Theme of Week 6: Turnovers

Rex Grossman drops back, throws, INTERCEPTED by Kurt Coleman! Grossman drops back again, rolls to his left, throws, INTERCEPTED AGAIN by Kurt Coleman!

Michael Vick drops back, steps up, throws, batted down by Orakpo. Michael Vick drops back, rolls out, throws, batted up AGAIN and incomplete.

One of these two situations was something the Eagles desperately needed. The other, makes the fans want to grab something and toss it at the TV.

The Philadelphia Eagles finally got win number 2 of the season by beating the Washington Redskins on the road last Sunday. Not only did the game show some improvements in the team, but it was a road game in NFC East territory in which the Eagles go into their bye week with a big victory.

Preparing to watch this game, I oddly had more confidence about the Eagles than I did when they played Buffalo. I'm not sure why, but I did. Maybe it was the articles I had read on the Eagles websites about Jason Avant and Coleman. Maybe it was constant stream of confident words spewing out of the team's mouth. Like I said, I don't know, but what matters is that the confidence was rewarded with an effort that we need to see more of from our birds.

So now we go from needing defensive issues fixed, to needing one simple offensive issue fixed: Red Zone.

The Eagles were 2 of 5 for red zone touchdowns chances. Let's think about that for a second. 5 red zone chances. If the Eagles score at least 4 of them, this game is much more of a blowout than it seemed. Even if the Eagles still don't score in the second half, the other 2 red zone chances (which were inside the 10 I believe) they had in the first half would have been plenty to put the game away. Going into halftime with a 28-3 lead, with the run defense vastly improved and the offense on fire? That would've been enough for them to come out into the second half and probably get one more game-ending touchdown.

The point remains, that the Eagles obviously need the offense to do more than just get yardage. The players clearly know that, but the coaches still don't seem to get it. McCoy finally got his number called inside the 10. Guess what? He scored. Now that he did, you can't just hand it to him every chance you get and expect it to work. Hand it off to him, if it fails, try your tight end who scored earlier. If THAT doesn't work, try a quarterback sneak. You only have Michael Vick behind center. The plays seem to fall apart inside the 20. I don't know whether that's because the players aren't executing, or because the coaches just aren't dedicated to the play call, which in turns gets the players confused as to what they should do. Regardless, if the Eagles can convert at least half of their red zone trips into touchdowns, things will look up. Especially if that defense keeps on working hard.

And for those wondering about the theme. It's obviously for the interceptions the Eagles got, and the...wait for it....TURNOVER our red zone offense needs to make for themselves. Apologies for not being the most creative/expressive for this entry. It's the Eagles fan in me coming out and wanting to rant and analyze a win, instead of just taking it as it is.

Looks like I need the bye week as badly as the birds.

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