Off with Andy Reid's Head? Let's not jump the gun!

Hey guys!  Even though I post at least 2 videos a week on my website and youtube, I think I'm going to post here one vlog a week.  You can always check my site for videos I don't post here. My Bills pregame vlog (which I did not post here) can be viewed at  

Here's my Eagles/Bills postgame.  I know a lot of people are going to think very different on this one so please don't hold back.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for next week, otherwise I'm going to lose all playoff hope. 


Ok, I'm going to start this video by giving a shout out to all the San Francisco forty niners fans for really representing on my videos and showing their team pride. I've been going back with a few of you and I love to see the passion fans have for their teams. They are still representing and their team is still performing well, so good luck to you guys, Just make sure to beat the Giants and Redskins for me "Please." Thanks!


So Buffalo Bills fans where you at? Your team is no longer no namers and you have something to cheer about. Yes the Buffalo Bills beat my Philadelphia Eagles! (*sad face)That's our 4th straight loss, yikes. Ok, I'll admit, I'm starting to panic and I'm freaking out guys. I haven't seen us perform this badly since their 6-10 season back in 2005. Yeah, one of the very few times we didn't make the playoffs under Andy Reid.


Ok eagles fans I know we're upset. There always talks about firing Andy every year when we have a bad stretch!! And I have to admit this is one of the worst I've experienced so far. I agree Andy Reid makes his fair share of poor decisions, like moving Juan Castillo from offense to defense. But its tough to be mad at a coach that's given us 6 divisional championships in the past 10 yrs and 9 playoff appearances in the last 11. Plus firing a coach mid season makes absolutely no sense.


We are losing these games primarily as a result of turnovers. You can't blame Andy Reid for Jason Avant fumbling the ball once and then bobbling the catch to cause an interception, you just have to give Bills defense credit for making that play and being ready to capitalize. You can't even blame Andy Reid for Jaqua Parker's neutral zone infraction which ended our chances to win that game.

Andy Reid's been taking all the heat but players are making crucial mistakes. In the press conferences Michael Vick blames the players and Andy Reid blames himself. Experts say sports is 80% mental and 20% physical, as a former collegiate athlete I agree. Seems like players are in a mental funk which is causing them not to perform at their peak levels. It's times like this when I wish we had a player like Brian Dawkins to bring that leadership and passion to the locker room. I need to see some fire on those sidelines, everyone is just sulking when they should be getting fired up


I really hope Andy Reid can turn things around. I love the guy but here's what I need to see. Number one this team needs get motivated to win! We need to start searching for a new defensive coordinator. Our Jim Johnson defense has turned into this? I know he must be rolling in his grave. Rest in Peace. We need to stop being so predictable, it's easy for teams to game plan against us. Wide 9 scheme left us wide open in the middle too many times. The bills pulled off a 5 plus yrs gain on a quarterback sneak, are u serious? Well I gotta give the Buffalo Bills coaching staff kudos, because they did their homework on us and saw how vulnerable we r up the middle and chose the perfect timing for that call. The Philadelphia Eagles were caught completely off guard.


I saw some things I liked especially in the screen pass game on offense and some things I didn't like. This is the 1st loss where I feel we were legitimately beat. The Buffalo Bills made every single play and made us look stupid. They outplayed us.


Jaqua freeeaking parker!!! OMG

We are digging the hole deeper and deeper. At this point, every game is a MUST win, especially with in the division.


So my question this week, Do you think we can beat the Washington Redskins? Michael Vick says its up to the players to step up, Andy Reid says it's all on him... and I'm still trying to figure it out. I keep going back and forth. So I want to know where do you guys stand?

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