No, Its Not a Novel. Its an offseason preview!

So here I am, sitting in my living room after the loss when my mom switches the channel to The Oprah Network. I'm so numb with disappointment that I don't really care when suddenly, Diane Sawyer starts talking on my television. In my attempt to take my mind off of the game, I begrudgingly watched the TV. Now I'm not telling you this story to show I was so upset that I was watching the Oprah Network. No, I'm telling you this story because Mrs. Sawyer used a quote that I thought fit the situation we're in quite well.

"There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in."

-Leonard Cohen

Which made me think, this team is flawed but we need to look at this as an opportunity to make this team better, let the light in and come back even stronger next year. And upon my finding this quote online, it led me to another Leonard Cohen line.

"Start again I heard them say, don't dwell on what has passed away"

-Leonard Cohen


Which again, had me thinking. We need not dwell on this incredibly disappointing loss, instead we need to look at this Philadelphia Eagles team and see the bright side of things.

So, in my attempt to sort of lighten the mood here at BGN, I'm putting together a quick list of the good things from this season.

1.   This team has shown a ton of heart and grit.

2.   As the third youngest team in football, they won their division and made the playoffs.

3.   We've got a new franchise QB

Now you must be thinking "THREE THINGS?! THAT'S IT! C'MON D-JACK I NEED MORE POSITIVITY" but I think those are three HUGE positives. This team was in a bunch of close games and they often times pulled them out in the 4th quarter, I think that's huge for a young team. As the third youngest team in football this team just won the NFC East, a lot of times young teams need to learn how to win but this team already does that. And never underestimate the importance of finding a new franchise QB, there are a ton of teams who were a QB away from being a playoff contender and we basically stumbled upon an MVP caliber QB. This season was great for the Eagles, we all thought we were rebuilding and that this would be a touch and go kind of season but we were wrong, this team is a few players away from competing for the big thing. Unfortunately for the Eagles they ran into a team that was perfectly equipped to beat them.

So, since our season is over, lets look towards the offseason (assuming there even is one).

The Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Preview:

The Coaching Staff:

With coaching changes I think we have to keep some things in mind:

1.     Unless the candidate is one of the best in the game (Bobby April), Andy Reid likely won't hire them.

2.     Andy Reid will almost ALWAYS retain his staff and promote from within

3.     Andy Reid loves to get people he has worked with in the past (Brad Childress, Dick Jaroun, Marty Morninwheg)

4.     Andy Reid doesn't want to mess up the dynamic of his team so he will only sign a guy who he thinks fits in with his team and he is assured of that by a source he trusts (i.e. Jaroun likely played a role in getting April to the Eagles)

5.     Because Andy is so conscious about his locker room dynamic, he will almost always stay within the WCO coaching tree where he can contact people he knows and has worked with about the prospective hire.


Marty Morninwheg will interview for the head coaching spot of the Cleveland Browns:

The Cleveland Browns are interested in Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and are expected to interview him at some point for their head coaching vacancy, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Per our source, the Browns are very high on Mornhinweg.

Mornhinweg has close ties to Browns team president Mike Holmgren and share the same agent, Bob LaMonte.

Marty Morninwheg is rumored to be considered for the Stanford position:

ESPN college football insider Joe Schad put together a preliminary list of possible names the Cardinal could be interested in and among them is Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg.

Favorite to replace Marty if he leaves the Philadelphia Eagles:

James Urban QB Coach Philadelphia Eagles

-James Urban is a guy that Andy Reid is a big fan. James has been with the Eagles for a while now but he only took over as the QB coach in 2009 after Pat Shurmer left for St. Louis. As QB coach, Donovan McNabb had one of his best seasons, Kevin Kolb became a tradable commodity and he helped play a role in completely transforming Michael Vick. James Urban is undoubtedly the favorite man for the OC spot if Marty leaves.

