that were uttered by such a meaningless player be blown so far out of proportion.

Media, I have a question for you:

How Come every year, when Rex Ryan Guarantees a Super Bowl victory, it gets the headlines for a couple days before disappearing? How come you don't use it to haunt every Jets fan every time the Jets lose a game? How come you don't try to make it seem like every Jets fan has personally guaranteed the Super bowl? Does the media realize that the Jets' head coach is saying this, not their backup QB, and vice versa for the Eagles?

How come the media neglects the fact that the rest of what Young said contradicts the way have attached "dream team" to the Eagles:

Whatever they ask me to do, to be scout team quarterback or quarterback learning, do whatever it is. I just want to be here to help and be a part of a team. I'm just happy to be a part of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Is it because "The dream team with the quarterback who's willing to be a team player" isn't as catchy, or is the media just out to make it seem like the Eagles are the cockiest team in football? It seems to be a mix of both. The second of the Nnamdi signing, it seems to me that ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and any other media outlet has been looking for every way to make it seem like the entire Eagles franchise and their fans think they're better than any other team that has ever existed.

The truth, however, is that any sane Eagles fan would have told you the entire time that we are not the dream team. It was said best by those, some within the Eagles organization (that ESPN didn't bother mentioning), that the only dream team was the Packers. Even before the season started and we realized that we suck, most fans would have said that the Packers were the team to beat and not the Eagles.

In conclusion, I'd just like to say,

Dear Media, I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. Any time you'd like to stop shoving the "dream team" shit down our throats would be much appreciated.

P.S. Dear Vince Young,

I hate you, too. Alot. For bring this torture upon us. When you look at the entire interview, it is clear that you meant it more as a " it's a dream situation for me and I'll work hard for the team" more than a "we're better than every other team." I blame most of this on the media for blowing it out of proportion. That said, I still hate you. It may not have been what you meant, but you said it.  Could you not have thought things through a little more before you said it? What did you think would happen? The sports media was looking for someone to use against us, and you fed it right to them.Next time, wait until you're more than a hurt backup QB and you've actually done something for the Eagles before screwing over their fan base.

P.S.S. Dear Referees, 

I hate you. Especially the refs who called the unsportsmanlike conduct on DeSean when he fell into the endzone backwards. And I hate everyone who thinks that him having fun when he plays is a problem and that he's a punk. Marshawn Lynch fell into the endzone backwards on his beast mode run and did a SOMERSAULT today and no-one looked twice nor threw a flag. Why does DeSean get hit with the criticism and flags and others dont?

I guess there's no problem with this? Also, to me, the refs are the reason the giants won today (see: Dear Giants,)

P.S.S.S. Dear Juan Castillo,

I hate you. I know it's been said alot so I'll put it at the bottom but I have to get it out. Why are you even our defensive coordinator? I even liked the move back when it happened, I can't stand you now. I'm sick of our defense getting shit on. How long will it take before you realize Nnamdi Asomugha is one of the best press coverage CB's in the league? Why don't you use him as such?? It's like getting a Geno's cheesesteak and eating only the bread. Or getting an amusement park for free and playing hopscotch in the parking lot. Or having one of the best running backs in the league and giving him the ball 9 times (I'm looking at you, Andy). If Juan hasn't realized by now that he's mis-using Nnamdi, it's time for him to go.

P.S.S.S.S. Dear Andy Reid,

I kind of hate you. Not as much as some people, but I'm starting to turn on you as well. It was always frustrating that the Eagles had certain tendencies under your coaching tenure. It has been rare that we fully live up to our expectations, we have an abnormal amount of extremely disappointing losses against teams that we shouldn't lose to, and your repetitive play calling and terrible clock managing never ends.  I was always willing to overlook this, since you almost always take us to the playoffs. You're starting to make me second-guess that you even had anything to do with this. I'll admit, you have helped put together some talented teams. However, I now am starting to think it was the talent itself that brought us success, not your coaching. I appreciate the way you bring in talent, but if you can't handle and coach the talent, than we have a problem. Until you figure out that you need to change some of the ways you coach, I'll continue to loathe the way you run this team.

It seems like with everything you have done, you've done something very productive and than slightly messed it up with something worse. For example, you found us great offensive/defensive line coaches in Mudd and Washburn. I loved the move. Than you had to go make our former offensive line coach our defensive coordinator (I didn't mind at the time because I thought he'd be alright but now it'd clear he has no idea what to do as a defensive coordinator). You revive a superstar talent in Vick and than go ruin it with awful play strategy- send all of your receivers deep and leave Vick back there to be slaughtered behind a line that can't stop anyone. It's a clear problem that Vick gets hurt often because he isn't releasing the ball fast enough. Maybe Reid should have realized to focus more on intermediate routes than send Desean 40 yards down the field in the offchance Vick actually gets more than 2 seconds to throw the ball.

P.S.S.S.S.S. Dear Giants,

I hate you. I'm not going to get into the call at the end of the game. You guys go check it out if you haven't seen it. I believe it's one of the worst calls I've ever seen. Nothing I've ever seen/heard has told me that you can dive headfirst, not be touched, flat out drop the ball and have it ruled as giving yourself up. The next play the Giants took the lead. I really don't believe the Giants should have won that game. It already seems that the Eagles will need some breaks to get back into the playoff race and the fucking refs (see: Dear referees) blew the call.

P.S.S.S.S.S.S. Dear Mike Vick, LeSean Mccoy, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jim Washburn and our defensive line,

Don't worry, I still love you.

So my rant is officially over. As you can tell, I hate the media and the way it took the one little phrase and threw it right back at us as if we put up a sign outside of The Linc that said, "Where the Dream Team plays." I am so sick of seeing those two words, I really couldn't take it anymore and had to get it out. That led to me just basically ranting about everything that pissed me off today. It turned out to be alot longer than I expected.

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