May I have your attention please?

Although Sundays game was meaningless I was upset we didn't win. However here's what I've taken away from this game, and alot of it is positive.

Ok, let's go by the Units here:


Offensive Line- The OL was ok.. I think McGlynn did a pretty good job, and Austin Howard from what I saw did well. Dunlap struggled but wasn't to terrible. The Guards were ok.. All in all it wasn't a very good OL to put infront of Kolb at all, and the Cowgirls front 7 pretty much molested Kolb because of it. But individually I did see some upside to Howard and McGlynn, I like how they were nasty and didn't quit till the whistle.

Wide Receivers/Tight End- Chad Hall is a serious player, 6 catches for 84 yards and 1 TD? How many of you saw that coming? All of you who rip on Chad saying he's not very good should realize that kinda production from your 5th WR is pretty good. Riley Cooper disappointed me, he had 1 catch for 5 yards, I really expected more from him. Avant barely played but he did have a 21 yard catch. Sad we didn't get Maclin his 36 yards though.. Clay Harbor was alright, looked like he blocked pretty well for the most part and he had 4 catches for 32 yards but dropped a wide open deep pass that hit him right in the hands. This was in no way a WR/TE group that could win to many football games, however some of them showed alot of promise.

Running Back- Harrisons 21 carries and 99 yards are pretty good, he looked fresh and ellusive, and he caught the ball pretty well. No where near McCoys level but we should find a way to get Harrison involved more. Buckley had a few carries but was largely ineffective, I like his running style, if we ran the ball more I'd really like to see him close games against tired Defenses.

Defensive Line- I only know Te'o, Bunkley and I believe McCray played. and all I know is they got some pressure, upset McGee's rhythm and Te'o had a sack. Pretty good if you ask me, especially for playing a bunch of nobody's.

Linebackers- Clayton excites me, I like his energy, I like how he flies around, when he almost had that pick I dont think anybody would've been able to catch him. Jordan, Omar and Fokou had good games I was impressed by our LB's on this one.

Defensive Backs- Lindley did what I said he does, I'll go into detail below... Patterson had a decent game, had a sack and a few tackles and most importantly he didn't get beat this game, good turn around, hopefully this gives him some rhythm and confidence heading into the playoffs, whether he's the RCB or depth we're going to need him next week, that's for sure. I saw Brandon Hughes have a good play and break up a pass and I saw the DB's hitting.. And whatever scrub Safety combo we had back there they did good, didn't see their names get called in a negative light.

Quarterback- Kolb did about as well as I thought he would. Sure he threw 3 picks, but 1 was on a hail mary and the other 2 he was getting ass raped by Ware and Co. You can't expect him to play any better with a bunch of scrubs around him. I think if we put a decent OL infront of him Iwantvick would be on his knees sucking Kolbs cock begging for him to be the starter.. Ok not that bad but we'd be having an entirely different discussion... Kolb did ok, get over it, he's still probably going to get us a good Pick this year or next.

This section is reserved for my boy:

This is Trevard Lindley. I think he played a very good game tonight, He was pretty much matched up on Miles Austin the entire night and Austin had 2 catches for 62 yards. Now that means Lindley gave up 2 catches that were each 31 yards long however he only gave up 2 catches and was there to make the tackle immediately. What I like about Lindley is that he played very physical football and he seemed to play with alot of confidence tonight. If he doesn't get a long look to play next week then I'm going to throw a massive fit. He doesn't let people get by him much and he's a good tackler... I'm still the leader of the Start Lindley bandwagon, there's plenty of room, get your seats now.

Eagles vs. Packers

Let's just get this out of the way. Our DL must get pressure, our LB's must make sure they make good decisions, when they blitz they must hit home, when they are in Coverage they cannot be out of place. Our CB's must not give up the big play, so that means Patterson, Hanson(please god don't allow this guy on the field sunday) or Lindley or whoever plays at RCB must play smart and not make mistakes. Mikel must catch balls that hit him in the hands and Coleman needs to continue to make plays as he has done all season.

On Offense we need to do what we do. We must be balance, we must not let the Missing Link through and we must protect Vick for 60 minutes. If we're on our A game and our D stops them 2-3 times we're going to win this game.

This will be a totally different game than Week 1. We've made alot of changes and the Packers have made alot of changes. These are the playoffs, we're either going to nut up and be the best or we're gonna look like a ton of pussies who cant win with argueably the best QB in the game.

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