Other Candidates:

Brad Childress Former Head Coach Minnesota Vikings

Tom Clements QB Coach Green Bay Packers

Joe Lombardi QB Coach New Orleans Saints

Bill Musgrave QB Coach Atlanta Falcons

Bill Callahan QB Coach New York Jets (Product of Jon Gruden)


Sean McDermott, rightly or wrongly, has been under fire all season for his performance as the defensive coordinator. One could argue he isn't working with great talent, one could argue he just isn't good but one thing is for sure, he isn't putting together a defense that Jim Johnson would be proud of. Jim Johnson had a top 3 defense in the entire NFL in 2008 and under Sean McDermott the defense seems to be getting progressively worse. If Sean McDermott were to be fired, these would be three candidates to replace him:

Dick Jauron DB Coach Philadelphia Eagles

*Would be a promotion from within, Andy Reid has worked with him in the past and he is from the WCO coaching tree.

Here is a chart of every defense that Jauron has either coordinated or been the head coach for this decade:

Statistical Category

2000 (Bears)





2003 (Bears)

2004 (Lions)

2005 (Lions)

2006 (Bills)




Yardage Defense

16th in the NFL

15th in the NFL

25th in the NFL

14th in the NFL

22nd in the NFL

20th in the NFL

18th in the NFL

31st in the NFL

14th in the NFL

19th in the NFL

Scoring Defense

20th in the NFL

1st in the NFL

24th in the NFL

22nd in the NFL

17th in the NFL

20th in the NFL

10th in the NFL

18th in the NFL

14th in the NFL

16th in the NFL

Third Down Defense

13th in the NFL

11th in the NFL

10th in the NFL

20th in the NFL

27th in the NFL

14th in the NFL

12th in the NFL

28th in the NFL

9th in the NFL

24th in the NFL


21st in the NFL

4th in the NFL

18th in the NFL

32nd in the NFL

14th in the NFL

24th in the NFL

8th in the NFL

29th in the NFL

28th in the NFL

18th in the NFL


27th in the NFL

9th in the NFL

30th in the NFL

18th in the NFL

22nd in the NFL

7th in the NFL

24th in the NFL

10th in the NFL

27th in the NFL

2nd in the NFL


Dick Jaroun is a Tampa 2 coach. The Tampa 2 scheme is terrible IMO, I hate it. It's a soft zone kind of scheme and if you're playing good route runners who can find open spots in zone coverage, you're screwed. The scheme HEAVILY relies on good linebacker play. In the Tampa 2 scheme, your WLB (ROLB) needs to be a complete stud, he needs to be able to cover the slot receiver far more often than a normal WLB would, they are asked to cover more ground in the passing game and they're the most important player in run support as the entire Tampa 2 scheme was built to funnel action towards the WLB (Derrick Brooks). And your MLB needs to be a stud as well, Ray Lewis from about 2000-2003 is the ideal Tampa 2 MLB, one who can defend the run very well and compensate for penetrating defensive tackles and they need to be able to get down the ‘barrel' of the defense and cover the middle of the field. Also in the Tampa-2 scheme your corners need to be physical player who will knock receivers off their routes, pass them off, drop into their zones and then actively support the run. IDK about you but putting Ernie Sims/Akeem Jordan, Stewart Bradley, Moise Fokou, Asante Samuel and Trevard Lindley into a Tampa 2 would not be a good fit.

For more reading on a Tampa 2 defense here are some links: (WOW!)

Its important to note the differences between cover 2 and Tampa 2 by the way, I linked some cover 2 stuff because a lot of the general concepts are the same but they're not the same defense. A Tampa 2 puts a lot more pressure on the linebackers than a cover 2 does.

Its almost comical how easy it is to take apart the Tampa 2 these days, no team runs a real Tampa 2 anymore. Just spread them out and boom, the scheme is taken apart. Attack the linebackers in coverage. The Eagles and DeSean Jackson have made some huge plays against the Tampa 2 by taking advantage of DeSean's match-up against linebackers and safeties. A Tampa 2 defense is just so bad, I prefer an aggressive blitz scheme that I've grown to love based on stories about Buddy Ryan and watching Jim Johnson's defense at work.

John Fox Former HC Carolina Panthers

*A member of the WCO coaching tree, he is a disciple of Jim Fassel.

