So, before we go super emo...

Well if you're like me, you now want to go get the sharpest object you can find, or the gun outta the closet and proceed to impale yourself in some way shape or form... But as I began my quest for my knives something hit me.. We went 10-6 and barely lost a wildcard game in a REBUILDING year. That gives me a lot of hope for the future, and gave me the will to put the knife back down.

Let's start by taking this game into perspective:

This game was awful all the way around, we got wrecked on Defense for most of the game, we got destroyed on offense most of the game. It was all around a bad showing except a few plays here and there.. I don't think our team went out there thinking they had a chance.

Offense: Our Offense looked like shit. Nick Cole and Justice could not block one bit, Vick was constantly getting raped on his blind side and never seemed to be able to get his feet settled. Maclin and Avant showed up, and Desean did to a degree, which showed me some promise, Celek also had some good plays.. I think Vick was actually very inaccurate today if he hit Avant in stride on those two drops he's got a first at the minimum, if he didn't overthrow Jackson when he came back in I think that would've been a big gain. Vick was just off the mark. However when it mattered our offense (mainly Avant) saved us and got us points.. 

Defense: I am not as angry at the defense than I am the offense, they got us a turnover, and they missed 2 more fumbles there, they did suck in the redzone and allowed long drives but when it mattered they buckled down and stopped the Packers. The DL couldn't get pressure, I'm honestly saying we go after some good depth this offseason. Fokou played one of the best games I've seen from a LB this year, Chaney wasn't bad but he wasn't good but in the Playoffs "7th round rookie" doesn't handicap him like it did in the regular season. Sims overpursued like usual and really drove me crazy, there were 4-5 times where he was in good position and went for the big hit then missed. Asante did his part, Mikel did very good, Coleman was actually amazing in my opinion.. And Dimitri Patterson really impressed me, he went back to playing disciplined and didn't disappoint, and when he did have a catch on his side he tackled very well. If Dimitri plays like that for 16+ games next year I have no issue with him being the RCB. Hanson didn't do to bad at all also.

Special Teams: I have no idea, after that "muffed punt" or whatever it is we really did bad. Lawson sucks at returning kicks, and the penalties really fucked us hard. And I'm pissed at Akers.

Coaching: Gonna break it into 2 parts. (1) Good and (2) Bad.

  1. McDermott made good adjustments coming out of halftime, and he really didn't make it easy for Rodgers. Honestly he did what you can reasonably ask of him with such limited talent.. Also pulling Dunlap in favor of Justice was a very good move, at first Dunlap got rocked but he really got better as he went, Justice just wasn't getting anything done. Also Andy's clock management put us in a position to win the game at the end, I'd say his clock management improved a lot this year.
  2. For some reason we abandoned the run, I didn't like that, it was really bad and screwed us over hard.. Also the fact that we couldn't stop the run I attribute to coaching I think Sims should've been pulled.. Other than that I guess I have no issues.
While this game was not that good, it wasn't entirely bad, I think some issues that have plagued us all year really came out and I think if it's anybody other than the Packers we win that game. Akers 2 misses killed us too.

My list of offseason needs (no particular order):

  1. A RG, I'm on the Mike Pouncey bandwagon, he's a terrible center but a good OG. I think him at RG even if we keep Justice at RT makes our OL alot better.
  2. RT. Justice really disappointed me, he shouldn't have been playing so poorly and 2 years of solid play may be the only thing to save him from getting demoted or completely replaced. I will start looking at some Prospects this week when I'm not in class so I can find players either in FA or the Draft that may provide an instant upgrade.
  3. DE. I'm really thinking DE should be high on our list. Cole is a beast but if we can get a guy to come in and take 15 snaps in place of him we're going to do a lot better.
  4. Linebackers.. We need to reload this I think... Fokou is staying the starter he's a fucking boss, whether he's at SAM or WILL I'm cool with either. Chaney or Bradley will be good at MLB providing Bradley can return at full speed(which he wasn't all year) and Chaney can improve and make the necessary jump from 1st to 2nd year. At Sam I say either bring in some top flight LB through trade, FA or Draft, or move Bradley there(same for will if Fokou's the SAM).. I'd also say resign Jordan, Sims and Omar, bring in 1-2 good LB's and let them all duke it out with Bradley and Chaney for the 2 other spots next to Fokou.
  5. RCB. I think Lindley or Patterson are the answer here buuuuut, with Asomagua (whatever its spelled like) being a FA and with the opportunity to get a really good one in the Draft I say you cannot pass up what'd pretty much be a sure thing for patterson and Lindley.
Offseason Moves I think we make:
  1. Trading Kolb- I'm thinking we'll end up trading Kolb to somebody like the Raiders, 49ers, Arizona, Miami, Carolina or the Vikings. I'm thinking the 49ers would be a good fit, Harbaugh implementing the WCO, he needs a QB that can run it, Kolb's been in it for years now, and they also have the supporting cast to be in a "win now" mentality... I'm thinking from the 49ers their 1st for Kolb and a 3rd may do it.
  2. Trade for an OT.. Either Gaither from Baltimore or maybe sign Trueblood from Tampa and switch them to RT over the offseason. Helps sure up our Line.
  3. I also think we trade away some of our depth to help reload.. Like Riley Cooper for example.. I think Cooper could get us a decent pick too.. Maybe to a team who has his College roommate and QB would offer something like a 3rd for him...
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