The Linc - Writer Says The Eagles Defense Is Better Than We Think

Eagles' D not perfect, but it's better than you think
Many have been quick to criticize the Eagles' defense, but Quintin Mikell and the rest of the unit believe they're better than advertised. By Reuben Frank

Didinger: Eagles-Packers Scouting Report
In this week's Scouting Report, Ray Didinger says that the Packers were caught off guard against Michael Vick in Week 1, but now with a year's worth of film, it may be a different story.

'Explosive' Philadelphia Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson threatens to have Green Bay Packers scrambling | Green Bay Press-Gazette
A YouTube search of "DeSean Jackson" instantly pulled up 5,840 individual video clips Thursday afternoon. The first was titled: The Most Explosive Player In The NFL. By comparison, an "Aaron Rodgers" search resulted in 2,780 hits.

Linc Lacks Home-Field Advantage? - Eagles // NFL | 97.5 The Fanatic
Jordan Raanan takes a look at the Eagles home field advantage and if one even exists.

Vick, DeSean: Two stars who need to align for Eagles | Philadelphia Daily News | 01/06/2011
THERE WERE a dozen disconnects in that Tuesday night game between the Eagles and the Minnesota Vikings, and the 7-10 split stood out in many ways. The inability of Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson to read each other's mind, the essence of success between a quarterback and a wide receiver in the modern NFL, was as bad as it had been all season.

More after the jump including news on the new Cowboys coach, Marty Mornhinweg's future and our old pal Freddie MItchell.

Eagles' Mornhinweg may benefit from Vick's rise | Philadelphia Inquirer | 01/07/2011
Up in Cleveland, where team president Mike Holmgren's candidate roster reads like Mornhinweg, John Fox, and Jon Gruden, the fan base isn't exactly clamoring for Door No. 1. That is who they might get, however, because Mornhinweg and Holmgren go way back, and because Mornhinweg is now viewed as the genius who transformed Mike Vick from ex-con to X-factor. More than a few teams might take a hard look at their own quarterbacks and decide they could use a little of that magic, too.

Freddie Mitchell Speaks on 4th and 26 and We Think He is Drunk | Robert Littal Presents BlackSportsOnline
Mentally I think there is something wrong with Freddie Mitchell. At first I thought Fred Ex was just a cartoon character persona and that he didn’t really believe a lot of the stuff he said. Because no one could be this delusional and not be in an insane asylum.

Did Jerry Jones tell a whopper today? - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Jerry Jones claims he'll cede some of his decision making power to Jason Garrett. Anyone actually believe it? Not Matt Mosely.

Perry Fewell Front-Runner For Carolina Panthers' Job? - SB Nation New York
Did the Panthers not notice the total collapse of the Giants defense at the end of the year?

Recap of Redskins 2010 Season in Picture Form - Hogs Haven
A collection of images summarizing the highs and lows of the Redskins 2010 season.

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