Draft vs free agency,who would you rather have?

CB:Nnamdi Asomugha vsPrince Amukamara            

Amukamara:Probably the the best cover corner in the draft,he is one the NCAA leaders in passes defended.I wouldn't be surprised if he were a shutdown corner from day one.

Asomugha:Maybe the best corner in the league even though he doesn't force turnovers,Asomugha was overlooked in Oakland,because he played for a shitty team, but don't make that mistake of thinking he sucked. He has played against so many elite recievers and he SHUT THEM DOWN.

My pick:Amukamara.Yes,I was tempted to pick Asomugha.If there is a new salary cap in place,there probably will be a rookie salary cap.He will be a lot cheaper,he may have just as much talent and he may be a star longer.Asomugha will be the answer for maybe 5-6 years,but Asomugha will last for something like 12-15 years considering he is the real deal.

RG:Logan Mankins vs Mike Pouncey

Mankins:Tom Brady already had a good Offensive line even before Mankins came back from holdout.But when he came back,noone could pull Brady's hair.He didn't even throw an interception while playng with Mankins back,mainly because he had all day to throw.A lot of Micheal Vick's turnovers came when he was banged up.Now imagine a non-banged up Micheal Vick.It would likely mean he would have fewer turnovers and more touchdowns.

Pouncey:One of the best prospects as offensive lineman in this years draft and an all SEC player the last couple of years,even though he is a center,he is better suited at guard.His size and athletisism are amazing.

My pick:Mankins easily.A garenteed healthy Micheal Vick will make me sleep happy at night.

Linebacker:Sean Weatherspoon vs Chad Greenway


Chad Greenway:Before last year,Greenway has always been a consistent linebacker.This year,he took a big step forward into becoming a great 4-3 linebacker,even though the Vikings took a huge step backwards.He is a monster at stopping the run and would help our rush defense stop guys like James Starks and Ryan Torain.

My pick:Greenway.He has became a monster at LB and we don't have to open our wallets much.

Jammal Brown vs Gabe Carimi

Jammal Brown:He did struggle early in the season but has given many running lanes for Ryan Torain.He is nowhere near where he was with the Redskins inm what he was with the Saints,but he would be a nice replacment for Winston Justice.

Gabe Carimi:I like Carimi's size and athleticism,one thing different about him and Brown is that he is a better pass blocker than him but not as good in run blocking.

My Pick:Carimi,we need a good pass blocking RT and this guy fits the resume.He doesn't false start or hold as much ,which can help displine us.


Note:I totally forgot Weatherspoon was drafted last year by the FALCONS.Some stupid website said he was gonna get drafted this year .I didnt notice that the page was outdated.

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