If I were in the Eagles FO this offseason



Well first off I want to say that im damn proud with what the Eagles did this season. I know there were many mistakes but that is what this post is about.This is how I would make the Eagles into Superbowl favorites for the 2011-2012 season (assuming no lockout.)

1. Sign Mike Vick to a 4 year contract for 45 million, 20 of it guaranteed. This will make him happy and be relatively cheap too.

2. Resign these players

  • RB Jerome Harrison for 2 yrs , He is a solid backup to LeSean McCoy and he deserves to play here for the next few years
  • WR DeSean Jackson for 5 yrs 50 million 20 guaranteed, lock him up and keep him for a loooong time
  • ILB Stewart Bradley 3 yrs, he should be our starter next year
  • ILB Akeem Jordan 2 yrs, backup purposes
  • PK David Akers 5 yrs, he will remain here for the rest of his career
  • CB Dimitri Patterson 3 yrs, ehh backup/ platoon with Trevard Lindley and Joselio Hanson
  • S Quinten Mikell 3 yrs, he is the best safety on our team
  • OG Max Jean Giles 4 yrs
  • P Sav Rocca 2 yrs

3.Release the following

  • DE Victor Abiamiri
  • OG Nick Cole
  • CB Ellis Hobbs
  • OLB Ernie Simms
  • ILB Omar Gaither
  • CB Antoine Harris
  • OG Reggie Wells

4. Next up is to trade Kevin Kolb. This bit of news came out and suggested Kolb would prefer to be traded than playing backup to Vick.

 My preffered trade would be the following

Eagles give up: QB  Kevin Kolb (1 yr left 1.4 million) , Pick round 4 ( 119 0verall) for

Vikings QB Joe Webb, Pick round 1 ( 12th overall), Pick round 4 (108 overall)

This Trade would bring in a backup QB for Vick who is his clone. Aftor mentoring under Vick he can be ready to fill in when Vick gets injured. Plus the Eagles get a first and third round upgrade.

5. Free Agency

Eagles sign these players

  • CB Champ Bailey (den), With every team focused on the Raiders Nnamdi Asomuhga, the Eagles has a fairly good chance at landing Bailey for 3-4 years. He should be excellent across from Asante Samuel
  • ILB Desmond Bishop (gb) he likely wont return to gb and the Iggles need to replace Omar Gaithier.... he looks to be a pro bowler in the next few years
  • RG Ryan Cook (min) will provide better protection than Vick has seen before, can play for Dunlap


  • Rnd 1 (pick 12) from Vikings: Janoris Jenkins CB Florida, Eagles need better long term cbs so he is the answer  correction OT Gabe Carimi Wisconson, with Jenkins not leaving Florida he is key
  • Rnd 1 (pick 23) OT Joeseph Barksdale LSU, he will solidify our line protecting Vick  correction CB Davon House  New Mexico St.this will help our relatively weak CB corps
  • Rnd 2 (pick 55) DE Jabaal Sheard Pittsburgh, The fo loves local de's so why not?
  • Rnd 3 (pick 87) S Marcus Gilchrist Clemson, we need more depth at safety
  • Rnd 4 (pick 103) from Dmac Trade: OG Caleb Schlauderaff Utah, more oline help
  • Rnd 4 (pick 108) from Vikings: QB Scott Tolzein Wisconson, In case Joe Webb, Mike Kafka doesnt work
  • Rnd 5 (pick 146) from San Diego: RB Delone Carter Syracuse
  • Rnd 5 (pick 152) C Jordan Holmes Oregon
  • Rnd 6 (pick 179) trade from TB: TE Virgil Green Nevada
  • Rnd 7 (pick 212) trade from Seattle: OLB Malcom Smith USC

There yo go

2011 Eagles Starting Lineups

QB: Mike Vick

RB: LeSean McCoy

TE: Brent Celek

WR: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin

FB: Owen Schmit

LG: Todd Herremans

LT: Jason Peters

C: Mike Patterson

RT: Greg Carimi

 RG: Ryan Cook


 Asante Samuel

 Champ Bailey

Quinten Mikell

Davon House 

Broderik Bunkley 

Stewart Bradley

 Desmond Bishop

 Jamaar Cheney

Trent Cole

Brandon Garahm

Jabaal Sheard

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