Will the NFL ever get a Farm League?

This fanpost might come out of nowhere, but im pretty tired of talking about the same stuff we've been talking about the last few weeks so heres my attempt at posting something i actually believe can work in the NFL. If you'd like to comment on if you think it could work, ways you could see it work and overall will it ever happen it would be appreciated. 

Baseball and Ice hockey both have farm leagues and they both seem to be fairly successful in developing young talent. Every training camp we bring in lots of new players and within a few months we need to trim down the roster to 53 players. Alot of these cuts we make are young players that have a lot of potential but because of a numbers game at that position or because of other team needs being higher they are let go and often join another clubs to become successful. What i propose is installing a farm league for every NFL team in the league so that they can retain and groom young players without having to watch them join a rival. 

As far as the financial aspect of installing a farm league i think it could be cost feasible. The top five sports that generate the most money of all professional sports are as follows: The NFL, The English Premier League, MLB, Forumla One, and the NBA. The NFL almost doubles the total revenue of the runner up on a side note 984 million to 513 million. Each NFL team would have exclusive rights to the players and coaches under contract unlike our current practice squad where a player can be scooped up by another ball club. I think the playing schedule should coincide with the NFL Schedule but farm league games should be played on weekdays. I think there are some networks out there that can't afford to compete for televising rights for NFL games that would be very interested in televising these farm league games which would help bring in revenue to support it. I also think that with lower ticket prices fans who can't afford to see their favorite NFL team all that much can see their farm team play a lot easier and enjoy a night out with friends and family. I mean how many blue collar families would love to go to the game at the Linc but just cant afford it for their family. 

Bullet Points

* For a team like us that is having problems at safety, offensive line, linebackers, how nice would it be to promote a player from the farm league to replace struggling veterans?

* With the amount of spread offenses used in college how nice would it be to take players and put them on the farm league to see how they adjust to pro level play.

* How nice would it be to take guys like Mike Kafka and have him go play on the farm league under our system to help develop him to see if hes a capable starter someday.

*How nice would it be to what some football in the weekdays when there is nothing else to watch, especially when your NFL team is loosing


In closing, I dont know if this will ever happen but I honestly feel like with the amount of injuries in the NFL and the lack of time for bench warmers to get a chance to prove themselves behind star players i feel this would be a great way to develop talent for team and also to help keep team competitive. You have to wonder how many guy like Kurt Warner are out there just waiting to get a chance to start to prove himself. Right now I wish I had a farm team to replace about 5-6 players on our team alone. Your thoughts?

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