My Top 10 Favorite Eagles Games During the Reid Era

Since I can't work when the weather is so poor, I decided to pay homage to my favorite games under Andy Reid. I think it would be cool for the guys that have only been following the birds for a couple of years or so to see some of the great games we had.


10. January 19th, 2002

Philadelphia Eagles 33 Chicago Bears 19

This game was awesome because it launched us into our first championship game in years. Our defense was feared with Troy Vincent, a young Brian Dawkins, Bobby Taylor, and Jeremiah Trotter to name just a few. The Eagles were not expected to make it this far in the season, but they easily stomped Tampa Bay in the wild card round and marched into Soldier Field and played an overall great game. McNabb despite throwing a pick 6 played very well throwing for 2 TDs and rushing for 1. I had to look this one up but even Akers had a tremendous game kicking 4 FGs to help end the Bears season.

9. November 25th 2002

Philadelphia Eagles 38 San Francisco 49ers 17

This was a Sunday Night game to remember for Eagles fans. The week before McNabb went down with a fractured ankle against the Arizona Cardinals, which I attended. We were pretty uncertain Koy Detmer was going to be able to lead the team to Ws with McNabb out and I remember the very first play of the game just being UGLY and you got the "oh ..great" feeling. Detmer ended up lighting it up before getting injured himself and having A.J. Feeley finish out the game and the remainder of the season while McNabb rehabbed back to health.

8.November 15h, 2004

Philadelphia Eagles 49 Dallas Cowboys 21

When we ultimately look back at Donovan's best years 2004 was pretty much the year that you remember. We had a good O-line, Terrell Owens, Chad Lewis, and a pretty good defense too. McNabb was the most accurate and consistent that year and put up monster numbers. This was a game where we went into Dallas and pretty much smothered the Cowboys, it was a microcosm to the whole season offensively. This is where Donovan scrambled for 14 seconds and launched the ball 60 yards and completed 1 of Freddie Mitchell's 5 relevant catches. Terrell Owens also gave us something to laugh after he scored he decided to pose on the Dallas Cowboy's star...the one in the end zone. It was pretty embarrassing night for Tuna and Jerry but pretty awesome for the Eagles.

7. December 15th 2003

Philadelphia Eagles 34 Miami Dolphins 27

For the newer guys on here, the Miami Dolphins were actually a pretty good team back then. They had Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas in their prime leading a stout defense and Ricky Williams carrying the Miami Dolphin's offense that year. If you want to talk about predictability and play calling, the Eagles had some really nice play calls and great execution and it started right off the bat. A deep bomb to Pinkston for the first play of the game and then Brian Westbrook made a great 20 yard scamper for the score right after. The most amazing play came when I believe it was Freddie Mitchell with the WR pass to Brian Westbrook over Zach Thomas for the TD -- it was beautiful. Eagles critics were a little unsure if we were going to be able to stop Ricky Williams who at the time was having a monster season -- but besides from one long scamper the Eagles did a good job.

6. January 11th, 2004

Philadelphia Eagles 20 Packers 17

This game was pretty wild as most of you remember it quite vividly. Sheldon Brown gave up 2 quick TDs to the Packers making it an uphill battle from the get go. Brown at the time was in for I believe Bobby Taylor and was quite raw back then. He remembers telling the coach he was "cool," after the two TDs and went on to play a pretty good game after that. The offense was without Brian Westbrook, and most of the game the offense struggled. However, this is back when McNabb could make Vick-esque plays with his feet and towards the end of the game that's exactly what he did. The Packers defense was pretty good back then and I think they had 8 sacks that game with the last one setting up the infamous 4th and 26th. 4th and 26th is like 9/11 in the regard that you knew exactly where you were and what you were doing when the play happened. After the Dawkins INT and run back you just knew the Eagles were going to win and it ended up being one of the greatest plays in playoff history.

5. December 25th 2006

Philadelphia Eagles 23 Dallas Cowboys 7

Merry Christmas to Philly seeing as this was a HUGE game coming down the stretch. The Eagles who lost McNabb in the middle of the season were pretty much fizzling out after a hot start and were forced to start Jeff Garcia. The first game wasn't pretty against the Colts, but Garcia led an amazing comeback including this game where the Eagles were supposed to lose. Instead the Eagles put on a beautiful defensive effort with a couple of sacks, picks and a goal line stand to boot. T.O. for most of  the game was shut down and had a couple of his proverbial weekly drops. The crowd was crazy and for the Eagles to go in and take it to the Cowboys like that was just beautiful. Michael Irvin guaranteed the Eagles had no shot to win the week before and called their fairy tale over -- he was wrong. Say what you want about Jeff Garcia, the guy had great football instincts and could run the WCO extremely well.

4. November 15th 2010

Philadelphia Eagles 59 Washington Redskins28


A month after McNabb claimed the Eagles made a mistake by trading him the Eagles handed the Redskins a HISTORIC butt kicking. This game reminded me of the 1995 playoff game versus the Lions. The Eagles offense could just do no wrong that game and everything worked. It was so bad you actually felt sorry for Redskins fans

3. December 19th 2010

Philadelphia Eagles 38 New York Giants 31

Ah, still fresh in our minds! What a victory!

2. January 11th, 2009

Philadelphia Eagles 23 New York Giants 11

The entire season was marred by inconsistency seeing as we finished 9-6-1 and at one point benched McNabb in favor of Kevin Kolb for a game. The one thing we did have going for us was a really strong defense which really helped our team in the playoffs. The Giants that year were the SB favorites after winning the SB the previous year and having one hell of a regular season. Although it all started to crumble once Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg (LOL) and when the Eagles took it to them in their last regular season game (the first of 6 straight victories).

This game was a real battle and both offenses struggled mightily but if this was one game you had to give McNabb credit for in his later, less productive years, it had to be this one. He made some great plays with his feet, extending the play and ultimately leading the Eagles to score more points than the favored Giants. The Eagles/Giants rivalry has really heated up since 2006 and since both teams are run pretty well I don't see it dying down anytime soon.

1. January 23rd, 2005

Philadelphia Eagles 27 Falcons 10

We finally did it! We made it to the SB and there were plenty of story lines before the game started. We were without starting WR Terrell Owens and we were facing Mike Vick and a play making Falcons offense. Just like the 4th and 26th game you remember exactly where you were and who you were with this game. It just had such a special feeling and energy at the end of the game when you knew the Eagles were going to win it. The whole season had that feel but to finally make the big dance felt so good. The defense came up big that game and the offense made due without Owens. Who doesn't remember the hit Dawkins put on Crumlper or Derrick Burgess terrorizing Vick with his speed on the outside? What a game!

What games in the Reid era did I miss?

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