Buy Low and Sell High for Week 6

Hey everyone, I want to add a second post a week that will discuss various things. I have a few ideas for this and I wanted to test them out and see how they were received. The post is all about Buy low and sell high. Its a simple concept that is often misunderstood. Selling high isnt about trading say Cam Newton or Stevie Johnson who are playing very well. Its more about trading players who's value has skyrocketed for a certain reason or situation and you believe cant keep it up. Buying low is much simpler to understand. Its about seeing which players in your eyes have underperformed and for the rest of the way will have higher value than he has when you traded for him. So without further ado, here is the first buy low sell high post of the year. 




Buy Low:

Phillip Rivers: People may say "Phillip Rivers isn’t a buy low he has put up 17 pts 4 of the 5 weeks." While this is true, listen to these players ahead of him currently, Eli Manning. Matt Hassellbeck and Ryan Fitzpatrick. I saw Rivers get traded for Eli and a handcuff (I believe Roy Helu) in one of my leagues. Rivers is still a top 5 QB and with this being his bye week, its is the perfect time to trade for him

Josh Freeman: I posted this is the Hardcore BGN message board but I also want to post this here. Freeman has been struggling don’t get me wrong. Last week he nearly killed me in 2 leagues (Thank god for AP and Pierre Garcon) however, he has one of the easiest schedules starting in week 10:

@GB- 27th against pass

@Ten- 20th against pass

Car- 21st against pass

@Jax- 15th against pass

Dal- 14th against pass

@Car- 21st against pass

@ATL-23rd against pass

That gives him 5 easy matchups, 1 medium matchup and 1 difficult one. Freeman was a top 7 QB last year and don’t be surprised if he finishes the season close to there again with this upcoming schedule.


Sell High:


Eli Manning: Ironically, it was Eli Manning versus Josh Freeman I was arguing on the BGN fantasy league. Eli right now has the 7th most points for a QB and is only 1pt behind Vick and 6pts behind Stafford. However, unlike Freeman who has an easy schedule Manning’s schedule gets very difficult:

@SF- 12th

Phi- 18th (but take away Giants game and its a lot better)

@NO- 25th

GB- 27th

Dal- 14th

Wsh- 6th

NYJ- 2nd

Dal- 14th


Most importantly, Eli faces 3 top Defenses in the fantasy playoffs. I would sell Eli now because this is as high as his value will ever get.


Matt Hasselbeck: He is the 8th highest QB scorer right now, however he just lost his leading WR in Kenny Britt. Hasselbeck’s points dropped already last week from 18-12 and except more drops as the season progresses. Hasselbeck is also old and injury prone. He started the season off great and now is the time to capitalize on that by trading him for a player that can help you in the long run.




Buy Low:

Daniel Thomas: He is the only back on a team that just lost their starting QB and will be running the ball more and more. Thomas showed flashes in his two prior games scoring 9 and 17. Thomas, I think, is a good bet to finish the year a top 20 RB and right now can be gotten for much less.

Shonn Greene: The Jets are clearly dedicated to the run and it is also clear that Shonn Grenne is the back they like. Greene received 21 carries to LT’s 2. Greene has always broke late and I expect that to happen again this year.


Sell High:


Jahvid Best: Best has done very well fantasy-wise but if you take away some of his long runs his numbers drop sharply. Best before Monday Night’s game was averaging just over 2.5 yards per carry. He also had two consective single digits weeks. If I was a Best owner I would capitalize on his MNF’s performance and try to acquire top talent (Chris Johnson comes to mind).

Benjarvus Green-Ellis: This is an interesting sell-high because I think he will have value all year. I am saying he is a sell high because I think his value will decrease as the year goes on. The Pats change their Rbs constantly and Steven Ridley has looked good at times. BJGE is still their goalline back so the TDs will be there however, the yards I don’t think will continue. If you can trade him a top WR or QB I would.   




Buy Low

Santonio Holmes: He is the number 1 WR on a team that will throw the ball. Holmes looked very good last week and finally looks like he is putting it together. The Jets are a good team that has struggled so far but I think their offense starts rolling soon and this is the perfect time to get him.

Percy Harvin: Ugh. Last week I really thought he was going to go off and instead he got a nice big 2 points. He was even dropped in a league of mine because of it (8 teamer so rather shallow). Owners of him are panicking and you should be able to get him for bench players. Harvin still has potential and at some point will have a breakout game.


Sell High

Victor Cruz: He is so overhyped it’s crazy. Cruz made some nice plays the past three weeks but he also did most of this with Manningham banged up. Cruz will come back to earth soon and I would sell high before you have to deal with a inconsistent big play threat that you wouldn’t feel comfortable starting.

Jordy Nelson: I have never been a big fan of his. My issue is that as good as Rodgers is he spreads the wall so much that anyone except Jennings and Finley are inconsistent. When I’m making a starting lineup I try to minimize risk as much as possible and I think as a weekly start Nelson is too much risk for me. However, currently Nelson has put up quality numbers and has high value right now, which is why I say he is a great sell high right now.   

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