He has a reputation as a defensive guru and much like Dick Jaroun, I'm not entirely sure how. Just look at his track record as a defensive coordinator:

Raiders Total Defense Rankings:


1992 - 9th in NFL

1993 - 9th in NFL


1994 - 10th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)

1995 - 11th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)


1996 - 8th in NFL


Giants Total Defense Rankings:


1995 - 17th in NFL

1996 - 14th in NFL


1997 - 18th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)

1998 - 19th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)

1999 - 13th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)

2000 - 5th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)

2001 - 14th in NFL (John Fox was the DC)


2002 - 9th in NFL

Aside from that 2000 season with the New York Giants his defenses never made big jumps underneath John Fox and they even slightly improved in the season after he left. He didn't tank a defense, but he never took a defense to the next level either.

One thing I do really like about John Fox is his aggressive defenses, he is a guy who will bring the heat from every angle. John Fox is a zone blitz guy. His scheme while not as wildly aggressive as Jim Johnson and Sean McDermott were/are (they were the most blitz heavy team for a while), John Fox isn't afraid to bring the blitz.

Ron Meeks DC Carolina Panthers

*Based on the trust that Andy Reid has put in Tony Dungy lately (the whole Vick situation) I think that this move would be on the board because Dungy was with Meeks his entire coaching tenure in Indianapolis. Also Andy Reid would probably ask Marlin Jackson a thing or two about Meeks.

He isn't fired just yet from the Carolina Panthers staff, but he figures to be shown the door depending on who the Panthers hire. Right now Ron Rivera appears to be the leading candidate for the Panthers head-coaching job and seeing as Rivera runs a 3-4 defense, Meeks would probably get the boot. In his seasons as the Panthers defensive coordinator, Meeks had the Panthers pass defense ranked #4 (2009) and #11 (2010) and the reason his pass defense dropped in 2010 is because QB issues put the defense on the field more often and injuries to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart didn't help the TOP battle either. In two seasons Meek's defenses have surrendered 33 touchdowns only 2 more than the Eagles surrendered in 1. Meeks is a guy who comes from Tony Dungy but he doesn't run a true Tampa 2 like Jaroun does, Meeks runs a sort of read on the run defense, they get to their spots and then react quickly to the ball carrier and attack him. Meeks runs a bend but don't break defense. The reason I like Meeks more than other Tampa 2 guys is because Meeks has worked wonders for the Carolina Panthers pass defense and he had the 8th ranked defense in 2009 but his defense dropped in 2010 because of the departure of Julius Peppers coupled injuries to Thomas Davis.


For those of you who think firing Bobby April is a good idea, I laugh at you and I will not even entertain the idea. Bobby April is one of the best in the business and the Eagles special teams got progressively better under April's direction. Remember that Bobby has not been working with savvy veterans like many special teams units have, Bobby was forced to work with a rag tag group of rookies who he has made better. Give Bobby April time and a decent return man and the Eagles will have one of the best special teams units in the NFL.


Now moving onto Eagles players who have expiring contracts:

Michael Vick

Jerome Harrison

Max Jean-Giles

Nick Cole

Dimitri Patterson

Reggie Wells

Stewart Bradley

Victor Abiamiri

Ernie Sims

Omar Gaither

Akeem Jordan

Eldra Buckley

Quintin Mikell

David Akers

Sav Rocca

Jamar Adams (maybe)

Bobby McCray (maybe)

Owen Schmitt (maybe)


Philadelphia Eagles Team Needs:

New Starter Needed At: RG, RT, WLB, MLB, RCB

-The situation on the right side of this Eagles line is comically bad. Winston Justice is terrible, I've been saying it all season, he gave up 7 sacks this season and finally I was proven right when Andy Reid benched him in the playoff game. There is no solid starter at the RG spot, Max Jean-Gilles and Nick Cole are both best served as reserve options.

-Ernie Sims is just bad. Bites on play action. Doesn't even tackle all that well. Only hurts his own teammates. He covers grass. He over pursues. He hits the wrong gaps. He gets into stupid spats that nearly cost the Eagles penalty yards. The guy just needs to go. There is a shark in the water... Pssh, what a load of crap, Ernie Sims is the most retarded ass shark I've ever seen.

