An E-mail Chat with Evan Mathis

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Greetings, BGN.

Let me preface this message with the following:

I noticed that there was some drama going on this week involving the "Fire Reid" (paraphrased) sign that a couple Eagles fans made and decided to hang out across the street from the NovaCare Complex. I'm not sure exactly what happened regarding the situation with this sign, but from listening to WIP and The Fanatic, they both said something about Jason Kelce and Evan Mathis tearing the sign down.

Let's set the record straight: I, like all of you, are not happy with the Eagles start to this season. I'm not happy with Andy Reid right now and the decisions he's made regarding this team. I'm also frustrated with the players who are under-performing. I am not optimistic that the Eagles will be able to turn this season around and make the playoffs. Even if they do make the playoffs, by some miracle, I don't think they'd be able to go much further than the first round (wildcard round).

With all that said, I'm obviously still a passionate, dedicated Eagles fan. The time I spend following the Eagles, writing about the Eagles, tweeting about the Eagles, etc, etc, is just plain ridiculous. I know there's many of you who do the same things. I really want to see this team prove me and my negativity wrong by going out there and winning the Super Bowl. Just because I'm being negative doesn't mean I'm not a real fan. I just see that the negatives with this team greatly outweigh the positives right now. Maybe I'm wrong about that, and honestly, I'd be happy to be wrong.

I noticed this afternoon that LG Evan Mathis (@EvanMathis69) tweeted the following:

" Interact."

So, having nothing better to do, I decided to e-mail him. After the jump, you can see my e-mail to him and his response.

My E-Mail to Evan Mathis:

> Hey Evan, heard you and Kelce were involved in that sign debacle recently.
> According to one of the guys who was there with the sign (per his personal
account on the radio) you and Kelce were aggressive in taking it down.
> Now I know a lot of people are talking about it (in a negative context), but I honestly don't care.
I'm glad you guys did what you did, even though I'm really frustrated with the
team's performance so far. It's tempting to blame our frustrations on Coach
Reid, as fans, since he is the one taking responsible for the results of this
season. It's nice to see you guys stick up for Coach, since that's what a real
team would do.
> In any case, I haven't been too positive about the outlook of the rest of the
season. I really hope you guys can prove me wrong and make me look like a jerk
for doubting you guys.
> Best wishes to you guys the rest of the season. Let's go win a SB for Philly,
> Your fellow human,
> BG.


Evan Mathis' response to my e-mail:

Greetings BG, fellow human,

Aggressive is a bit of an overstatement. I saw where someone stated that we said

"things will get ugly" if they didn't take it down. Never would I use such a

corny line. All I said was, take the sign down or we'll take it down. We're

just sticking up for a coach we believe in and trying to avoid the creation of a

negative environment at our workplace.

I understand that being 1-4 really calls for someone to blame and us as players.

The reality is, the coaches prepared us to win. We should be 4-1 or 5-0 right

now. Due to some mistakes we made on the field (missed blocks, missed tackles,

turnovers) we gave 4 games away. We know we have what it takes to win. We have

the 3rd best offense in football right now. A few corrections on each side of

the ball and we will get this ship turned around.

Thanks for reaching out. I love interacting with the fans and trying to share

information whenever I can. We truly appreciate your support.

Be well,



As a fan, I think it's pretty damn cool that an actual NFL starter would take the time to write back to me like he did.
I'm seriously considering purchasing a Mathis jersey now. This guy has been really cool, IMO, since he's been here.
He's often funny on twitter, and he just seems to be a cool guy.

Once again, although I may be on the "Fire Reid" bandwagon, I still think the players need to stay united behind their coach, because that's what a real team would do.

I thought you fellow BGN'ers might enjoy seeing this. I encourage you to shoot him an e-mail as well, seeing as there's a decent chance he'll respond.

Thanks for your time,


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