My Email to Evan Mathis

So you're probably getting tired of these, but I'm going to disregard your feelings because I think this one is cool.  Some might say that's a tad egocentric, and if I were not posting this I would probably agree.  But because I am posting this, you're absolutely wrong.  Anyways, my email asks Evan some very important questions, as well as some that will help you delve into the mind of an NFL player.  The following is my email to Evan Mathis.

Hello Mr. Mathis,

Before I get into the text of this email, I think it only fair that I inform you that I would like to post your response on the fantastic Eagles football blog,, if that's okay with you. If you're interested you should check out some of our work – may I suggest this particularly in-depth analysis: Feel free to make an account, we'd love to have a player comment every once in a while.
If you're still reading at this point then good for you, you're a real champ. I've got some serious questions for you now... I read somewhere that you've been ranked as the second best LG in the league thus far this year. Does this surprise you, and do you feel you're underrated by your fellow players and fans?
Why did you choose to sign with the Eagles this off-season?
Has Jon Dorenbos tried to convince you to join his magic act? If not, do you plan to ask him why he has slighted you?
If you were an animal, what vegetable would you be?
Would you rather be trapped under a car, or Kyle DeVan's calves?
Thanks for your time, and you're a good sport. While some of these questions were made in jest, I'm sure that you'll answer them with utmost sincerity. Good luck to you this season, and I look forward to seeing the Eagles go 12-4.
Regards, Jacob   

Following the jump is the response of Evan Mathis, a seriously deranged individual.




Post whatever you wish. And the Osi Photoshops are absolutely hilarious. The rating that you're talking about came from  They also rated me well when I was in Cincinnati in 2009.  For whatever reason, I didn't see the field much in 2010.  When that happened, it was easy for me to be written off as a no good backup but I knew that whenever I was on the field, I produced.  The more I get to play the better I will become and the more people will take notice.  It's nothing that I need people to notice because as long as my teammates, my coaches and I know that I'm doing my job, I'm content.  

I chose the Eagles because of how well their organization is run, how much support the have from their fan base, and how much they consistently win. Also with a new OL coach in Howard Mudd I knew that everybody would have a clean slate in training camp.

Dorenbos' magic act is amazing. I joined the act but after he made me disappear I had to consider the consequences of leaving this dimension for random periods of time.

If I was an animal what vegetable would I be? Are you just trying to make sure I'm paying attention? Honey Badger don't give a shit.

I'd rather be stuck under a car that Kyle DeVan's calves were driving.

Thanks for the continued support, especially when times are tough like they are now.  We're busting our asses to get this thing turned around.
Keep bleeding green! Be well,

Evan Mathis



In all seriousness, Mathis seems like a great guy.  I think we can all agree that it's pretty cool when players reach out to the fans.  And the fact that he tolerated these ridiculous questions is great.  Hope everyone enjoyed this!

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