-I'm not a Stewart Bradley fan, he is just so unspectacular in every aspect of the game. Stewart Bradley can't cover a tight end if his life depended on it and he lacks range when supporting the run. Big Stew is just not an impact player and I hate to break it to y'all but he never was. Jamar Chaney shows promise, he definitely has a nose for the football but he just has so much to learn about defending the pass that I can't imagine him being the Game 1 starter. Jamar Chaney has a bunch of potential but I think he would be best served to continue his learning on the bench while the Eagles field a good middle linebacker.

-Ellis Hobbs. Dimitri Patterson. Joselio Hanson. Need I say more? Replace ‘em all.

New Back-Ups Needed At: LG, C, RG, TE, SLB, RDT, DE, CB

-Who is the back-up LG? Nick Cole.

-Who is the back-up C? Nick Cole.

-Who is the back-up RG? Nick Cole.

-Clay Harbor is a good run blocker and he made that one crazy TD catch but other than that, what has he really done? He has dropped passes, he has screwed up in pass protection, he has slipped in his routes and he instigates fights. Clay Harbor has potential but I would really like a better #2 TE as Harbor continues his transition to the NFL.

-Do we even have a back-up SLB?

-RDT is the NT spot. I figure Brodrick Bunkley is gone this offseason via trade and I would love for the Eagles to sign or draft someone who can rush the QB from the DT spot. I feel like having a great pass rushing DT who can force the QB out of the pocket makes defending the pass a lot easier and right now, the Eagles don't have that guy at the RDT spot.

-The Eagles pass rush started out hot and sputtered towards the end of the season. This could be because Trent Cole was overworked through the season or this could just be the Eagles lack of talent really showed down the stretch once Brandon Graham (the Eagles second best DE) was lost down the stretch. Either way, the Eagles could really use some more depth at the DE spot, preferably one who can put pressure on the QB ala Chris Clemons and Jason Babin in 2009.

Starting Positions That Can Be Left Alone: LT, LG, QB, RB, WR, LDT, RDT, RE, SLB, LCB, SS, FS

Positions That I Wouldn't Be Upset If They Were Upgraded: C, TE, LE

-Mike McGlynn is okay, I'm not upset that he is going to start but I'm not thrilled with it either. An upgrade would be nice, but its not necessary.

-Brent Celek had a really down year and he just isn't suited to be used more as a blocker like the Eagles are using him now. I'm completely fine with Celek starting because I still think he is awesome but I wouldn't be upset if the Eagles signed or drafted someone like Kyle Rudolph (assuming they fixed other holes first) who is better suited to be used more as a blocker and receiver.

-Juqua Parker is the guy I'm talking about, not Brandon Graham. Juqua still gets some pressure and he defends the run well so I'm not going to see him as a weakness per say, but I won't look at him as a strong point either and I would much prefer he be used in a back-up role.

Free Agency Preview:


Carl Nicks LG New Orleans Saints- This man is a monster at the OG spot. He has started all three seasons of his career and has only allowed 5 sacks, 5 sacks in 48 games. In that time frame, the Saints have passed the ball 1,841 times and Carl Nicks has allowed 5 sacks, that means Carl Nicks allows a sack every 368 passing attempts. Incredible. So Carl Nicks is one dimensional? Wrong. Did I mention Carl Nicks is 6'5" and weighs 348 pounds? This man is obviously a force in the run game. Oh yes, its chart making time.


Runs Up the Middle

Runs To the Left


4.45 YPC (8th)

5.17 YPC (2nd)


4.65 YPC (2nd)

4.17 YPC (17th)


4.63 YPC (4th)

4.60 YPC (6th)

And the numbers are even crazier when you look at the situational stats of individual runners on the Saints. Chris Ivory on runs to the left side of the line averaged 6.5 yards per carry. In 2010 Pierre Thomas averaged 4.5 yards per carry behind the left side of the Saints line (which is .7 yards higher than any other direction for Thomas). In 2009, Pierre averaged 5.5. yards per carry when running behind the left side of the Saints line. New Orleans running backs best numbers consistently come behind Carl Nicks, the behemoth LG.

