Dear Howie Roseman

Good job. Seriously, I know some people are going to give you a ton of shit for this last loss. (But they are also the same people who thought this was a rebuilding year, the team would be 7-9 and Dallas would be competing for a superbowl)

My point is not to dwell on Sunday. Fuck, I mean this is Philadelphia right. And it wouldn't be a proper season without some sort of heart wrenching loss. If you have followed the Eagles long enough, there is an empty void where your heart used to be still from 2004.

Yet there is work to be done. I'll start with our most pressing needs.

RIGHT CORNER BACK - If we go through the same bs of thinking Ellis Hobbs, Dimitri Patterson, and Joselio Hanson are starting cornerbacks you have to be fucking out of your mind. Ellis is the closest, and now has had 2 serious, career threatening neck injuries. Don't get me started on Hanson and Patterson. They are depth for a reason.

Go get Nnamdi! Now. Seriously I'll go be his butler for the month if it makes it easier to get him. WE NEED A SHUT DOWN CORNER like 3rd world countries need food and water. If we go through free agency and the draft without getting an immediate impact player at right corner, Howie you should turn in your resignation. Realistically, we need a free agent much more than a rookie. Which brings me to my next point.

THIS TEAM HAS A 2-3 YEAR WINDOW WITH VICK. That's it. So there comes a point where you need to stop drafting rookies and bring in viable, proven free agents to do the job. These next positions I will list are all big needs and should be filled with a free agent.

1. DE/DT - T. Cole is getting up in age and is double teamed virtually every snap. We need a serious rusher, from the edge. I'm talking a Mario Williams/Just Tuck mold guy to come in a be a beast. Seriously, outside of Right Corner, there is no greater void in this defense.

2. RG, C, RT - For all the people saying ship Vick away, you should first take a look at the o-line you want Kolb to play behind. Seriously, this is some swiss cheese of an O-line. Mike McGlynn? Nick Cole? Reggie Wells? Winston Justice? I could live with Justice for another year, but think about how bad our protection was at the end of the year. If Vick gets sacked like he did, imagine what will happen to KK. It will make Clay Mattews look like he was a kid throwing another kid into the ball pit at discovery zone. You don't think the lack of protection was a large factor in Vick throwing more int's and fumbling more? I do. I know it's not all on the o-line, but when you get rushed non-stop all game opposing defenses are going to make plays.

My final point is simple. Sign Vick to a 3-4 year deal and do it now. Again, to all the Kolb apologists, (for the record I have no ill will towards KK, I just don't think he will ever be the qb vick is right now) you do not go and get rid of your team mvp. Much less a man who was giving Tom Brady a run for his money. If you can make people question Tom Brady's MVP candidacy you must be doing something extremely right. Has anyone seen Tom Brady play this year? I bet you anything he get's his fourth ring. He has been that good, and Vick made people question who was better. That alone is enough to sign him. I know ESPN will never say this, but Vick deserves to be in the Manning, Brady and Brees company.

The best part is these are simple fixes. We additionally need to keep up the trend of drafting well. Guys like T. Laws and Fokou really came into their own this year. It shows how good this staff can be with the right talent. They need to continue to draft well and bring in players who push the personnel already in camp, as well as replace aging vets.

This team has every skill position locked up for years. Personally, we look very similar to the KC chiefs. Tons of potential that really did better this year than was expected. Both teams had disappointing playoff losses. But both of these young squads are going to learn and get better from these experiences.

As eagles fans we have a lot to look forward to. Now go sign Nnamdi right fucking now.

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