My Gameplan for Sunday (Offense)

A few days ago I wrote one of these for the Defense, I had some mixed reviews and a few people said they'd like to read what I wrote about the offense.

This time I think I'm going to try and keep it as simple as possible. And maybe explain more through the comments section afterward as you all ask questions or for clarification because things like "simple blitz" can mean completely different things to other people.

My Gameplan for the Eagles vs Packers (Part 2: Offense)

Things we absolutely must do:

Win the turnover battle: This has a little bit to do with what I said on my other post, it takes both units to win this battle. That being said the Eagles Offense must pull their weight and then some Sunday, Vick cannot throw any INT's, and the rest of the players cannot fumble, it just cannot happen. We lose the turnover battle to Green Bay and we're fried.

Lesean McCoy has been very good handling the ball, the issues about ball security with him really haven't happened (knock on wood). Vick's did a fantastic job early on but has had a spell of turnovers recently, he has to take care of the ball this week. All in all the Eagles are +9 in turnover ratio.

We must protect the football.

Run the ball: We must run the ball. I know this get's repeated more than Joe_D's views on McNabb but we have to run the ball and I will repeat it over and over and over. Packers are 18th in rushing yards allowed, and we've put up good numbers against better run defenses. Now we can't just wear McCoy out, I think we need to run a few QB draws to keep the DB's from blitzing constantly. Running the ball also helps set up the pass and keeps pressure off Vick.

Running the ball offers these advantages: time of possession(will be up here soon I promise), forces the Packers to stack the box, keeps pressure off Vick.. I'll go over T.O.P. in it's own little section.. I want the Packers to stack the box, McCoy is the best RB against a loaded box and I want him to validate that assessment on Sunday. Keeping pressure off Vick is of the utmost importance, we need to let him know that all the pressure isn't on him to win this game, that he doesn't have to carry us the entire game.

Run the dang ball!

Time of possession: You may not believe this but the Eagles time of possession is better than what I thought it was, 31:14 to 28:45. Now I think this is the 2nd most important thing, the longer we have the ball on offense, the greater our chances of winning this game. We must sustain long drives, and execute in the Redzone.

Winning the T.O.P. is a very important thing. The longer we have the ball the less time Rodgers has to figure us out, the easier it'll be to get him out of a groove, the more tired their defense gets and the more desperate they will get to score (assuming we're up). All this plays right into our hands.

Sustain long drives.

Unleash Vick(no pun intended): After we batter them with our running game, (hopefully) force them into a hole on Offense where they have to try and score loads of points quickly, and completely tire out their defense from them being on the field to long we must let Vick go hog ass wild, attack deep, attack short, throw everything we have at them plus whatever else we can get our hands on... Vick must be turned loose in the 4th, whether we're up, down, tied, we have to let him do his thing in the 4th. Close out the game strong.

Put Vick in a situation where he doesn't feel like he has to be the guy to win it, put him in a position where all he has to do it try and maintain it... Then late in the game, let him close it out as if he were playing from behind.

Let's show the NFL that we're a legit 4th quarter team, whether we're up or down.


How we achieve everything I said above:

Step 1: Start off the game how we normally do, with a big play of some sort, take the life outta the Defense for a moment then step on the gas as if it were their throats. Then after that turn to McCoy. Run the ball, run it right at them, force them to be disciplined in their lanes, spread them out and run it off tackle, let them know we're not afraid of relying on our Running game and that we're going to do this at will. Mix in some Vick designed runs, maybe an option play or two to try and confuse the defense and use their aggressiveness against them.

Step 2: Once we get used to what this games going to be like, let's step it up, do some of the more exotic things we do, run a reverse to Desean, we must get him going in any way possible. Get him 6-9 touches this game.. Throw the short-mid range routes to Maclin, Avant and Celek, make the Packers account for every single eligible receiver on that field.. And finally run it with McCoy and throw those screen passes that work very well on most Sunday's. McCoy getting 25 touches is a very good thing for us.

Step 3: I'd say about late 3rd, early 4th quarter for step 3... At this point hopefully we're up and have the ball, this is where we must do what we do best throughout the game. If we're in a position where we can run the ball and that's been successful then by all means let's nut up, telegraph we're going to the left and just run it right down their throats, then throw.... Come the 4th quarter whether we're down or up I want us to play like we're down 38-10, I want that level of play for the entire game but if that's to much to ask for I'll happily accept the 4th quarter for that type of play.


Other things I'd like to say:


  1. I think this game will be close. I think we must absolutely keep the ball away from Aaron as much as possible and in the hands of Vick and McCoy as much as possible.
  2. I think our D shows up for this one.. I have a feeling that we'll get good play from them.

Let me know what you think. I'll happily explain anything that may have confused you, if you cannot tell I like talking football.


******* Starship 007 made a very good point, and actually made a point I had completely forgotten about here it is:

The POT(not marijuana)will be key If the pack turn it over 3 or more times,we need at least 17-21 POT, with some help from our offense without help from turnovers,something like 10-17 Pts.

This basically means if we get a turnover on the Packers we in theory should get 3 or 7 points off that turnover. For example, 3 turnovers should equate to 21, 17, 13 or 9 points. Mainly it should be 21 or 17 points... However if we were to cause a turnover in the redzone and we were able to get a punt all the way to the other 20 or 25 I'd consider that a win because they'd have to cover the field again.

Thank you starship 007.

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