My Gameplan for Sunday(defense).

Alright to be honest I'm writing this because I'm really bored... Kinda sucks being stuck at home b/c my parents have to keep an eye on me almost constantly.. So I have been thinking for the past 3-4 days about this below.

My Gameplan for the Eagles VS. Packers (Part 1: Defense)

As we all know our defense has been very shaky this season. We can all disagree on the reasoning and whatnot but our D isn't up the Eagles standards. Here's what I think we need to do Sunday in order to put our team in the best position to win.

Things we must do:

Turnovers: The Eagles are 3rd in INT's this year, mostly because of Asante. Now most QB's would try and stay away from throwing in Asante's direction however I think Rodgers is one of the few that could honestly care a less about who's out there covering who, he'll attack anybody. However on the other side Patterson when he was playing disciplined football had 4 picks and really complimented Asante well, so he's not chump to getting turnovers. Coleman also has a pick and Mikel has 3 himself. So our Safety's can make plays on the ball. Our Defense also has 10 forced fumbles to add to all the picks.

 Asante must make Rodgers pay for testing him. Patterson needs to only strike when he's got a sure thing like he did in the past and our Safety's need to catch whatever hits them in the hands. Also the Defense as a unit needs to get the ball on the ground, when they run the ball that's our best chance to get the fumble.

We must cause turnovers.

Be Strong against the Run: The Packers don't necessarily have a strong running game, however the combo of Jackson and Kuhn provide a bit of Thunder and Lightning to their game. Jackson has speed and at times can slip through and make a play, we must not lose containment on him. Kuhn is a power back, so Fat Patterson and Co must stand their ground and the LB's must light his ass up.

The Defensive line must play a tough against the run again, and our LB's must absolutely destroy any Packer that want's to try to run into any hole.

Contain what little running game they have, force Rodgers to do it all.

Don't let Rodgers go wild: Rodgers amazing, he can make every throw and he's mobile. We cannot let him just have his way with us. He can run and he can hurt us pretty badly in that aspect, we don't play well against mobile QB's.

Our Defensive Ends need to keep outside contain on Rodgers, if we let him roll out or get outside it's going to be disastrous. Our hope is to keep him inside the hash marks and let our DT's collapse that pocket on him, that's how we can stop him. As far as the Passing game? Rodgers is going to burn us there, the hope is to limit it as much as possible.

Keep Rodgers in the pocket and collapse the middle, don't let him scramble and move around.

Keep control of Jennings and Driver: Jennings and Driver are both very good WR's. They can do it all, and Rodgers spreads the ball around a lot, we must keep them out of the game as much as possible.

Only thing that really worries me is Patterson vs. Jennings, I actually would like to see Patterson play his game (not the game of Giants and Vikings) and I think we win this battle, Patterson's physicality really matches up with what Jennings does well. Asante should be able to handle Driver. Their Depth at WR is scary, but as much as a rip on Hanson he's a decent slot CB, he can handle slot players well. Mikel and Coleman must stay disciplined over the top, both tend to get a bit wreckless.

Play smart football, don't over complicate everything. Just play the game.


How we achieve what I stated above:

Step 1: Dial up a lot of simple blitz's, to stuff the run and pressure Rodgers. Let our DL get going, allow our LB's to get going, and gage how Patterson and Coleman are going to play in this game.. These can be simple 4 Defensive lineman blitzing and Chaney coming through and A gap, maybe brink Fokou/Sims late, something simple that keeps our players in good position.. If this works well make sure we come back to it throughout the game, simple is the best way to confuse a great QB

Step 2: Get a little exotic. Bring Mikel or Coleman into the box, let them come from the outside. Bring Patterson on a blitz (preferably when we can have Mikel matched up man to Jennings) he was hitting home and causing some trouble against the Cowboys.

Step 3: Step 3 consists of 2 parts (a) is if we're up and (b) is when we're down (c) is when we're tied. (a) continue to attack until we've got a nice cushion of 17-21 points. At this point go back to the simple blitzes, just rush the front 4 (keeping mind on the containment) and bring 1 other guy on a blitz, and make it good, maybe Blitz Patterson, I mean Cole demands the double team, that may open up an opportunity for Patterson to get a free blindside shot going full speed, do stuff like this.... (b) Keep attacking Rodgers, adjust to his quick release, maybe just bring the front 4 and drop everybody else back, maybe bring in Hanson and go with 5 DB's and 2 LB's. But keep blitzing because that keeps pressure off the CB's... (c) If it's tied I am assuming (1) that we've found something that works or (2) neither side can stop eachothers O, at this point it's shootout.

Now this is just a basic form of what I'd like to see happen and below is one MUST that I purposely left out from above.

Halftime Adjustments:

During the past 6-7(maybe 8?) games we've had 5 come from behind wins. In those wins our Defense has tightened up in the 2nd half and helped our Offense out immensely. I'd go as far as to say we make some very good Halftime adjustments. I think this is the most important thing we can do, no matter what the score is our Offense is capable of overcoming it as long as our D gets a few stops.

If we're going to win this game I'm sure it's going to be because something we make a change to at Halftime that takes effect and tips the scales.

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