Logan Mankins LG New England Patriots- After holding out for training camp and the first 7 games of the season, Mankins really didn't get his feet under him this season. Prior to this season, Mankins was one of the best guards in the NFL. I would break him down, but ProFootBallFocus did it earlier this year and with so much to write for a lot of other players, I'll just link you to PFF's profile of Logan Mankins.

Here is the Link, enjoy it.

Davin Joseph RG Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Joseph has been under the radar for the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers haven't been very good, therefore Joseph doesn't get a lot of attention. Keep in mind that Davin is coming off a broken foot. In his 68 games played, Davin has only allowed 11.5 sacks which means that Davin only allows every 5.9 games. Legarrette Blount is the only legitimate running back the Bucs have had lately and when asked to run behind the right side of the line this season, he averaged 6.5 yards per carry. Davin is never going to be confused for a great guard, but he is good for what the Eagles do, he is athletic, quick off the snap, can handle defensive tackles in pass protection and can hit targets in space when asked to block on the second level. Davin would be a great fit for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Justin Blalock LG Atlanta Falcons- The Eagles offensive line isn't very durable, it seems like we see a different starter starting at OG just about every other week lately doesn't it? Whether Todd is having foot issues, Jamaal Jackson is tearing something, Shawn Andrews hurt his lady parts, Stacy Andrews hurting other people's brains, MJG having ankle, weight and Nick Cole having knee issues, the OG spot just isn't very stable. Justin Blalock is a guy who has never missed a start in his career and is quite clearly a durable player. Over the past three seasons (lets just ignore that abomination of a rookie season he had) Justin has only allowed 7.5 sacks. He isn't a dominating run blocker, but he is adequate in that area of his game. Blalock is not a great guard but he is dependable and solid in all aspects of the game and quite frankly I don't think the Eagles would turn that away given the situation at OG lately.

Marshal Yanda RG/RT Baltimore Ravens- Check out this guys scouting report and I'll be shocked if you don't come away thinking Andy Reid probably watches this guys film late at night... Marshal Yanda used to be an offensive tackle before moving to guard (and moving back to RT in 2010). Marshal Yanda isn't all that gifted athletically. Marshal Yanda plays hard and he plays mean. Marshal Yanda blew out his knee a few years back. Marshal Yanda is a beast on screen plays. And Andy Reid just... well never mind, bad mental image. To my knowledge, he has played one full season as a RG (2009) and in that season, the Ravens running game flourished, Ray Rice broke out, Yanda only allowed 1 sack and Rice got 705 all purpose yards behind the right side of the offensive line.

Jared Gaither OT Baltimore Ravens- Personally, based off of what I've heard out of Baltimore lately, Jared Gaither is giving me Shawn Andrews flash backs, the bad kind. Jared Gaither was on the fast track to stardom at the OT spot when suddenly the 2010 season started, lets give you a time line:


  1. Jared Gaither injures his foot somehow
  2. After holding out, Gaither signs his tender
  3. Jared Gaither misses practice without telling anyone
  4. Jared Gaither inexplicably shows up to camp 20 to 30 pounds lighter than he played in 2009
  5. Jared Gaither injures his back
  6. Jared Gaither tries to return, hurts his back more
  7. Jared Gaither sees a back specialist
  8. Jared Gaither misses the entire season with back problems


I'm half expecting a youtube account of Gaither's to pop up where he sings songs and then says he can't come to training camp because he is sad.

But, when the guy is on the field, he dominates. At 6'9" and 340 pounds, you probably couldn't put together a better OT frame if you tried. Jared Gaither has the arm length (36") to go up against anyone in the NFL, his arms are longer than King Dunlap's are. Jared Gaither is a dancing bear, he is massive, yet he has the length and quickness to block just about any pass rusher in the entire NFL. Gaither is versatile too, he has experience playing both right and left tackle spots. Over the past two seasons Gaither has only allowed 8 sacks from his offensive tackle spot, in that same time frame, Winston Justice allowed 13. And with a frame like Gaither's you know he can dominate in the run game. In 2009 when Ray Rice was asked to run behind the left tackle (Gaither's spot that year) he averaged 8.9 yards per carry. Jared Gaither has all the tools to be great and Gaither coupled with Jason Peters would likely be the best offensive tackle duo in the entire NFL if Gaither was back to his usual self.

