Greenway. Chad Greenway. I'm a Linebacker. You remember those?

                    You have read it everywhere.  Almost every bleeding green fan wants him. As sure as the August sun shines during two-a days and snow comes down in January, Nnamdi Asomugha has been on the lips of Birds' fans since last years draft. While I would love to see him in Midnight Green snagging passes out the air and posing with Asante Samuel in the end zone after a pick-six; we need to keep things in perspective.

There are teams lining up for his services. Washington? If "he" threw hundreds of millions at Albert Haynesworth, what do you think Napoleon-esque owner Daniel Snyder will drop on him? Detroit? They are starving for a winner in a busted decaying city. The once doormat of the NFC North made great strides last year, beating Miami and Super Bowl candidate Green Bay. Last year Detroit Head coach Jim Schwartz flew to meet with then DE Free Agent Kyle Vandenbosh. This was on the eve of releasing the hounds of free agency. If my memory serves me well they fought back against the Eagles earlier this year and made it a game. The Jets, a contender, they may have a vacancy if Antonio Cromartie takes his services elsewhere. Who wouldn't want to play for a contender? Or Rex Ryan and his foot-loving loud mouth?

The Eagles have a lot of holes to fill in my opnion. If you Google "2011 NFL Free Agents" you will see the Eagles have 3 possible FA's at the LB and OG position. Who can stay and who can go comes down to the Eagles front office and the outcome of the collective bargaining agreement.

Moving Towards Free Agency If It Happens.

The Eagles passed on Chad Greenway in favor of Broderick Bunkley in the 2006 NFL Draft. For Bunkley the jury is still out. Four years later Greenway is a star OLB for the Minnesota Vikings. He had 144 tackles and 1 FF last year. Aside from the aforementioned Asomugha, in this fan-poster's opinion he is the most important name on the market. Due to the fact there is a drop off behind him in FA talent. If you do not want to look I will give you a snapshot.  The rest behind him are either 34 OLB's or undersized overachievers. I do not know about you but I am tired of seeing OLB's under 6'1 and 248 lbs. Yeah you know, the ones that get pushed back and engulfed by LT's like Chad Clifton (GB) and David Deihl (NYG).

There really aren't any 4-3 OLB prospects that can come in and play right away in this years coming draft except for Akeem Ayars of UCLA. I have him going as high as 9 to the Titans whom have 2 of their 3 starting LB's listed as UFA's. The Eagles could move up to get him, it would not surprise me if they did.

Last year I sent an email to Ray Didinger asking what it would take for the Eagles to acquire OG Logan Mankins from New England. His answer was he didn't see them giving up what Belichek was asking for.  I wanted to put Beli-cheat in there instead but, well you know... Needless to say Mankins, returned to the NE lineup after a lengthy hold out this season. He gave the likes of BenJarvis Green Ellis and corn fed overachieving RB Danny Woodhead gaping holes to run through. On top of that, Tom Brady was kept clean all year. From the looks of things, this mauler and technician is leaving the frigid, tuck ruling tundra of Gillette Stadium. Aside from our favorite UFA RCB and Chad Greenway, this guy rounds off my top three stable of thoroughbreds.

More Draft Notes   

The Eagles hold the 23rd pick in the 1st round of this years draft. I have been doing draft studies since I was 12 and yes I have gotten made fun of. I have had my nose in this years draft for 2 months now. After numerous mock draft and countless 2 liters of Coke Zero, I have some answers.

If Mike Pouncey OC/OG (Florida, 6-4 313) survives dropping to the Eagles, I don't think there will be a hesitation on Andy Reids part. He plays two positions on the OL. He appears to be just as good as his twin brother (Markus, PIT) whom was drafted in the first round last year. Hence trigger hath pulled.

Rodney Hudson OC/OG (Florida St; 6-2 282) An amazing citizen, captain and versatile player. He only missed one game in his whole career at Florida State. Watching him play reminds me of Andre Gurode (DAL) when he was coming out of Colorado years ago. He also plays two positions, do the math.

I will be hopefully leaving more notes on these boards, so leave some messages have fun and god bless.

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