(Under the radar) What do you think of....?

(I don't make these that often anymore as I prefer to just comment more now)

Defensive coordinator names have obviously been a hot topic over the last 48 hours for obvious reasons. We even had our old friend Mr. Tommy Lawlor drop by and give his input on the more popular names around the Eagles FO lately. 

(Just a quick note if you were to read this Mr. Lawlor, even though you said you are only here temporarily, here's to hoping you at least come around and drop an article every once in awhile especially for BGN or at least continue to comment. You offer some of the better insight we've heard with the perfect combination of personal thoughts, research, and actual facts).

Some of the more popular names have been Mike Singletary (even though I think he is set in stone to now become LB coach for the Vikings), Billy Davis (not exactly fond of his résumé), Jim Mora Jr (who I believe is more like Wade Phillips in that he is a good coach, but not tough enough on his players, Dick Jauron (I'm OK with this one a little), Winston Moss (love this idea), Mike Trgovac (like this idea as well), as well as a few others (some more farfetch'd than others). 

Well I thought I would toss a few out of my own....we'll here goes.


Bud Foster-Age 51

Coaching Career

Murray State (GA)
Murray State (LB/ST)
Virginia Tech (LB/ST)
Virginia Tech (DC)

This is a guy I'm big on. (SHOUT TO EAGLES DEVIL DOG, I'M NOT A VA TECH FAN IN THE LEAST). Some may consider reaching for a college coach a reach. To be fair, I am one of those. But Bud Foster is one I would be willing to take a reach on. One of the few things you could always expect is defense (with the exception of this year). He was deserving of a head coaching job in the NCAA a long time ago, but has turned down numerous offers. I have seen enough of from him to say I am impressed with him. Now of course, there is a big difference in college and pros (mainly egos), but I went back and did some research on his work and I saw that Bud Foster put numerous defensive players into the NFL Draft as well as boasted one of the most consistent defenses in college football since 1995. 7 times his defense finished in the top 7 in the NCAA, 6 times they have finished in the top 5 (including number 1 overall twice). With the exception of the 2010, 1997, and 1998 years, his defense has produced at least one All-American annually.  He has been very loyal to the Hokies, but I think he is at least worth a mention and hopefully a call from the Eagles FO. (Plus he runs the 4-3 so no major changes would need to happen).



Monte Kiffin-Age 70

Coaching Career 

Nebraska (GA)
Nebraska (DC)
Arkansas (DC)
Arkansas (Assistant HC/DC)
North Carolina State
Green Bay Packers (LB)
Buffalo Bills (LB)
Minnesota Vikings (LB)
New York Jets (LB)
Minnesota Vikings (DC)
Minnesota Vikings (LB)
New Orleans Saints (DC)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (DC)
Tennessee (DC)

"Father of the Tampa Cover 2". I've heard a few people mention Tony Dungy and with Dick Jauron running the same style as the former, I figure why not take it back to where it began. Honestly, this is a pipe dream. I have no idea how many years this guy has left in him to coach. The age says 70, but when your son is Lane Kiffin (and you follow him around) you have to add at least 10 years to that. SC is normally a perennial power in the NCAA, but with one more year of the USC penalty, stricter recruiting rules (and athletic director), and Lane Kiffin, for the right price, the good Kiffin might be available for the right price. Considering most of our players are already undersized for their positions (by the way for the people Jamar is too small to play middle linebacker, HE'S NOT! He is not 5'11", he is 6'0" 3/4 in., in technical terms, he is 3/4 of an inch taller than Beason and 1/2 in. shorter than Willis. I realize you want the Stewart Bradley model of 6-4 260, but quite frankly I wouldn't care how big the LB as long as they are productive), and that fits the Tampa Cover 2 style the right way. So I figure if you are going to follow the style anyways, go with the person who knows how to do it best. Like I said, this one is a major reach. I don't expect it to happen, but it is worth mentioning. 