Jammal Brown OT Washington Redskins- Jammal Brown played terribly for the Washington Redskins, he didn't transition well to the zone blocking scheme at all and injuries continued to nag him. Prior to his stint in Washington, Jammal Brown was one of the best left tackles in all of football for the New Orleans Saints. From 2006-2008 you would be hard pressed to find a better tackle in all of football. Over that aforementioned span it is no secret that the Saints loved to throw the ball. In fact, they threw the ball so much that their quarterback surpassed 600 passing attempts in successive years. The year prior to those they still threw the ball a whopping 554 times. Brown was the left tackle for a historically good offensive line. An offensive line that only allowed 18, 16, and 13 sacks respectively over three years; two of which they lead the league in passing attempts. In those years Brown only allotted an unofficial "official" three, three and four sacks respectively. Over 1,750 snaps Jammal Brown surrendered a grand total of 10 unofficial "official" sacks. Incredible. Any player who can pass block that well is surely welcome on the Eagles where Winston Justice has been getting his QB killed all season.

Thomas Davis WLB Carolina Panthers- Davis has torn his ACL twice in the past year and half so who knows what kind of effect this will have on his career, but when he was healthy, he was arguably the best OLB in football. Davis is a do-it-all player that can - as the title implies - do it all. He makes tackles all over the field including in the box and along the sidelines. Davis is rarely beaten for the big play whether it be a big catch, a long catch and run or a touchdown. On top of that he loves to make plays on the ball. Sure all of his interceptions aren't from well thrown passes but he is still a playmaker when the ball is in the air. Another impressive aspect of Davis' game is his ability to weave in-and-out of traffic despite the Panthers not really having a dominating front four. Over the past four seasons Davis has 22 stuffs against the run including two astounding seasons of nine and eight stuffs in 2007 and 2008 respectively. Davis has also had a penchant for making the more splashy play behind the line of scrimmage as he 11 career sacks. Davis has averaged five-and-a-half passes defensed per season over his career as a starter. It is hard enough for a linebacker to get their hands on the ball in the air a few times in a season so doing it over a career is impressive. The fact that most aren't at the line of scrimmage is even more impressive.

Mike Peterson WLB Atlanta Falcons- Lets be honest, Ernie Sims isn't very smart and he just doesn't use his head on the football field. Mike Peterson isn't the athlete that Sims is, but he is smart, he doesn't over pursue many plays, he is a sure tackler and he is good in coverage. Mike has experience at both the WLB and MLB spots and he has been very effective at both. Even though he is 34 this season, he still managed 5 stuffs, 5 passes defended and 2 interceptions which brings him up to 52 passes defensed for his career and 18 interceptions which is an astounding amount for a linebacker, most corners don't even get that many. Mike Peterson might not be what he used to, but the Eagles could use his veteran leadership at the LB spot.

Tavares Gooden WLB Baltimore Ravens- Gooden is a young guy for the Ravens, he didn't play as a rookie, he saw 12 starts in his second season and he barely saw any time this year as he was hampered by a shoulder injury for much of the year. Seeing as he hasn't really played a lot at the NFL level and I haven't really seen him, I'll link you to that lovely feature that SBNation provides us with, the scouting reports.


An athletically-gifted and versatile linebacker. A very smooth player who excels in coverage. Reads the action well and flashes on the scene. Can be a prolific tackler.


Not a big pass-rushing threat. Has had some issues with injuries.

And Tavares Gooden was a prolific special teams player while he was at Miami. He was one of the hardest workers while at "Tha U". Tavares is a freak athletically, he was also a track star at Miami. Gooden isn't just a brainless jock either, I saw some of those players at the Under Armor bowl declare and they could barely put together a sentence let alone graduate early with two degrees like Gooden did.

