Offseason Moves

With the offseason fast approaching, it seems as though the team has a lot of needs. While I would say that the Eagles have a few needs, they are not as bad as some. However, this is where the team can bring in new personnel to fill the gaps. After the Jump, I'll have all the resignings, free agency moves and mock draft that I see the Eagles doing to push us that much closer to the Super Bowl. Plus, I'll deal with the Kolb dilemma

Offseason step 1. The Kolb Dilemma


Guaranteed that before the season even finishes the coaches are already trying to figure out the asking price for Kevin and if it's actually good enough. Personally I'd say the correct value would be where he was drafted - a high 2nd. He hasn't exactly lit the world on fire to warrant a first round pick. That being said, he's still a solid and dependable QB.

If anyone wanted to pledge the farm for Kolb, then I'd say the Eagles take it. I would be over the moon about an extra first rounder or a young stud on defense. However, I just don't see that happening. As I said, Kolb hasn't been superjesus. He's good, yes. Great, no.

One problem is that according to draftniks there are a few first round worthy QB's in this draft (Locker, Mallet, Ponder) with plenty more who could be perceived as having higher ceilings (Gabbert, Stanze, Devlin) then Kolb. However some of these guys are guaranteed to be a gamble that never pays off. Kolb is a sure thing.

After all I've said, I think he stays (for the moment). He's good, but I don't think anyone's got the trade-bait required to lure him out of the Eagles grasp quite yet.


Offseason step 2. Resignings


Resigning -

Mike Vick - 3 years, 30 million. 20 Guaranteed.

Mike's played up to this contract. He doesn't get the full time on his contract because he's 31 and that's usually when players start slowing down. Gives us a huge QB bonus going forward.

Jerome Harrison - 5 years, 12 million.

Very solid back-up running back.

Colt Anderson - 5 years, 6 million 

Special Teams Monster.

Stewart Bradley - 2 years. 8 million.

Playing a wait-and-see with this one. Stew's coming off a bunch of injuries. I say let him see what he can do and mix-and-match him from SAM to MIKE. Also give him a role mentoring Chaney a bit.

David Akers. 5 years. 6 million

Exactly like Colt Anderson. WIll be our kicker for the near future, which is great.

Quinton Mikell. 2 years. 8.5 million

Excellent safety and pick of the NFC this year. WIll slow down as time goes on, but then he can hand his expertise over to Kurt Coleman.

Akeem Jordan 4 years. 5 million

Solid Special Teams player.

Ernie Sims. 3 years. 10 million

Lets see what he can do after another preseason.


Released and walk as Free Agents:

Nick Cole

Victor Abiamiri

Reggie Wells

Sav Rocca

Ellis Hobbs


Offseason step 3. Free Agency


Just one move here:


Eagles sign Former Panthers LB James Anderson 4 years, 15 million.




Yes, he played for the worst team in the competition, but he was actually a solid beacon on the team from Strongside Linebacker (SAM) with 130 tackles and 3.5 sacks. He's also 27, which means he doesn't break the >30 policy the eagles have in place. Will (at the very least) challenge for the starting SAM spot right away.

Sadly, no guards or corners would be worth taking a shot at in Free Agency this off-season (I all expect them to be vastly overpriced (Bailey, Asomugha) or already resigned (Kalil, Mankins)


Offseason step 4. The Draft


Round 1.  Tyron Smith, OT, USC



Now usually I hate USC players and think they are vastly overrated, but Smith makes sense. Vick is a left handed quarterback, and as such Justice is expected to service his blind side. Something we've noticed this season he is incapable of doing. Smith is a little finesse as a blocker (He's 285 lb as an OT), but would solve pass protection issues and bring some legitimacy back to the line. I like his technique, and if he can put on weight, would be our own force for years.


Round 2.  Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado



a 6'2 corner with decent speed and good short coverage skills. Jimmy Smith is my pick for next starting cornerback. A fun fact is that in both his junior and senior season he allowed just 11 completions on his side. Most teams stayed away from throwing to him. His only downside is that he is extremely poor at run support, but he is a Bobby Taylor clone. I for one would love him on the Eagles


Round 3.   Mario Harvey, LB, Marshall



A later round prospect that I am very high on, Harvey is a beast at 6'1 250 who could play both inside or outside backer. Ideally, I'd have him at SAM where we could move Anderson back to WILL. Harvey's stats speak for themselves: 277 tackles, 19 TFL and 12.5 sacks out of a 4-3 in 3 years at college. He'll be an absolute baller.


Round 4. Marcus Gilbert, OL, Florida



Our future RG, a Tackle with slowish feet who will kick inside next to Smith and be a dominant blocker who will help our pass protection woes.


Round 4.  Ryan Winterswyk, DE, Boise State



Another DE? Well, yes. Graham is coming off knee surgery and might not be great to go. Winterswyk is a dominate force from Graham's position that will transition well when Jacqua parker eventually leaves us. Had 17 TFL and 9 sacks as a Junior.

Round 5. Jake Kirkpatrick, C, TCU



Goodbye Jaamal Jackson. Mike McGlynn and this guy are going to be fighting for the starting center job from now on.

Round 5.  Traded for a 2012 pick

Round 6. Terell McClain, DT, USF

Round 7. Phillip Livas, KR, Louisiana Tech


Any questions/criticism? Leave a comment

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