Dean Pees-Age 61

Coaching Career










(Defensive Coordinator)
(Secondary Coach)
Miami (Ohio)
(Defensive Coordinator)
(Secondary Coach)
(Secondary Coach)
(Defensive Coordinator)
Notre Dame
(Secondary Coach)
Michigan State
(Defensive Coordinator)
(Inside Linebackers Coach)
Kent State
(Head Coach)
New England Patriots
(Linebackers Coach)
New England Patriots
(Defensive Coordinator)
Baltimore Ravens
(Linebackers Coach)

Dean Pees is little known since everyone seems to bow to Bill Belichick. But, Dean was a person I had my eyes on back in 2007. Back when everyone was groveling over the great offense of the Patriots, I was impressed with the defense (in you haven't realized by now, I am more of a defense lover than offense). Despite the fact that they faced 6 top 10 offenses that year (7 if you include the Jags a second time in the playoffs), they still managed to boast the number 4 ranked defense in the NFL and his defense produced 3 Pro Bowlers (including our very own Asante Samuel). From the Baltimore Raven's site:

During his tenure guiding the defense, the Patriots were the only NFL team to finish in the top 10 in scoring defense in four consecutive seasons. New England’s unit also allowed less than 20 points per game in every season under Pees’ guidance. 

After the 2009 season, he decided against going back to New England and chose to pursue other open jobs. He ended up being the new linebackers coach for the Ravens whose group ended up boasting one of the best statistical seasons of all of their careers.

The only problem I have with Pees was he used a 3-4, but some points during his play calling in his seasons with the Pats, I saw them go with a 4-3 look on numerous occasions. Me personally, I am a big fan of the 4-3 defense and would hope to keep that style around. If he could find a way to run this defense while maintaining that, I would be ecstatic to have him, if he would prefer to try to change us, I would want to stay away. 



Karl Dunbar-Age 43

Coaching Career






Nicholls State
(Defensive line)
Louisiana State
(Strength and conditioning)
Oklahoma State
(Defensive line)
Chicago Bears
(Defensive line)
Louisiana State
(Defensive line)
Minnesota Vikings
(Defensive line)

(Yes, the picture is weird, I know). Inventor of the "Williams' Wall." This guy is the complete opposite of Rory Segrest. Since Dunbar has taken over the defensive line of the Vikings, the Vikings have had the top rushing defense in the over the last 4 years (with a down year being last year). In 2006-08, with '06 being when he took over, the Vikings defense sat at the top of the NFL rushing defense and in 2009, ranked #2 in rushing defense. After a bad 2006 year in sacks, the defenses sack number sky-rocketed from 25th to 8th in 2007 with 38 sacks (D-Line contributed 29.5/38 sacks) and continued to improve the next year reaching 4th with 45 sacks in 2008 (D-Line contributed 34/45 sacks), and reached 1st in 2009 with 48 sacks (D-Line contributed 38.5/48 sacks). With the youth up front that we have in Patterson, Dixon, and Graham (hopefully he makes a full recovery), and with an All-Pro rusher already up front in Cole, its possible he could work wonders. Biggest knock on him is, he has never been more than a position coach and may not be ready to run an entire defense. With that being said, he would have to know who and what to look for in position coaches to help him out. But if any way, shape, or form he is able to do with our defensive line what he did with the Vikings defensive line, I would be willing to take a shot. 



**Those are most of my candidates that have flown under the radar so far. Most might say the biggest knock on these guys is that a few may have no major NFL coaching experience. Well, you gotta crawl before you can walk. Ron Rivera was our position coach before he was a head coach, Andy was position coaching before he was coaching the Eagles to the playoffs, and hey, Belichick didn't start out with 3 Super Bowl rings on his finger. Sometimes you've got to take a shot. Most of the defensive coordinators are already set in stone. Some reaching is going to have to take place. I wouldn't mind reaching for some fresh blood and seeing what it turns out to be. I mean, that's how most coaches get their jobs anyways (for the most part) isn't it? Think of it this way....can it get much worse than how it was going for McDermott (no offense to him)?






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