Can't we just hope that we get it right next year?

Ever year we lose (reminder that so do 31 other teams) every fan needs to find fault in something. I'm pretty sure the FO is aware of them and changes will be necessary. I still think the 2010 was a much better team than the 2009 team which had a cupcake schedule compared to the 2010 team.


The most common:

Andy Reid's play calling (although he doesn't call the plays anymore, Marty does. Maybe next year fans will get this)

We are not balanced enough -  No one seemed to complain when we were winning games and being dubbed the #1 offense in the NFL.

We win when we run the ball 50% of the time - No kidding, we run that much when we have the lead, that is the worst stat ever.

We are too predictable - How can you be the #1 offense and too predictable all at the same time?

The coordinators need to go - Maybe, there might be some merit there, but at least come up with more logic than the aforementioned.

I think the most logical argument at this point is that the players weren't good enough to get the job done.

Even when we ran the ball against GB, it wasn't particularly effective. I think I remember seeing McCoy get stuffed more than once with only 1-2 yards to go for the first down.

Let's face it: McGlynn, Cole, and Justice/Dunlap are decent back ups but they aren't starters.

Not to mention games against good teams can come down to a few plays. Avant dropped a big one, Maclin lost out on a jump ball that he could've had, Vick missed on a couple big throws (one deep ball to Jackson, the INT to Cooper). We just didn't make the plays when they were there. I'm sure the coaches could've done something different and they would tell you that but hind sight is 20/20 and the execution wasn't there.

A couple of those plays were made and we might be discussing the divisional match up with the Bears this week. That's the NFL though, who can make more plays and less mistakes.

Now the other question is, was there ANYONE who is at all surprised or didn't see the possibility of this happening?

We looked bad against MIN, we looked bad against the Giants for 52 minutes, we barely squeezed by Dallas and Houston (who are mediocre teams) and we lost to the Bears the week prior. I think a couple key players on the line and defense will easily give us chance to win a ring.

And the point is I don't think big whole sale changes need to be made here. The core is young and talented, but a few tweaks here and there might be allt hat is needed for a SB run.


And I think it's time we stop bitching about the run/pass ratio. It works, this is a passing league. Please name one rushing team that is better offensively than the Eagles or any other pass first team.

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