My Offseason wish list



These are the players I want in the upcoming free agency market:

Backup QB:Matt Hasselback:At one point he was probably the best quarterbacks in the NFL,when he had a 91.4 QB rating.But since then,everything has fallen South, as well as the Seahawks talent.He showed a resurgence in last weeks game a game against the Saints,but his days of starting are numbered.He should be a good backup,like John Kitna.

Backup Option

Seneca Wallace:An underated guy, Seneca Wallace has been a consistent Quarterback with the Browns and Seahawks.He has running ability and unlike Hasselback, does not turn the ball over as much.

Other names:Matt Leinhart,Matt Moore,Alex Smith.


Jammal Brown:Though not at his former self when he struggled somewhat with the Redskins,this guy is way better than Winston Justice and THE QUEEN.Also, he is part of the reason why Ryan Torain had a good season running on the right side.Hopefully if we get him, he can resume to his former self before the injury with the Saints.Poor guy couldnt be with the Saints when they won it all.I read in the Washington Post that he was crying when the Saints won it all, and he couldn't make the trip.

Other names:Willie Colon,Jermon Bushrod

Guards:Logan Mankins:Once he returned to the Patriots after his holdout , Tom Brady had all day to throw.Just imagine Vick getting this great of a pocket.I REALLY want to get this guy.

Another great option:Carl Nicks:This guy made the pro bowl this year and is an amazing run blocker:Even while having guys like Jahri Evans and Johnathan Goodwin,by far ,the Saints were at their best running up the middle.Also a very good Pass blocker.But he is less likely than Mankins to hit the market.

Defensive Backs:

Nnamdi Asomugha:I've heard somewhere if there is a Revis island,there should be a Asomugha continent.His stats are too crazy,it makes me say DAMN,opposing QB's have thrown his way 33 times and only 13 completions for 207 yards and just one TD. Remember,he's played against guys with the names of Reggie Wayne,Larry Fiztgerald,Dwayne Bowe(twice) and Andre Johnson.Howie,you can pull this one off.After all,we are one of the top 3 teams interested,the others Dallas and Detroit,I'm guessing team strength will be a major factor,considering that he may have been tired of losing in Oakland,only us best fit this description.Just imagine a Samuel-Asomugha combo.

If Asomugha is too expensive,Brent Grimes is another  excellent option,he is among the league leaders in tipped passes and forces many turnovers.A Samuel-Grimes combo isn't too bad either .

Other options:Antonio Cromartie,Johnathan Joseph,Ike Taylor,Carlos(no hands)Rodgers,Richard Marshall.

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