Insane Predictions 2010

NFL seasons never go according to plan.  Last year, who would have predicted Desean Jackson would have all of those 50+ yard TD?  Who would have guessed the Jets would make the AFC Championship game with a rookie QB? Finally, who would have thought the hapless New Orleans Saints franchise would shock the proverbial world and win the Super Bowl?  


So with a new season on the rise, I'm going to make a humble attempt at make some off-the-wall predictions that could actually come true.   If you have any freaky forecasts, feel free to add them.  Just make sure your cowboy predictions are negative...

The Raiders will win their division.  I'm basing that on an improved defense anchored by Richard Seymour and rookie Rolando McClain.  And their offense will be shockingly efficient with Campbell and company.  

The Jets will finish third in their division behind the Pats and the Phins.  I'm not sure Shonn Greene, nor Complainian Tomlinson will maintain their fierce running attack like Thomas Jones did last year.  Plus, without Revis, I see their defense susceptible to big plays.  Rex is the man, but I think he'll be more angry than jolly this year.

Matt Schaub will be the highest rated quarterback in the NFL.  The West Chester East grad has the best WR in the game with Andre Johnson, an emerging Jacoby Jones, and an upgraded running game (Arian Foster).  Every year Schaub has improved, and I think many people will finally notice how good he is.  

Pete Carroll won't finish the year as coach of the Seahawks.  Have you seen that roster?  They actually WANTED Stacy Andrews!  Enough said...

The Lions will have a better record than da Bears.  In fact, the Lions will beat Chicago both times they play them.  

Roy Williams and Dez Bryant come to blows at some point this season.  Roy will lose the fight because he'll be trying to kick Dez to death, because Williams has no idea how to use his hands...

The Saints will win the NFC South. That's not so shocking except they'll be the first team to repeat as division champ since that division's inception.    

Roethilisberger will return from his suspension and throw a ton of interceptions.  He'll try to cram his ball into unwanted places (sorry)...

Finally our Eagles...sigh...I really want to be positive, but I'm not feeling good about this year.  The Eagles produce one Pro Bowler...David Akers.   


There's my predictions.  The one thing I do know is that I will be glued to every Eagles game this year.  

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