Theme of Week 5: Words

If I could ask one question to Andy Reid, Juan Castillo, the offensive line, the entire defense, or ANY member of the Philadelphia Eagles, it would be one simple question.

Why are you here?

Not "Do you want to win the Super Bowl?", "What's wrong with my Eagles?" or even "Are you going to fix this?". It would be simply, "Why are you here?"

We all know that right now, in this moment, the Eagles are NOT going to win the Super Bowl. Not unless they manage to do something Hollywood-worthy and win 11 straight games and then roll through the playoffs and into Indianapolis. We all know what's wrong with our Eagles, given the fact that our offensive line keeps letting Michael Vick get hit, our defense leaves holes the size of whales in the middle of the field, and most importantly, they are not playing as a team. Finally, we may not know if they'll fix whatever's wrong with this team, but what that comes down to is simply why they are all here.

Are they here because they are getting a nice fat check to do with what they will? Are they here because they had no other plans in mind for a future? Are they here because they were pushed here? I want to know.

If it was money, Vick and DeSean Jackson, especially Jackson, wouldn't be going back out on the field with intentions of winning clearly stamped on their faces. If it was a mindset that said football would be "the best choice", half of our players wouldn't have gotten to the multiple Pro Bowls they were voted to. If they were pushed here, well let's face it, they'd look much worse than they do now, if that's even possible.

As a passionate fan, part of the most passionate city in the whole United States, I, along with the rest of Philadelphia, want answers. Our Philadelphia Phillies were recently eliminated from finishing their historical season, adding even more disappointment to this weekend. If Philadelphia wasn't already used to such hardships as it were both in sports and in everything else outside of that, there might have been riots and protests in the streets. Fans calling into local radio stations each have new complaints and opinions to throw out there in trying to vent out these horrible feelings, but we have said all of the words that can be said. We've exhausted ourselves trying to explain and make sense of these constantly changing teams that promise so much, and either come up short, or don't even get close to the goal. It's this feeling of being sick to your stomach, but not being able to vomit out all of the crap that's causing the sickness. Being unable to purge yourself of something that needs to be purged, and that something is a Philadelphia Eagles team that doesn't seem to want it as much as the fans do.

We as fans will never stop loving this team. Not even in death will we stop cheering them on. I wish there was something that could truly show the members of that team how each of us truly feel. Not sympathizing, not empathizing, but actually getting into our lives, minds, and hearts and truly experience what we go through when we show our support.

The last thing I'd like to do before I shove off for the week is leave you, and the Eagles, with an image that will hopefully ring louder than it ever has. I hope something brings us out of this funk. Maybe the Flyers can.



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