Clint Session WLB Indianapolis Colts- Clint Session is a guy that I personally really like. Session has put together some nice seasons for the Colts, nothing really worthy of a pro-bowl nomination but he is solid and underrated. Session is small at 6' and 235 pounds but he hits like a truck and flies around the football field, now you're probably thinking of Ernie Sims after I said that but Sessions is completely different. Sessions actually has instincts on the football field and he actually makes plays on the football field too! Sessions has started 35 games in his 4 year career for the Colts and in those games, he has 5 forced fumbles, 4 interceptions, 8 passes defended, 18 tackles for a loss and 261 tackles. He is patient yet he seemingly flies around the football field, he is small yet he blows up running backs with his hits and he is small, yet effective at stuffing the run. Session once broke Jamaal Lewis' facemask and Tony Dungy said that Clint has the "six inch punch" that knocks people backwards on contact. Session is also a special teams ace.

David Harris MLB New York Jets- David Harris is the odd man out of the "core-four" the Jets have (Ferguson, Mangold, Revis are in) so David Harris might be available for the Eagles to snatch up and that is a great thing because David Harris is a pro-bowl caliber linebacker who would be the best MLB Andy Reid ever had. I feel like David Harris is well known enough that I don't have to give you all the run down on him.

Champ Bailey CB Denver Broncos- Is Champ what he once was? No. Is Champ still a fantastic corner? Yes. Champ's intelligence is through the roof, his ability to recognize the run is astounding and he is one of the hardest working players in the entire NFL. What is crazy is that some could argue that Bailey has gotten better over his career as though he's allowed more receptions and yards, he allows less touchdowns now than he did during his prime. What makes Bailey one of the best cornerbacks in the game still is the fact that he does more than blanket receivers. Bailey is also a playmaker with a knack for locating the ball in the air. Bailey has 120 career passes defensed and an additional 48 interceptions over the course of an 11 year career. And the craziest part is, Champ is the greatest corner of our generation despite never having a great surrounding cast. Champ would be a welcome addition to the Eagles.

Jonathan Joseph CB Cincinnati Bengals- This guy is overrated, but that doesn't mean he isn't good. I've seen people call him lockdown, that isn't true. Jonathan Joseph is a solid corner who puts up decent metrics and can run with receivers down the field. Joseph isn't a very physical player and like many other speedsters at the CB spot, he tends to let a lot of stuff happen in front of him.

Nnamdi Asomugha CB Oakland Raiders- People are all over Darelle Revis' jock strap and Revis is good, but "Scrabble" is better. Unfortunately PFF has made their numbers pay so access to numbers is a lot harder than normal, but if you watched, you know Scrabble's play didn't drop this season. In 2007 Asomugha was targeted a mere 35 times. He allowed a mere 22 receptions for 224 total yards and one touchdown. If his 2007 wasn't ridiculously good he was only targeted 29 times in 2008. Even more impressive were the ridiculously low 13 receptions he allowed and the accompanying 144 yards. Ellis Hobbs gave up more than that in one game. In 2009, Scrabble allowed 21 receptions, 246 yards and 1 TD on 29 targets. And Woody Paige of the Denver Post said today that Nnamdi was only targeted 32 times this season. 


Kevin Kolb's Trade Value: Here is an article put together by our wonderful writer, Bob Q.

Bob looks at some QB trades that happened in the 2010 offseason but I want to look at 4 trades that stick out in my mind, the Matt Schaub trade, the Matt Cassell trade, the AJ Feeley trade and the Charlie Whithurst trade.



At the age of 26, Matt Cassel coupled with Mike Vrable fetched a second round draft pick (#34) in the 2009 NFL Draft.


The Falcons got the #8 pick in the draft, a 2nd round pick in the 2007 and 2008 draft in exchange for Matt Schaub and the #10 overall pick in the draft.


AJ Feeley was traded at the age of 26 to the Miami Dolphins for a second round pick.


The Seahawks trade the #40 pick in the draft and their third round draft pick for Charlie Whitehurst (aged 27), the #60 overall pick.


Kevin Kolb is, at this point, 26 years old.

Based on similar trades, we can expect Kevin Kolb to be traded for a second round pick.

And coming soon, the main offseason event, where championship teams are made, the NFL Draft! 

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