Who Could Be Potentially Dealt Before The NFL Trade Deadline?

[Note by JasonB, 10/17/11 3:34 PM EDT ] Oh yes, a Wild Eagle post has been front page'd

Alright, we're on our bye week and coming off a win it'll be a pretty good one. So instead of talking about Sundays game or the upcoming game against the Cowboys I'd like to write something up on some Eagles players I can see getting traded and some guys I can see being available from other teams..

(Note, the "players I can see being available from other teams" doesn't mean I want them on the Eagles)

Eagles Players who could potentially be available:

Ronnie Brown- Brown was overtake by Lewis after his major mistake a few weeks back, I honestly feel like the Coaches took the blame for Ronnie's attempt at a pass but at this point it won't change the fact it happened. Brown is 3rd on our depth chart and I know he wouldn't bring a ton of interest but for a 7th round pick or maybe a solid special teams player could be had for him.

Teams who could be interested: Lions, Green Bay, Arizona.


Vince Young- I realize that we just signed VY, and I realize that he's very talented. But pretty much between him and Kafka if Vick were to go down I think it'd be a "pick your poison" scenario so why not get something for Young? He's very talented, he's able to cover for an OL's deficiencies and he's got a big arm. If he can keep his head right then he'll do just fine. I'm thinking a 4th or 5th rounder could get VY.

Teams who could be interested: Miami, Colts, Raiders, Redskins, Seahawks.


Winston Justice- Yes he's had 1 game, yes he looked good in that 1 game. But with Justice you have to look at the whole body of work, he's been a solid OT for years and could really provide a decent starter for a team in need of an OT. Justice could probably be had for a mid to late round pick.

Teams who could be interested: Steelers, Raiders, Bears, Green Bay, Vikings, Cardinals, Seahawks.


Jaqua Parker- Parker has played pretty well when available and called upon, I honestly feel like he's the misfit in this system but he's still producing. He could go to a team with average DE's and easily improve their DL and provide some pop, leadership and attitude. While he wouldn't be an elite DE he would certainly be a good one and I think an asking price for him would be somewhere around the 4th round.

Teams who could be interested: Patriots, Jaguars, Titans, Bronco's, Lions, Panthers.


Asante Samuel- Asante's one of the best at his position, he's a very good player. He's a boom or bust type of guys and while that's risky he's exactly what a few teams need. If I were the Eagles I'd be looking for a 2nd rounder (starting) or a good Linebacker + late round pick.

Teams who could be interested: Miami, Patriots, Ravens, Bungles, Jaguars, Chiefs, Raiders, Bears, Lions, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Seahawks, 49ers.


Joselio Hanson- As you can tell many teams could use a solid CB. Hanson is awful on the outside but could really help some teams while covering the slot guy. Hanson would bring no more than a 6th rounder from the right team.

Teams who could be interested: Miami, Patriots, Ravens, Raiders, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Cardinals.


Players who I can see being available:

Brandon Lloyd- Lloyd lead the NFL in receiving yards a year ago, he was a probowler in 2010.. But with the emergence of Decker and the Bronco's shift to a more run based team it's pretty obvious that the WR in a contract year would likely be dealt. Now it's just a matter of who's willing to make the trade and the price. I think the price will be around a 3rd rounder and maybe a player.

Teams I can see in play: Bills, Dolphins, Patriots, Browns, Texans, Jaguars, Titans, Raiders, Redskins, Giants, Vikings, Panthers, Tampa Bay, Rams, 49ers, Seahawks. (EDIT!- soon after finishing this and rereading I found out that the Rams have likley reached an agreement with the Bronco's for Lloyd, I don't have any details at this time to provide but I'm sure there will be 20 fanpost and 2 fanshots about it)


Dallas Clark- I know this is going to bring about a huge fight. But you have to look at the facts, he's not happy about not getting targets, he's not happy about losing, he's not happy about having to stay and block every play. Add to this that he's 32 years old and has Eldridge and Tamme who are both very capable players behind him and you see how a deal could be made for the right price. I'd say that Clark could easily pull in a 3rd rounder plus a late round pick.

Teams I can see in play: Dolphins, Ravens, Giants, Eagles, Bears, Rams, Seahawks.


Ben Tate- Ben had a very strong start to the year in place of Foster. He showed enough to prove he's a solid starter and a good complimentary back. However with Foster they don't really need a guy who can spell him to much and with Ward being a solid option for change of pace I don't see why the Texans wouldn't at least try and shop Tate for a 4th rounder and see what they can get.

Teams I can see in play: Dolphins, Patriots, Browns, Chiefs, Cowboys, Cardinals, Seahawks.


Chris Harris- Harris is not happy with the Bears and the Bears are not happy with Harris. I personally think that Harris could go somewhere and help a team, he wouldn't be some superstar but he'd be a solid contributer and would likely start after catching up on the playbook.

Teams I can see in play: Bungles, Chiefs, Raiders, Cowboys, Redskins, Lions, Vikings, Panthers, Rams, Seahawks.

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