Is Micky D (McDermott) the problem?



The last of Jim Johnson's protégés. Sean McDermott replaced the late Jim Johnson in the off-season of 2009 (RIP). McDermott has been with the Eagles since 1998, as a Scouting Administrative Coordinator. And in 1999 to 2009 a defensive assistant, working with the secondary and linebackers before becoming DC.  So taking over the Eagles defense in 09 wasn't a foreign territory. However, since the 09 season, there has become two "factions" within the BGN community over the work/success of the first time defensive coordinator.

Here are just a few references to my statement.

Our defense. (ugh). How can we do any worse. LOL. We can build off that performance yesterday. I have NO faith in McDermott and I personally think he is awful and has no symbol to his coaching. I personally think he will scheme simlar to what people have been doing to Vick. Contain blitz.

Lay off McDermott

You try having a good defense with no rotation guys at DE, at Will LB who is a loser, have to start to 7th round rookies and Dmitiri Patterson opposite Asante Samuel. Give him credit, this the best our Run D has been in a long time. He prepared Jamar Chaney and put him in a position to succeed from the get go. If his defense blows the playoffs for us we still got Dick Jauron as our D-Backs coach as a possible replacement. (anyone who starts suggesting we hire Mike SIngletary as our D-Cord will be beaten)

by MidwesternEaglesfan on Jan 3, 2011 11:22 AM PST reply actions  


I've said this before and got creamed for it on here.

We need guys in there to close a pocket and get some push. Dixon seems to have what it takes. I hate this small ass D we play with. I dont see the point of it at all.
   I know, I know small fast guys. Thats bull shit . It worked when JJ was here because he was a blitzing guru. " I miss the hell out of that guy" . 
   I want a real defence coordinator. and a real grown man, NFL sized, defence. You can wash 1/2 the D and it wouldnt hurt my feeling at all. I’ve been spoon fed this small high motor guy crap too long. " Besides Trent ColeHe’s a Beast". 
   Our guys are so small it take like 1/2 the team to take guys down. How many arm tackles have you seen other teams run right through. Tons.

Sorry I know I went off topic but I got caught up in the who D thing.

by greenage on Jan 3, 2011 10:23 AM PST reply actions  


So is the young DC really the problem?

Lets look at his defensive stats the past two seasons with the Eagles

Eagles D 2010


  • Rank :12                                                                                               
  • Points Total: 377
  • Yds/play: 5.2
  • Rank vs run: 15th
  • Rushing Yards: 1,766 
  • Average Rush: 4.2
  • Rushing TD: 12
  • Passing Rank: 14th
  • Completion Percentage: 57.6
  • Passing Yards: 3,469
  • Average Pass: 7.0
  • Yds/Game: 216.8
  • TD: 31
  • Int: 21
  • 20+ plays: 54
  • 40+: 9
  • Sacks: 39

Eagles D 2009


  • Rank :12
  • Points Total: 337
  • Yds/play: 5.0
  • Rank vs run: 9th
  • Rushing Yards: 1,625 
  • Average Rush: 4.1
  • Rushing TD: 11
  • Passing Rank: 17th
  • Completion Percentage: 61.0
  • Passing Yards: 3,462
  • Average Pass: 6.5
  • Yds/Game: 216.4
  • TD: 27
  • Int: 25
  • 20+ plays: 46
  • 40+: 6
  • Sacks: 44


From these two seasons, the Eagles have consistent numbers when allowing passing and rushing plays. However, the two big differences is the TD:INT ratio and 20+ plays. Also the number of points difference is large as well.  But when it comes to the yards yearly and average yards, they are consistent under McDermott. Now the bigger question is how do these stats line up against the great JJ?

I chose two seasons to look at from JJ; the 2008 season and the 2004 season. In, 2008 we had the best defense ever under JJ and in 2004 we went to the Superbowl.

Eagles D 2008 (JJ)


  • Rank :3
  • Points Total: 289
  • Yds/play: 4.4
  • Rank vs run: 4th
  • Rushing Yards: 1,476
  • Average Rush: 3.5
  • Rushing TD: 7
  • Passing Rank: 3rd
  • Completion Percentage: 58.1
  • Passing Yards: 2,913
  • Average Pass: 6.7
  • Yds/Game: 187.3
  • TD: 23
  • Int: 22
  • 20+ plays: 47
  • 40+: 8
  • Sacks: 48


These are amazing stats and remember these are JJ's best with the Eagles. We know that McD's rushing numbers are crazy similar. The averages are really different, but the total yards allowed isn't as big of a gap. This shows that McD is handling the run well, b/c the average is very inflated b/c it depends on how well they do each game vs the run rather than consistently. However the passing yards are night and day as well as the TD:INT ratio. Under JJ these are phenomenal in 08. However, two stats I really like are the 20+ plays as well as the average pass. They are crazy similar. The average pass is again inflated (in worth/importance) but still interesting. 

Now 2004

Eagles D 2004


  • Rank :10
  • Points Total: 260
  • Yds/play: 4.9
  • Rank vs run: 16th
  • Rushing Yards: 2,903
  • Average Rush: 4.3
  • Rushing TD: 13
  • Passing Rank: 12th
  • Completion Percentage: 60.7
  • Passing Yards: 3,212
  • Average Pass: 6.3
  • Yds/Game: 200.8
  • TD: 16
  • Int: 17
  • 20+ plays: 45
  • 40+: 6
  • Sacks: 47


Compared two McD's two seasons these look really really close. Everything is really close. The only huge differences are total points, TD:INT ratio, and 20+ plays. However the difference is connected to the CB play this season. No matter how well they coach, these numbers are based now how they play. Inconsistent RCB play this year explains the larger amounts of points, TD:INT ratio, and 20+ plays. Patterson shows up against the Colts and Redskins and blows against the Giants and Vikings. 2009 these numbers are even more similar to 2004 (the exception being total points) which can be linked to consistent right corner play (Sheldon Brown).

Looking at the difference between the secondary of 04/08 and 2010

LCB: Asante Samuel

RCB: Sheldon Brown/Lito Sheppard (Before suckage)

FS: Brian Dawkins

SS: Quintin Mikell/(Michael Lewis)


LCB: Asante Samuel

RCB:D. Patterson/J. Hanson/T. Lindley

FS: N. Allen/K. Coleman

SS: Quintin Mikell

Although young and talented, 2004/2008 were savy vets that were at the top of their game and knowledgeable in our scheme. Therefore, Sean McDermott is doing a good job. Can he do better? Yes. Do we need some help this off-season? Yes. Do our LB's kinda suck and allow the secondary to take the blame in the pass game? Yes. The point is this isn't all Micky D's fault. He is a good coach.


If you still think Micky D isn't a good coach who would you rather have that is available and why?

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